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ASTM releases baseline mold survey for ballot.

The first draft of a baseline mold survey document produced by the ASTM, "Standard Practice for Transactional Screening of Readily Observable Mold in Commercial Buildings," has been released to the ASTM's subcommittee members for ballot.

Providing a standard screen for the surveying of mold within buildings is at the hub of this standard. The subcommittee of E50.02 consists of volunteers with backgrounds in law, engineering, architecture, environmental and property condition assessment, insurance, banking, and real estate. The effort by the task group is to:

* Establish a standard practice for screening commercial real estate for readily observable mold;

* Improve the quality and consistency of mold screenings; and

* Ensure that the practice of conducting mold screenings is appropriate, reasonable, and reflective of current good industry practice.

Mold-screening surveys provide interested parties involved in real-estate transactions with information regarding the presence of visible mold resulting from water/moisture intrusion and/or generation within buildings. Involved parties use a wide range of assessment and screening scopes to address visible mold. Without a standard format, mold screenings lack a standard baseline for assessment, says Robert Barone, R.A., a 20-year veteran of real-estate assessment and remediation, and Co-Chairman of the subcommittee task group established to draft the standard.

To provide a basis for uniformity, Committee E50 initiated the "Standard Practice for Transactional Screening of Readily Observable Mold in Commercial Buildings" in October 2003. The scope is to "define good commercial practice for conducting a transactional screen of a commercial building with respect to the presence of readily observable mold. As such, the standard is intended to allow the user to assess the potential need for further assessment or action beyond that identified in this standard."

The subcommittee task group developing the standard welcomes additional interested parties to e-mail the task group chairman, Robert W. Barone, R.A., president of Moisture & IAQ Solutions, Inc., White Plains, N.Y. The task group's next meeting will be scheduled during E50 Committee-week events, April 20-22 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For membership or meeting details, contact Dan Smith, director, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International call 610-832-9727.
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