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AST Computer Announces New Ascentia M 6000 Series With Desktop Video Performance in a Mobile Solution.

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 9, 1998--

The Ascentia M(R) 6000 implements the next generation of Intel

mobile Pentium II(R) 300MHz processors and the ATI RAGE(TM) LT

PRO with full 2X AGP graphics controller to provide 2D/3D video

at up to four times the speed of previous mobile solutions. AST

brings this stunning level of graphics performance to the

low-cost mainstream notebook market.

Key Features:

The Ascentia M(R) 6000 series incorporates Intel's 233, 266, and

300MHz Pentium II(R) processors, 512Kb L2 cache, 128MB of high

speed EDO RAM memory, and full AGP 2X bus architecture for

blazing fast performance.

ATI's RAGE(TM) LT PRO with full AGP 2X graphics acceleration

offers the best 2D, 3D and Software DVD playback. It enables

full-motion, full-screen MPEG2 video (DVD) playback with no

visual artifacts, and provides 2D performance 20% faster and 3D

performance five times faster than other mobile graphics


Featuring one of the industry's brightest displays, the Ascentia

M 6000 series implements Samsung's Trillion Technology(TM) to

boast a brilliant 13.3-inch 1024 x 768 x 17.6 million colors

resolution active matrix TFT color display.

A smart-bay design provides for a floppy disk drive, 24X CD-ROM,

DVD drive, ZIP drive, or a second hard drive.

Available this month, the AST Ascentia M 6000 has estimated

street prices ranging from $1,999 to $3,599. The Ascentia M 6000

is only available through AST-authorized value-added resellers


AST Computer, the only brand-name PC manufacturer that markets exclusively through Value-Added Resellers (VARs) in providing a total business solution, announced today that it will utilize Intel's newest and most powerful 300MHz mobile Pentium II processor in its Ascentia M 6000 series notebook computers. The new Ascentia M 6000 will consist of seven configurations that bring the mobile Pentium II processing power to a wide range of small-to-medium businesses. The new Ascentia models are available now and can be purchased through an AST-authorized VAR at an estimated street price ranging from $1,999 to $3,599.

"We're committed to offering small-to-medium sized businesses the best technologies available to meet their mobile computing solutions needs," said Tom Scott, vice president of sales and marketing for AST Computer. "With seven configurations, the new Ascentia M 6000 series provide customers with a wide range of alternatives so they can select the combination of features, functionality, performance and value that best meets their business requirements."

"AST's tradition of offering products utilizing Intel's latest mobile processor technology continues today with the introduction of the new Ascentia M 6000 series," said Robert Jecmen, vice president and general manager, Intel Mobile and Handheld Products Group. "AST's Ascentia 300 MHz PII processor-based mobile PCs offer business users the portability they require without sacrificing speed or battery life."

To keep pace and take advantage of its ultra-fast CPU, the Ascentia M 6000 will feature the next generation Intel 440BX core logic chip set to provide the highest level of performance and bandwidth. Combining this core logic chip set with the ATI RAGE LT PRO AGP 2X graphics controller (including 4MB SGRAM at 100MHz) will give the small-to-medium business an attractive and effective platform for accessing an increasing number of 3D Web sites and developing graphic intensive multimedia presentations.

"The AGP bus is now the graphics interface of choice for the computer industry and the stunning performance of the RAGE LT PRO powered AST ASCENTIA M 6000 SERIES sets a new industry standard for mobile computing performance," said Ed Grondahl, Vice President, Product Marketing for ATI Technologies Inc. "ATI's partnership with AST brings the unique power and feature set of the RAGE LT PRO, previously available only in higher-end notebooks, to extremely popular price points in the mainstream market."

Powered by what is now Intel's fastest processor, the Ascentia M 6000 series is available in seven configurations with either a mobile Pentium II 233, 266 or 300MHz processor, 12.1-inch or 13.3-inch TFT active matrix display, 3GB or 4GB ultra-DMA hard disk drive, and the ATI RAGE LT PRO graphics controller to produce full-motion, full-screen video MPEG2 playback. Delivering faster performance and 2D/3D video graphics capabilities than previous generations, these new notebooks give mobile professionals more power to tackle today's demanding office productivity software, such as industry advanced multimedia, database management, network-intensive applications and future emerging 3D applications such as Internet "malls" and 3D Web sites.

