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ASK HR: Ignore the criticism, dress in whatever way that pleases you.

class="leftBy FRED GITUKUbrtmlQ. I read that when dressing, you should have the job you want in mind.

As a receptionist who dreams of becoming a PR guru, I ensure that I dress smartly and officially. I work for a digital design firm though, where employees wear whatever they want, especially jeans and t-shirts.

One of my colleagues thinks that I am trying to please my boss with my dressing, which is not the case. Should I dress down like them or ignore him? Different organisations adopt different dress codes based on various factors, among them the nature of their industry, profession and cultural taste.

Functions within an organisation could also embrace different dress codes based on the role they play, for instance nursing in hospitals. It is not that your colleagues have no regard for dressing, rather, it may simply be that jeans and t-shirts are functional and resonate well with the organisational culture.

This notwithstanding, even in organisations whose members wear uniform, there is often some room for individual expression. You should therefore not have to succumb to the tastes of everyone around you as their aspirations may be different from yours.

There is nothing untoward about dressing formally, and in any case, it is unlikely your organisation will chastise you for it. Some colleagues will speculate about why you dress as you do even if you change your dress code.

The mill of gossip never stops in the workplace. You are working with your colleagues in the same organisation, but your career journeys may be headed in different directions.

Focus on your objectives. Consider what is required to excel in the PR profession.

Seek and acquire the competencies, experiences, and qualifications that you need as a PR professional. Find a mentor in PR.

A career coach could also help you reflect and determine whether PR is indeed the right career for you. True, when people set out on a journey, they usually dress in the attire that best serves the purpose of their trip and destination.

Dress code is indeed important for giving the right impression and inspiring confidence, but capability and passion are more critical in achieving the desired impact. Related Stories

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Publication:Daily Nation, Kenya (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Dec 14, 2017
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