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ASK OUR EXPERTS Lesley Reynolds Anti-ageing expert Dear Lesley, I will be 60 in June and I am so fed-up with people telling me to cheer up. It's because of my "cheek bags" - they make me look so miserable.

Can you please give me any tips on how to eliminate them? I know of under-eye bags. But I don't know anyone who has my problem.

Sharon Edwards, via email Dear Sharon, Your cheek bags are actually called malar festoons.

They are caused by genetics, and made worse by the natural ageing process, sun damage and smoking. They are very common and can make you look tired all the time.

They form because the tissue under the skin in that area is spongy and the lymphatic drainage system around them is poor. This means they can easily swell even more if you are tired, drink alcohol or if you are unwell.

As the collagen and elastin decrease with age, the malar festoons become more prominent and the skin stretches to form a bag. So what can you do? We have developed a treatment that combines laser with radio frequency to tighten and shrink them.

Afterwards, you will have swelling, redness and scabbing which can last for around 7-10 days. The area can also be pink for up to six weeks, but it can be covered with concealer.

You start to see results as the weeks go by and it will carry on improving for up to a year. It's the only treatment that makes a significant difference and very few clinics offer it in the UK.

I'd just like to add that apart from this concern, your skin in general looks very good! Well done.


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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 3, 2015
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