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ASK MICHELLE; ASK MICHELLE SUNDAY MAIL MOBILITY EXPERT OUR expert Michelle Suttie has the answers to your mobility problems. Every week she will do her best to get things moving for you.


QI HAVE a swivel seat in my car to help get me out but still have difficulty standing up. I don't have the strength to pull myself up solely with my arms. Can you advise? AMANGER do a lifting cushion that helps raise you off your seat - whether it be in your home or in the car. The air-flo compressor that comes with it can be charged at the mains of your home or in your car and can be transported anywhere - even on holiday.

QI DON'T have much room for a shed in my garden to store my scooter and wanted to know if there is any alternative? ATGA do a scooter shelter which starts from pounds 195. You simply drive your scooter onto the base and pull the cover over. It comes with chains and a padlock, and includes access flaps for charging your scooter.

QI'M looking for a trolley for my mother to use indoors, to keep her balance and transport food. I'd like it to fold, preferably for storage. Can you recommend something? ATHE Lets Go Rollator is designed for home use. It is easy to manoeuvre over carpets and is perfect for getting into narrow spaces such as toilets and bathrooms. It comes with a useful carry bag and clip-on tray, and can be folded away when not in use or for transporting in a car.

QMY mother recently had a stroke and now finds it difficult feeding herself properly. Can you give me a few ideas to help her out? ATHERE are many different plates designed for the purpose of easier feeding. Plates to look out for are usually deep-dished with large rims to scoop the food up. Another suggestion is plate surrounds that fix on to your existing crockery to keep food on the plate. There is also a wide range of big-grip cutlery. Contact me for a catalogue.

Write to Ask Michelle, Mobility Matters, Sunday Mail, One Central Quay, Glasgow,G3 8DA, or email

CHELSEA PAD LUXURY QI USED to have a wheelchair bag with padding for extra comfort when put onto a backrest. Where can I get a new one? AYOU may be talking about a Chelsea Bag, made by Sheerlines. They cost pounds 27. Contact me if you need a brochure.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 25, 2010
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