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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2021)

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A Combined Study Of Heat Transfer And Temperature Distribution Inside Heated Double-Wall Infant Incubator Using CFD. Osman, Hesham Safwat; ELHaddad, Ahmed Y. 2575
A Comparison Of Sensing Type And Control Complexity Techniques For Personalized Thermal Comfort. Zhang, Hejia; Liu, Xiaoqi; Kim, Michael; Tzempelikos, Athanasios 3119
A Modularized Urban Scale Building Energy Modeling Framework Designed with An Open Mind. Lei, Xuechen; Ye, Yunyang; Lerond, Jeremy; Zhang, Jian 4607
A New HVAC System for Resiliency and Ecology Utilizing Through-Wall Units on a High-rise Office Building. Kubo, Hirotaka; Tsukami, Shiro; Hasegawa, Iwao; Ichinose, Masayuki 3782
A Simple Airflow and Power Analysis of Fan-Coil Units with Electronically Commutated Motors. O'Neal, Dennis L.; Cramer, Jessica; Yin, Peng Report 5941
A Text-Mining Framework to Provide Insights into the Maintenance Performance of Buildings. Nojedehi, Pedram; Gunay, H. Burak; O'Brien, William 4514
A Tool for Modeling Energy and Resilience for Community-Scale Networks of Buildings and District Systems. O'Keefe, Michael P.; Ellis, Peter; Zhivov, Alexander; Liesen, Richard J.; Latino, Anthony; Case, Mic 4597
Advanced Zonal Infiltration Measurement Method for Multifamily Buildings: A Novel Test Procedure to Determine Air Leakage Through External and Internal Surfaces. Jayarathne, Tharanga; Browne, Michael A.; Gevelber, Michael 4517
An Investigation on the Impact of Retrofitting the Envelope of a Typical Small Office Building with PCM on the Building Energy Consumption in Different Zones of the U.S. Hosseini, Amin; Azar, Pouya Ammari; Yang-Seon, Kim 2969
Applying ASHRAE Standard 100 to Real-World Building Data. Kono, Jamie; Kono, Noriaki 2777
Assessment of Mini-Split Heat Pump Performance with Non-Condensable Gas in Line-Set. Tam, Aaron; Domitrovic, Ronald; Upadhye, Harshal 3908
Avoiding Adverse Air Quality in Hyperscale Data Centers Due to Re-entrainment of Diesel Exhaust. Cochran, Brad C. 4531
Best Practices for HVAC, Plumbing, and Heat Supply in Arctic Climates. Winfield, Emily C.; Rader, Robin J.; Zhivov, Alexander M.; Adams, Thomas A.; Dyrelund, Anders; Frede 10120
BIM-Based Life-Cycle Design and Commissioning in a Smart Office Building. Tsukami, Shiro; Kubo, Hirotaka; Hasegawa, Iwao; Ichinose, Masayuki 3164
Building Enclosure Testing on Alaska Military Base Projects. Leffel, Emmett 7508
CFD Analysis of Enclosed Parking Garage Ventilation. Khankari, Kishor 3872
CFD Investigation of the Optimal Ventilation System for a Single-Family Room Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Osman, Hesham Safwat; Elbaz, Ahmed M.R.; Antar, Ahmed Hossam 4840
Challenges with the New ASHRAE 90.1 Performance Rating Method. Pillai, Jagan; Shah, Shivani; Dadia, Devanshi; Chalos, Jennifer Report 4243
Characteristics of Residential Occupancy Profiles for Different Income Groups in the United States. Mitra, Debrudra; Chu, Yiyi; Cetin, Kristen; Chen, Chien-Fei 4213
Comparison of Three Different Ventilation Approaches for an Open Office Space Regarding Pathogen Distribution and Thermal Comfort by CFD. Hofert, Oliver; Danielak, Maciej 4719
