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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (July 1, 2020)

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A Novel Ventilation Approach of a Large Vertical Space for Achieving Fire Safety and Energy Efficiency. Sha, Haohan; Qi, Dahai 1595
A Review of Relevant Practices for the O&M of High-Performance Buildings. Mukhopadhyay, Jaya; Kalonde, Gilbert; O'Toole, Loras 9397
A Review of Training Programs for the O&M of High-Performance Buildings. Mukhopadhyay, Jaya; Kalonde, Gilbert; O'Toole, Loras 7027
A Simulation-Based Investigation on the Performance of a Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System Integrated with Thermal Energy Storage. Qian, Defeng; Liu, Xiaobing; O'Neill, Zheng 4552
An Advanced Membrane-Based HMX Model and its Application in Utilizing Sensible and Latent Heat Removed in Space Cooling. Gao, Zhiming; Gluesenkamp, Kyle; Kumar, Navin; Abuheiba, Ahmad; Yang, Zhiyao; Baxter, Van D. 4710
An Update on the Evaluation of Air Mixer Performance. Park, Hyunjin; Bach, Christian; San, Omer 1052
Analysis of a Fuel Cell Hot Water Heater for Combined Heat and Power. Ghotkar, Rhushikesh; Milcarek, Ryan J. 1446
Analysis of Statistical Data (2017-2018) on the Annual Energy Use Intensity by End-Use in Office Buildings Based on Sample Measurement. Ha, Soo-Yeon; Jin, Hye-Sun; Lee, Soo-Jin; Kim, You-Jeong; Suh, In-Ae; Kim, Sung-Im; Song, Seung-Yeon 4219
Application of VFDs to Multiple Pump Sizes in HVAC Systems. Liao, Jiajun; Claridge, David E.; Wang, Yintao 4002
CFD Analysis of Air Change Rate (ACR) and Space Volume on Contaminant Dilution. Khankari, Kishor Report 3572
CFD Study of Hydraulic Shock in Two-Phase Anhydrous Ammonia. Narayanan, Chidambaram; Thomas, Siju; Lakehal, Djamel 5882
Challenges to Statewide Net-Zero Energy Buildings: The Oregon Experience. Heizer, Mark; Shelide, Blake 4555
Clearing the Path to ZNE with Energy Codes. Arent, John; Athalye, Rahul; Taylor, Silas 3918
Co-Working Space Ventilation Code Study. Yang, Yijun; Hallett, Daniel 3277
Comparative Study on the Impact of Building Type and Location on the System Efficiency and Energy-Saving Potential of a Ground Source Heat Pump System. Miao, Rui; Yu, Yao; Hu, Xiaoou Report 7634
Compliance with Florida's New Residential Building Air Leakage Testing Requirements: a Field Study. Sonne, Jeffrey K. Report 3735
Cost Effectiveness Analysis for an Air-Conditioning System with Water Spray Cooling. Han, Kai 3255
Data-Driven Energy Prediction in Residential Buildings using LSTM and 1-D CNN. Chu, Yiyi; Mitra, Debrudra; Cetin, Kristen 3414
Data-Driven Modeling of Adaptive Occupant Thermostat Behavior Dynamics. Kane, Michael; Sharma, Kunind 4327
Development and Validation of a Simulation Testbed for the Intelligent Building Agents Laboratory (IBAL) using TRNSYS. Pradhan, Ojas; Pertzborn, Amanda; Zhang, Liang; Wen, Jin 2657
Development of a New Accelerated Corrosion Test for All-Aluminum MicroChannel and Tube and Fin Heat Exchangers--Part II: Chamber Study. Nasrazadani, S.; Vaughan, H.; Ellerbrock, D.; Martin-Callizo, C. 4254
Development of a Novel Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger Coupled with Phase Change Materials for Building Temperature Control. Hartz, Sidney; Walvoord, Parker; Zapata, Carlos; Kinser, Dacen; Rushing, Matthew; Zhao, Weihuan; Fuh 3549
Development of Typical Occupant Profiles in Academic Buildings in the United States. Mitra, Debrudra; Chu, Yiyi; Cetin, Kristen 3831
Embodied Energy and Carbon Emissions of DOE Prototype Buildings from a Life Cycle Perspective. Arehart, Jay H.; Srubar, Wil V., III; Pomponi, Francesco; D'Amico, Bernardino 3923
