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ASL's MegaMotion(TM) video capture board is optimized by new enhancements to Northrop View(TM) software.

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 14, 1994--Alpha Systems Lab Inc. (ASL), a leading developer of PC-based multimedia video technologies, has announced that Northrop View(TM) image processing and communications software from Northrop Grumman Corp. has been enhanced with features that take advantage of the unique multiple overlay image capability offered by ASL's MegaMotion video capture board.

Priced at $995, the MegaMotion video capture board brings multimedia full-motion video to the PC for a range of applications, including video conferencing, multimedia authoring, remote video telesurveillance, video mail, movie editing, kiosks, presentations and CD-ROM-based animation.

MegaMotion is currently the only video capture board on the market that provides users with the ability to play back more than two overlay images on a desktop PC simultaneously. The Northrop View package with MegaMotion has been enhanced to include the ability to view up to four video images simultaneously. Up to 16 overlay images are available with MegaMotion.

New version of Northrop View marks first in a series of product upgrades for MegaMotion

The Northrop Grumman announcement marks the first in a series of expected announcements from major multimedia software developers regarding the multiple overlay image feature of MegaMotion. Other new software packages and enhancements to existing products are currently in development, and are scheduled for introduction in early 1995.

"The multiple overlay image feature sets MegaMotion apart from other video capture boards on the market and demonstrates the innovative technology behind ASL multimedia solutions," said Roberto Medrano, vice president of sales and marketing for ASL.

"The enhancement of Northrop View software points to the significance of the multiple image overlay feature and has set the stage from enhancements to other leading multimedia software products that will offer this unique capability."

"Northrop View software is positioned as an advanced communications and image processing software package for both the commercial and government markets," said Bob Whiteman, project engineer for Northrop Grumman Data Systems and Service Division.

"The addition of the multiple overlay image capability is integral to many of our primary system applications -- particularly in the area of commercial and defense imagery dissemination and surveillance applications."

MegaMotion video capture board

Based on the industry-standard Motion-JPEG format, MegaMotion supports real-time, full-motion video compression and decompression allowing applications to play back in Windows at 30 frames per second (fps) at the 320x240 resolution or 20 fps at the 640x480 resolution, directly from the system's hard drive. MegaMotion offers full image-capture capability and True-Color 24-bit VG performance.

Compression ratios for MegaMotion are selectable and can be adjusted to meet the user's image quality and storage requirements. MegaMotion supports Gamma correction, video cropping and full-color bars in video input and output modes. MegaMotion also provides for space conversion in 15 bit RGB 5:5:5, 16 bit RGB 5:6:5 and YUV 4:2:2.

Additionally, MegaMotion allows for both composite and S-Video and can be enhanced with an optional four-video input adapter.

File formats supported by MegaMotion include Microsoft AVI. MegaMotion also supports NTSC, PAL, Interlaced and Progressive Scan formats.

Northrop View Software

Northrop View image processing and communications software is a Microsoft Windows-compatible multimedia package which provides users with the ability to capture, manipulate and transfer image and text information between dissimilar computer systems over any communication link.

The current version of the software meets U.S. Government National Imagery Transmission Format Standard (NITFS) interoperability requirements. The product's unique image overlay structure permits the creation of a single file containing multiple images, graphics and text information.

Product features are implemented using a simple user interface. Image processing features include edge enhancement filters, contrast and brightness adjustment, magnification, polarity reversal and mirror image. Graphics and labels may be affixed as overlays to emphasize detail within the image. Image JPEG compression and text report generator are also provided.

Alpha Systems Lab Inc.

Founded in 1990, Alpha Systems Lab is a leading supplier of multimedia and video-telecommunications solutions. The ASL line also includes video conferencing and telesurveillance products, as well as complete PC systems and universal motherboard upgrade products. The company's flagship product is the MegaMotion video capture card that brings multimedia full-motion video to the PC.

The MegaMotion card has become the basis for a new line of ASL products that apply multimedia technologies to a range of applications, including kiosks, video conferencing and remote video telesurveillance.

For information about the company's products, please contact ASL at 800/576-4ASL, or 714/622-0688, or Fisher Business Communications at 714/556-1313.

CONTACT: Alpha Systems Lab Inc., Irvine, Calif.
 Roberto C. Medrano, 714/622-0688, fax 714/252-0887
 Fisher Business Communications Inc., Santa Ana, Calif.
 Laurie Weller or William L. Prichard,
 714/556-1313, fax 714/556-1216
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 14, 1994
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