Condenser Water Optimization: Don't Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good! Mohammed, Abdul Qayyum; Wittberg, Neil; Tatari, Mohamed 3741
Cooling Energy Consumption Analysis and Potential Cost Savings in a Residential Unit in the Midwest Region in the US. Shehadi, Maher 5022
Creating an Energy Model of an Entire University Campus--Part 1: Preliminary Assessment of Building Modeling Techniques. Kalkhorani, Vahid Ahmadi; Clark, Jordan D. 4199
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Energy Cost Optimization in Building HVAC Systems. Jiang, Zhanhong; Risbeck, Michael J.; Ramamurti, Vish; Murugesan, Sugumar; Amores, Jaume; Lee, Young 6393
Defining, Measuring and Assigning Resilience Requirements to Electric and Thermal Energy Systems. Zhivov, Alexander M.; Stringer, Andrew; Fox, Michael D.; Daniels, Patrick W.; Traver, Todd J.; Benef 11542
Demonstrating an Integrated Thermal Heat Pump System for Hot Water and Air-Conditioning at Full Service Restaurants. Glanville, Paul; Mahderekal, Isaac; Mensinger, Michael Jr.,; Bingham, Luke; Keinath, Chris 4191
Demonstration of Hygroscopic Cooling Towers for Reduced HVAC Water Consumption. Lux, Scott; Martin, Christopher 3817
Development of a Continuous Heating Technology for Air Source Heat Pumps. Takenaka, Naofumi; Ishimura, Shohei; Watanabe, Kazuya; Wakamoto, Shinichi; Hatomura, Takeshi 3110
Displacement Ventilation System for A High-Ceiling Auditorium in Hot Climate--Design Implementation and Construction Challenges. Chehade, Hassan; Itani, Mohamad Yehia; Akhdar, Adnan 3357
Dynamic Mesh Analyses of Thermal Comfort of Passengers and IAQ in Wide Body Aircraft Cabins. Kotb, Hassan; Khalil, Essam E. 3462
Dynamic Thermal Performance of the BIPV Facades. Rahiminejad, Mohammad; Paris, Alexandre L.M.; Khovalyg, Dolaana 3067
Easing Transitions Between Flat Plate and Chiller. Lang, Bryan; Jackson, Chris 2725
Effect of Inlet Duct Design on Fan Performance of Indoor Air Handling Units. Alghamdi, Khaled I.; Bach, Christian K. Report 3438
Effective and Efficient Ventilation for a Healthy Work Environment during Aircraft Painting. Bennett, James S. 3695
Effects of Indoor Airflow and Ventilation Strategy on the Airborne Virus Transmission. Pei, Gen; Rim, Donghyun; Taylor, Mary Isabella 3903
Energy Master Planning for Resilient Public Communities--Best Practices from Denmark. Dyrelund, Anders; Neimeier, Robert M.; Margaryan, Hasmik; Moller, Anders B. 10532
Energy Master Planning for Resilient Public Communities--Best Practices from North American Universities. Rao, Laxmi; Ontiveros, Juan; Yonkoski, Joseph; Wauthy, Joshua; Holt, Paul 6324
Energy Master Planning for Resilient University Campuses--Best Practices from Austria. Fulterer, Anna Maria; Leusbrock, Ingo; Widu, Gert; Jager, Dirk 7283
Estimation of Infiltration in Commercial Buildings Based on Existing C[O.sub.2] Sensors: An Inverse Approach. Xiong, Zijun; Gunay, H. Burak; Cruickshank, Cynthia; Wills, Adam 3264
Evaluating a 1MW Solar PV/Natural Gas Microgrid for Firm On-Peak Power and Resiliency: A Detailed Look at Cost and Performance. Leidel, James 3812
Evaluation of Energy Consumption and Efficiency in a Historical Residential Home Before and After Building Renovations. Ore, Jonathan P.; Ziviani, Davide; Groll, Eckhard A. Clinical report 3156
