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ASK ANNA: Girls slap me when I get drunk.

Q:I'm going through dating hell because every time I take a girl out just lately she ends up slapping my face!

Alright, I admit I don't mince words - but feint heart never won fair lady.

I'm sometimes a little hazy about why they became so upset, as I can't see why anything I've said should provoke sudden violence.

I mean, I'm not an unreasonable bloke. If a girl doesn't like something I've said she could say so and give me a chance to explain or apologise.

If she really took offence, she could just get up and leave. I could handle that.

Are women generally getting more aggressive or do I just pick the wrong ones?

Ben, Moseley.

A Yes to both questions Ben. The key to your problem is amnesia after a few drinks.

Does it also lead you assume that a girl who says `yes' to a night out is agreeing to much more than that?

Your dates may consider booze has slackened your forthright tongueand inhibitions to the point where they feel deeply insulted, or even threatened. Or those alcoholic hazes may have prompted you to misjudge the kind of girl you're with.

Most women are not, by nature, physically aggressive, unless sorely provoked.

Cut your alcohol intake on a date, at least until you've established a few decent-bloke credentials. If you don't consider that an option, a voiceactivated mini-tape recorder slipped into your pocket could record what provokes a slap.

Although, I suspect you already have a fair idea that the playback could turn you teetotal overnight
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 8, 2005

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