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ASTIS Subset Databases Expand.

The Nunavut Database ( is ASTIS's largest subset database. It now contains more than 35 000 records describing 25 000 publications and 10000 research projects about the territory of Nunavut and its adjacent waters.

The Northern Contaminants Program (NCP) Publications Database ( now describes more than 3700 publications, including NCP Secretariat publications, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme and Canadian Arctic Contaminants Assessment reports, as well as books, journal articles, theses, and posters. This database is also a repository for NCP publications and includes items that are not otherwise available online.

ASTIS works with the Northern Contaminants Program and NCP researchers to add Open Researcher and Contributor IDs (ORCIDs) to their records. ORCIDs provide a unique identification number to individuals, enabling ASTIS to ensure that all publications by an author are attributed to him or her, no matter what form the name has in the author listing. Currently, 211 NCP researchers have ORCIDs. If you are an NCP researcher and do not yet have an ORC1D, please obtain one at and send it to ASTIS at or contact us for assistance.

ASTIS is pleased to work with the Northern Contaminants Program to provide this searchable archive of NCP publications.

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Date:Sep 1, 2017
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