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ASTM Testing Validates to Industry Standards for Recycling and Biodegradability of ENSO Bottles[TM] Made with EcoPure[TM].

ENSO Bottles Have Been Tested Through Third-Party Laboratories for Compliance with Numerous ASTM Standards for Both Biodegradation and Recycling. ASTM International Is a Globally Recognized Standards Board Which Issues Testing Methods and Standards for Validating Materials and Products.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC ( and ENSO Bottles, LLC ( announce the data and test results validating recycling and biodegradation of "Bottles for a Healthier Earth."

ENSO Bottles[TM] with EcoPure[TM] are biodegradable plastic bottles through the use of organic compounds which promote biodegradation though microbial digestion only when the biodegradable bottles are placed in a highly active microbial environment. "ENSO bottles have the same physical properties as standard PET and do NOT fragment, degrade or break down from environmental conditions such as UV, moisture and oxygen. When ENSO bottles are recycled they have the same useful life as other durable plastics," said Danny Clark, President of ENSO Bottles.

ENSO bottles with EcoPure[TM] have been tested and validated for recyclability through a third-party lab for ASTM D 1003 (Haze and Transmission), ASTM D 4603 (Intrinsic Viscosity), ASTM F 2013 (Acetaldehyde), Fluorescence Visual, and Visual Black Specks and Gels. All test results meet industry specifications. In addition, ENSO Bottles, LLC[TM] has worked with independent recycling companies validating that ENSO bottles have no adverse effects on the recycling stream. ENSO Bottles, LLC[TM] believes an important aspect of solving the plastic pollution problem is recycling. ENSO Bottles is a member of several recycling organizations, standards boards and environmental organizations supporting recycling solutions for a better environment.

ENSO bottles have also been tested and validated through an accredited third-party laboratory using ASTM D 5511 Standard Test Methods, a standard for biodegradation testing in anaerobic environments. Results clearly indicate ENSO bottles with EcoPure[TM] biodegrade through natural microbial digestion.

"ENSO Bottles, LLC[TM] and Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC[TM] are both environmental companies dedicated to responsibly addressing the growing plastic pollution problem through the development of biodegradable plastics. Technological advances of biodegradable plastics and understanding of why microbes eat plastic should be considered a phenomenon and good for the environment, not rejected by groups with little to no understanding of microbiology," said Samuel Adams, Senior Vice President of Bio-Tec Environmental.

The plastic pollution problem is huge. In 2007 nearly 4.3 billion pounds of PET containers were not recycled. These bottles end up in landfills or as litter contributing to the tremendous amount of plastic pollution in our oceans. Del Andrus, Vice President of Environmental and Technology Group, said, "Organizations who make unsubstantiated claims that there is no data proving plastic biodegradation and recycling compatibility are only inhibiting environmentally sound solutions and contributing to the confusion and the growing pollution problem."

ENSO Bottles, LLC[TM] and Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC[TM] believe a responsible approach to improving our environment is to address both recyclability and the development of environmentally friendly plastics. Working together will create better solutions and provide a more positive approach toward improving the environment for us and future generations.

To learn more about these solutions visit and To request official test results contact Danny Clark at ENSO Bottles at 866-936-3676 or Greg Woods at Bio-Tec Environmental at 505-999-1160.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 4, 2009
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