"The small-to-medium business community does not want to compromise desktop performance with a notebook," stated Scott. The new mobile Pentium II processors bring a new level of performance and computing capability not previously available to mobile PC users. The Pentium II processor-based Ascentia M delivers the performance required to run today's most advanced applications and provides the headroom to meet the performance demands of future versions of operating systems.

The Ascentia M 6000 series offer businesses a big company "edge" with the ability to maintain productivity and customer service while on the go. These users can stay in touch with employees, customers and suppliers more quickly and easily, create professional-looking multimedia sales presentations, do research on the Internet, and conduct real-time customer collaboration from the office, on the road or from home.

In addition to its ultra-fast processor and intense video and graphic capabilities, the entire Ascentia M 6000 series features Samsung's Trillion Technology TFT active matrix displays that show off the brilliant color and sharpness of multimedia and video presentations. Multimedia presentations come alive on the Ascentia with the zoomed video technology and three-dimensional sound. The feature-rich Ascentia M also offers a highly flexible smart-bay design that supports numerous peripherals such as a 24X CD-ROM, DVD drive, ZIP drive, secondary hard drive or floppy drive. Each configuration of the Ascentia M provides the customer with a PC Card 56kbps V.90 data/fax modem, 32/64/128MB of EDO RAM standard, 512Kb L2 cache and a 3GB or 4GB hard disk drive to handle the most demanding computing tasks and storage requirements. A highly secure notebook, the Ascentia M 6000 comes standard with a trial version of Absolute CompuTrace and Connected On-line Backup.


Scott explained that AST's unique business strategy of marketing exclusively through VARs is designed to ensure that every AST customer enjoys a satisfactory ownership experience throughout the product life cycle.

"Every AST computer comes complete with a business partner -- a local solutions provider who can assist the buyer with hardware and software integration, training, support, networking, Web enablement and a host of other services that small-to-medium businesses require to maximize their investment in PC technology. We are here to serve customers who seek business solutions, not just hardware," commented Scott.


The Ascentia M 6000 series will be sold through AST-authorized value-added resellers (VARs). The products are available this month and the estimated single unit street prices are as follows:
 Notebook Family


 Intel Pentium II 233 MHz processor;
 32 MB RAM; 3.0 GB hard drive; 12.1-inch
 TFT SVGA Color screen; 24X CD-ROM,
M6233T 56 kbps V.90 data/fax, WIN 95 or WIN 98 $ 1,999

 Intel Pentium II 266 MHz processor;
 32 MB RAM; 4.0 GB hard drive; 12.1-inch
 TFT SVGA Color screen; 24X CD-ROM,
M6266T 56 kbps V.90 data/fax, WIN 95 or WIN 98 $ 2,499

 Intel Pentium II 266 MHz processor;
 64 MB RAM; 4.0 GB hard drive; 12.1-inch
 TFT XGA Color screen; 24X CD-ROM,
M6266X 56 kbps V.90 data/fax, WIN 95 or WIN 98 $ 2,699

 Intel Pentium II 300 MHz processor;
 64 MB RAM; 4.0 GB hard drive; 13.3-inch
 TFT XGA Color screen; 24X CD-ROM,
M6300X 56 kbps V.90 data/fax, WIN 95 or WIN 98 $ 2,999

 Intel Pentium II 266 MHz processor;
 128 MB RAM; 4.0 GB hard drive; 13.3-inch
M6300XV TFT XGA Color screen; 2X DVD $ 3,599

 Intel Pentium II 266 MHz processor;
 64 MB RAM; 4.0 GB hard drive; 13.3-inch
M6266X Color TFT screen; 2X DVD; NT 4.0 $ 2,929

 Intel Pentium II 266 MHz processor;
 64 MB RAM; 4.0 GB hard drive; 13.3-inch
M6300X Color TFT screen; 2X DVD; NT 4.0 $ 3,229


Founded in 1980, AST Computer develops and markets a broad spectrum of desktop, mobile and server PC products designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics based in Seoul, Korea. Corporate headquarters is located at 16225 Alton Parkway, P.O. Box 57005, Irvine, Calif. 92619-7005. Telephone: 949/727-4141. Fax: 949/727-9335. Information about AST and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at

AST, the AST logo, and Trillion Technology are registered trademarks of AST Research Inc. Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corp. ATI Rage is a registered trademark of ATI Technologies Inc. Prices are subject to change at any time. All other product or service names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

CONTACT: AST Computer, Irvine

Howard Emerson, 949/727-7525


Maples Communications

Bob Maples, 949/253-8737


Robert Villanueva, 949/253-8737
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Date:Sep 9, 1998
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