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ASTM corrosion subcommittees broaden focus; G01.05 publishes two new standards.

ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, has announced that two subcommittees of ASTM International G01 on Corrosion of Metals have reorganized and been renamed in order to broaden the scope of their standardization efforts.

Subcommittee G01.09, formerly called Corrosion in Natural Waters, has been renamed Corrosion of Metals in Waters. According to ASTM, this change reflects an industry need to better understand and develop standardized methods to evaluate corrosion in both natural and other waters. Examples of the subcommittee's expanded activities include recent discussions and workshops on ultra-low corrosion rate measurements as they apply to nuclear waste storage, biomedical implant corrosion, and corrosion in the chemical process industry.

Subcommittee G01.14 has been reorganized to more broadly focus on the degradation of metals in construction materials. It has been renamed Corrosion of Metals in Construction Materials. In addition to the title change, a new task force has been formed under G01.14 called Corrosion of Metals in Treated Lumber. Its goal is to develop standard test methods and practices to evaluate the performance of fasteners in treated lumber.

In related news, ASTM Committee G01 has also announced that Subcommittee G01.05 on Laboratory Corrosion Tests has published two new standards as part of the committee's ongoing plan to help the oilfield and refinery industries adopt and use state-of-the-art techniques to select corrosion inhibitors. The standards are G 184, Practice for Evaluating and Qualifying Oilfield and Refinery Corrosion Inhibitors Using the Rotating Cage; and G 185, Practice for Evaluating and Qualifying Oilfield and Refinery Corrosion Inhibitors Using the Rotating Cylinder Electrode. These standards are the result of collaboration between Task Group G 01.05.11 and oil companies, inhibitor suppliers, researchers, consultants, and educators. The two standards are designed to support the optimization of inhibitors by end users and the development and formulation of more efficient inhibitors by suppliers.
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