Energy and Latent Performance Impacts from Four Different Common Ducted Dehumidifier Configurations. Withers, Charles R., Jr. 4399
Energy Efficiency and the Swedish Catalog House. Denzer, Anthony 5120
Estimating Hourly Heating and Cooling Loads from Monthly Results. Brideau, Sebastien A. 3790
Evaluation of a Modern Commercial HVAC Control System in the Context of Occupants' Perceived Control. Brackley, Connor; O'Brien, William; Trudel, Chantal 3845
Experimental Validation of Cooling Coil Control Valve Performance with Cascade Control. Hurt, Rodney; Wang, Gang; Song, Li 4335
Exploring Electricity Peak Load Shifting of DC System with Solar PV and EV Battery. Luo, Yihao; Zhang, Yi 2967
Exploring Water-Energy Nexus at the Building Level. Heidari, Amirreza; Khovalyg, Dolaana 4066
Feasibility of Low-Cost C[O.sub.2] Sensors for Demand-Controlled Ventilation--Laboratory Chamber Testing. Berquist, Justin; Banister, Carsen 8937
Field Tests of Large Diameter Shallow Bore Helical Ground Heat Exchanger with Simulated Heating Loads. Najib, Antash; Slater, Michael; Harrington, Curtis; Zarrella, Angelo; Springer, David; Narayanan, Vi 3141
High Efficiency Microchannel Polymer Heat Exchangers for Heating and Cooling Applications. Rasouli, Erfan; Strong, Adam; Narayanan, Vinod 3720
Identifying Thermal Characteristics using Smart Thermostats for Data-Driven Residential Vulnerability Assessment to Extreme Temperatures. Govertsen, Krissy; Kane, Michael 3683
Improvement in the Operative Temperature Measurement of Radiant Cooling Panels. Moftakhari, Ardeshir; Novoselac, Atila 3599
Improving the Interoperability of gbXML Data Model through Redefining Data Mapping Rules of HVAC Systems. Sun, Ruiji; Hu, Zhizhang; Gowri, Krishnan; Xu, Weili 2867
Intelligent Energy Efficiency Measures for Underground Metro Stations. Pande, Om Hari; Jain, Rajesh Kr.; Chauhan, Mayank Prakash 2892
Labeling Modes of Operation and Extracting Features for Fault Detection with Cloud-Based Thermostat Data. Rogers, Austin; Guo, Fangzhou; Martinez, Jonathan; Rasmussen, Bryan 3766
Measurement of Adiabatic Single and Two-Phase Pressure Drop Behavior of R134a in Microchannel Tube. Joardar, Arindom; Visalli, Thomas; Sienel, Tobias H. 3750
Measuring P[M.sub.2.5] Deposition Rates under Different Natural Ventilation Rates in Two Classrooms. Liu, Cong; Chen, Chun 2738
Mechanically Ventilated Double Skin Facade with Semi-Transparent Photovoltaics, Implementing Electrical Storage and Heat Pumps to Reduce Peak Demand. Ioannidis, Zisis; Stathopoulos, Ted; Athienitis, Andreas K.; Buonomano, Anamaria 4152
Modelling of a C[O.sub.2] Refrigerant Booster System for Waste Heat Recovery Applications in Retail for Space Heating Provision. Sarabia, Emilio J.; Soto, Victor; Markides, Christos N.; Acha, Salvador; Pinazo, Jose M.; Brun, Nicc 2756
Nationwide Energy Saving Analysis for Office Buildings with Occupant Centric Building Controls. Pang, Zhihong; Zhang, Jian; Chen, Yan; Cheng, Hwakong; O'Neill, Zheng; Dong, Bing 4021
Occupant Orientation (O2) Framework. Gibney, Cristine 3333
Occupant-Dependent Residential End Use Load Profiles for Demand Response Under High Renewable Energy Scenarios. Kunwar, Niraj; Vanage, Soham; Peruski, Emily; Mitra, Debrudra; Cetin, Kristen 1040
Online Optimization of Cooling Water System in a District Cooling Plant by Using Digital Twin. Matsuoka, Kenichi; Hill, David 2436
Ozone Removal Tests for Activated Carbon Filters. Tang, Mengjia; Novoselac, Atila 3390
Parametric Analysis of Different Binary Mixtures in Solution Heat Exchanger of Absorption Refrigeration System. Kadam, Sambhaji T.; Hassan, Ibrahim; Rahman, Aziz; Papadopoulos, Athanasios I.; Seferlis, Panos 3276