Evaluation of Topology Optimization to Achieve Energy Savings at the Urban District Level. Allen, Amy; Henze, Gregor; Baker, Kyri; Pavlak, Gregory; Murphy, Michael 4631
Experimental Evaluation of Frost Development on Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers: Fin Types, Fin Densities, (Super)Hydrophobic and Icephobic Coatings. Li, Song; Bacellar, Daniel; Martin, Cara; Lee, Colin; Beaini, Sara; Leverette, James 4098
Experimental Investigation of Induction Motor Power Factor and Efficiency Impacted by Pulse Width Modulation Power and Voltage Controls of Variable-Frequency Drives. Han, Zhitao; Ding, Li; Wang, Gang 6692
Fire Detection and Ventilation Response in Rail Tunnels. Calado, Andre 4178
Fire Propagation in Rail Environments. Persson, Emil; Liu, Xinhe (Lily) 3500
Gaseous By-Products Generated from UV-PCO Process--A Review. Wu, Jing; Mathews, Anu Stella; Zhong, Lexuan 4232
Global Environmental Stimuli and Human-Building Interaction in Open Space Offices: A Swiss Case Study. Barthelmes, Verena M.; Karmann, Caroline; Serrano, Viviana Gonzalez; Chatterjee, Arnab; Andersen, Ma Case study 3852
Harmonic Mitigation Strategies in Variable Frequency Drive Applications. Wallace, Ian 3137
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Performance Optimization Using a Two-Level Optimization Approach. Talib, Rand; Nassif, Nabil 3679
Impact of the Ventilated Cavity on the Thermal Performance of Traditional Wall Structures. Rahiminejad, Mohammad; Khovalyg, Dolaana 2577
Implementation and Evaluation of ASHRAE's Water Performance Measurement Protocols. McMorrow, Gabrielle; Wang, Liping; Joe, Xiaohui 6905
Implementation of Occupant-based Control in Typical Academic Buildings. Chu, Yiyi; Mitra, Debrudra; Cetin, Kristen 3550
Integration of High Temperature Heat Networks with Low Carbon Ambient Loop Systems. Marques, Catarina; Dunham, Chris; Jones, Phil; Matabuena, Rodrigo; Revesz, Akos; Lagoeiro, Henrique; 4112
Investigating Air Distribution Designs for DOAS Systems to Reduce Cross-Contamination in Open Offices. Aghniaey, Sama; Williams, John G.; Chaitow, Steven D.; Rivera, Luis 4265
Investigating Occupant Behaviour to Inform Terminal Devices' Control in Mixed-Mode Ventilation Buildings. Liu, Weihao; Gunay, H. Burak; Ouf, Mohamed 4086
Investigating the Thermal Performance of Canadian Houses Using Smart Thermostat Data. Doma, Aya; Ouf, Mohamed; Newsham, Guy 3945
Investigation of a Novel Ejector-Based R-290 Refrigeration Cycle Architecture. Ren, Junyan; Barta, Riley B.; Ladd, David; Ziviani, Davide; Groll, Eckhard A. 3293
Investigation of Heat Transfer Correlation Comparisons in a Commercial Round-Tube Plate-Fin Condenser. Fair, Timothy; Bedard, Robert; Bowman, Anthony; Park, Hyunjae 3208
Measuring Oil Retention in Unitary Split System Gas Lines. Shah, Vatsal M.; Braun, James E.; Groll, Eckhard A. 4908
Model Predictive Control Performance Assessment of Absorption Refrigeration Cycles Utilizing Different Working Fluids. Kyriakides, Alexios-Spyridon; Prousalis, Thomas; Papadopoulos, Athanasios I.; Hassan, Ibrahim; Sefer 3989
Modeling Modern, Residential, Combined Space and Water Heating Systems Using EnergyPlus. Fridlyand, Aleksandr; Guada, Alejandro Baez; Kingston, Tim; Glanville, Paul 3258
Multizone Air Handler Controls Retrofit for Energy Efficiency. Westervelt, Eileen T.; Battisti, Christopher M.; Morton, Brianna K.; Schwenk, David M. 3758
