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Ask Ziggy and Xtone have partnered to create the next generation of personal assistant solutions for enterprises, carriers and handset OEMs. The combined solution will include Xtone's comprehensive Voice Assistant dialog development, management and delivery platform and Ask Ziggy's localized, cloud or hybrid natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities.

We are excited about this partnership and looking forward to working with Ask Ziggy to bring best-in-class voice assistant applications to market, said Dan Price, CEO of Xtone. He added: Our combined platform offering enables enterprises to rapidly enhance their mobile apps with an NLU-enabled conversational interfaces and empower carriers and OEMs to launch, manage and operate exciting personal assistants that will differentiate their services and reduce subscriber churn."

The partnership makes it easy to deliver a superior mobile user experience by seamlessly enabling a spoken dialog driven natural language interface on apps and connected devices. By leveraging the industry-leading, developer friendly solutions from Ask Ziggy and Xtone, corporations can build and deploy personal assistant solutions much faster and at a lower cost than any other offering in the market. Xtone is a leader in the voice assistant space and we look forward to working with them and integrating their solution with our natural language understanding platform, said Shai Leib, CEO of Ask Ziggy. He added, Our joint offering also allows Ask Ziggy customers to rapidly develop and manage cross platform conversational apps.

The companies have entered into reseller agreements with one another in order to support their international sales and marketing networks.

About Ask Ziggy

Ask Ziggy provides a patented platform agnostic, device- wide personal assistant experience, enabling seamless interaction between the most popular mobile apps and device-loaded personal assistant apps. The Ask Ziggy Natural Language Understanding technology is the industry's first local, cloud based or hybrid NLU platform. It turns natural interactions into meaningful actions maintaining or building context in one or different iterations.

About Xtone

Xtone provides patented technologies and platform services that enable mixed-modal conversational interfaces in mobile apps and connected devices. Xtone enabled Voice Assistants are offered on a Platform-as-a-Service basis. Xtone pure web architecture provides web tools for developers to create write-once run anywhere conversational dialog

interfaces by abstracting complexities associated with the underlying platform and speech recognition services.

For more information, visit or call 916/435-0444.
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Date:Jan 1, 2014

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