Pre-Feasibility Modelling and Market Potential Analysis of a Cloud-Based CHP Optimiser. Hart, Matthew; Shah, Nilay; Olympios, Andreas V.; Markides, Christos N.; Brun, Niccolo Le; Acha, Sal 3919
Preliminary Energy Performance Study of an Integrated Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water System with Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage in Different U.S. Climate Zones. Hakizimana, Emmanuel; Shabgard, Hamidreza; Song, Li Report 3618
Quantifying the Residential Demand Response Participation of Dynamic Building Envelopes. Kreiger, Brenton; Baker, Kyri; Srubar, Wil V. 5039
Scheduling of Hybrid Heating and Cooling System Based on Energy Resources for Mixed-Use Multistorey Building. Singh, Kuljeet; Hachem-Vermette, Caroline 3700
Seasonality and Trends in Indoor Air Quality Based on Continuous Monitoring. Clinchard, Samy; della Vecchia, Salvatore; Aller, Rick; Haverinen-Shaughnessy, Ulla 1176
Sensitivity of Building Energy Model Predictions to Spatial Variations in Climate under Different Levels of Urbanization. Jahani, Elham; Gallus, William; Vanage, Soham; Jahn, David; Cetin, Kristen 3799
Smart and Efficient Building Envelopes: Thermal Switches and Thermal Storage for Energy Savings and Load Flexibility. Mumme, Sven; Shrestha, Som; James, Nelson; Hun, Diana; Salonvaara, Mikael 3966
Study of the Performance of Tankless Coil Heating Boilers. Butcher, Thomas A.; Islam, Neehad T.; Levey, John Report 3814
Superheated Condensation of Refrigerant Mixtures R448A and R452A. Jacob, Tabeel A.; Fronk, Brian M. 1962
Temperature Measurement Correction for the Determination of the Effectiveness of Fixed-Bed Regenerators (FBRs) for HVAC Applications. Ramin, Hadi; Simonson, Carey J.; Alabi, Easwaran N. Krishnan Wahab 3614
The Design Sequence for a Continuous, In-Situ HVAC Gaseous Air Purification System. Shaw, Stephanie; Wood, David; Van Heyst, Bill 4476
The Effects of Leakage Location on Building Air Change Rate in a Pressurized Building. Berquist, Justin; Banister, Carsen; Bartko, Michal; MacDonald, Iain; Vuotari, Mark 4778
The Net C[O.sub.2]2 Reduction Potential from Active HVAC Indoor C[O.sub.2]2 Mitigation, Reducing Source Energy Usage, in Comparison with C[O.sub.2] Mitigation Directly from Outdoor Air. Leidel, James 3038
The Use of CFD to Analyze and Predict the Pressure Drop Along Flat Oval Duct Fittings. Drake, Erin; Okamoto, Nicole; Thurlow, Ernie Report 2956
Thermodynamic Performance Analysis of a Novel Vortex Tube Integrated Vapour Compression Cycles. Arora, Akhilesh 3409
Three Tier Tunnel Ventilation System. Pande, Om Hari; Jain, Rajesh Kr. 2977
Transport and Containment of Infectious Disease Expelled by Coughing in an Aircraft Cabin. Mahmoud, Seif; Neu, Dylan; Menchaka, Kevin; Shugart, Jill M.; Hosni, M.H.; Mead, Kenneth R.; Martin, 4019
Typical Meteorological Year and Actual Weather Data in Data-Driven Machine Learning Models for Residential Building Energy Use. Kamel, Ehsan; Sheikh, Shaya 3742
Using Bio PCM as Sensible Heat Storage in a Hot Arid Climate: A Case Study. Tari, Neda Askari; Nozaripour, Maryam; Parrish, Kristen 3753
Using Normalized Airflows and Powers to Model the Performance of Multispeed Fan-Coil Units with Permanent Split Capacitor Fan Motors. O'Neal, Dennis L.; Yin, Peng 8447
Validated TRNSYS Model for a Building in Marrakech, Morocco. Benaddi, Fatima Zahra; Tabares-Velasco, Paulo Cesar; Boukhattem, Lahcen; Benhamou, Brahim 1356
Ventilation and Hazard Considerations of Lithium-Ion Battery Processes: Current Status and Future Needs. O'Hern, Sean C.; Barry, Michael; Sipe, Joel 4568

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