New Method to Simultaneously Measure Local Heat Transfer Coefficient and Visualize Flow Regimes During Evaporation in the Plate Heat Exchanger: Validation and Accuracy. Farraj, Abdel-Rahman; Hrnjak, Pega 4122
Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Stadium Outer Geometry on Cooling Load. Bialy, Esmail M.; Ghani, Saud 3100
Part-Load Airflow and Power Model of Multispeed Fan-Coil Units with Electronically Commutated Motors. O'Neal, Dennis L.; Cramer, Jessica; Yin, Peng Report 9369
Requirements for Building Thermal Conditions under Normal and Emergency Operations in Extreme Climates. Zhivov, Alexander M.; Rose, William; Patenaude, Raymond; Williams, W. Jon 8834
Residential Occupant-Dependent Appliance Power and Time-Of-Use Estimation for Grid Demand Response Applications. Kunwar, Niraj; Vanage, Soham; Cetin, Kristen 3406
Retrofitting a Light Industrial Space with a Renewable Energy-Assisted Hydroponics Facility in a Rural Northern Canadian Community: Design Protocol. Udovichenko, Artur; Fleck, Brian; Weis, Tim; Zhong, Lexuan 5190
Review of the Effects of Indoor Air Quality on Occupants. Taylor, Mary; Rim, Donghyun 4765
Simulation Comparison of Different Cooling Tower Control Strategies. Bhandari, Birajan 2626
Sizing Ducts Based on a Prescribed Friction Rate. Kodali, C.; Idem, S. 4913
Superheat Regulation and Efficiency Improvement for Refrigeration Vapor Compression Cycle. Itani, Mohamad Yehia 3792
Systematic Assessment of Working Fluid Mixtures for Absorption Refrigeration Based on Process and Sustainability Indicators. Kyriakides, Alexios-Spyridon; Papadopoulos, Athanasios I.; Champilomatis, Vassilis; Giannakakis, Ale 4239
Technical Evaluation of a Retrofitted MVHR System: Design and In-Use Performance. O'Donovan, Adam; Murphy, Micheal Cantillon; Charles, Emeline; Baker, Nazar; O'Sullivan, Paul D. Report 5086
TECHNICAL PROGRAM 2021 ASHRAE Virtual Winter Conference. Conference news 12659
Testing of a Wall Heating and Cooling System with Pipes Attached to Thermally Insulating Core. Petras, Dusan; Krajcik, Michal; Simko, Martin; Szabo, Daniel 2971
The Technical Basis of Building Performance Standards. Edelson, Jim; Cheslak, Kim 4113
Thermodynamic Evaluation Of Solar Assisted Water Heaters Using Aluminum Oxide Nanofluid. Tirtha, Tarashri Anand; Fartaj, Amir 3737
Time-Lag Analysis of PCM in Floor Radiant Heating System. Park, Jin Chul; Kim, Seong Eun; Chio, Sung Ho 2555
Updated Database of Clothing Thermal Insulation and Vapor Permeability Values of Western Ensembles for Use in ASHRAE Standard 55, ISO 7730, and ISO 9920. Smallcombe, James W.; Hodder, Simon; Kuklane, Kalev; Mtynarczyk, Magdalena; Loveday, Dennis; Peterss 8155
Use of Domestic Water Consumption as Proxy for Occupancy Level in Building Cooling Energy Model. Fu, Hongxiang; Lee, Shinwoo; Baltazar, Juan-Carlos; Claridge, David E. 2670
Using Dilution Factor to Characterize Aerosol Risk Management in Emergency Scenarios. English, Travis R. 3871
Using Normalized Net Energy Savings to Effectively Size Membrane-Based Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems. Pushparajah, Sancheyan; Ryan, Patrick; Kobus, Krzysztof; Maisonneuve, Jonathan 3072
Where are Today's Residential Heat Pump Technologies Cost-Effective? Johnson, Brandon; Krishnamoorthy, Sreenidhi 4166

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