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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2020)

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125 Years of ASHRAE: What I Have Learned in the Last 35 Years Regarding Refrigerants and Lubricants Chemistry and Interactions. Karnaz, Joseph 4419
25 Year Evolution of a Worldwide Building Energy Simulation and Compliance Software Tool. Buckley, Liam 2837
A Case Study for District Cooling Plant with Different Green Resources Scenarios to Reach an Optimized Energy Model. Heider, Mohmed F.; Safwat, Hesham; El-Baz, Ahmed 3194
A Case Study of Using Multi-Functional Sensors to Predict the Indoor Air Temperature in Classrooms. Kamel, Ehsan; Javan-Khoshkholgh, Amir; Abumahfouz, Nadi; Huang, Siqi; Huang, Xueqing; Farajidavar, A 3976
A Change Point Detection Algorithm with Application to Smart Thermostat Data. Rogers, Austin P.; Guo, Fangzhou; Rasmussen, Bryan P. 6647
A Cybersecurity Framework for Wireless-Controlled Smart Buildings I: Two-Position Control. Wu, Feng; Qu, Ming 3817
A New Look at Elevator Pressurization. Klote, John H.; Turnhull, Paul G. 4184
A New Model for Two-Phase Flow Boiling Heat Transfer of Refrigerant and Nanolubricant Mixtures in Smooth Tubes. Deokar, Pratik S.; Cremaschi, Lorenzo; Bigi, Andrea A.M. 4890
A Novel Simulation Framework for Comfort-based Assessments of Window Designs. Zhang, Shengbo; Touchie, Marianne F.; Fine, Jamie; O'Brien, William 6001
A Simple Airflow and Power Model of Fan-Coil Units with Permanent Split Capacitor Motors. O'Neal, Dennis; Yin, Peng 7227
Absorption Cooling for Data Centers Powered By Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Waste Heat. Lavernia, Alejandro; Asghari, Maryam; Brouwer, Jack 3947
An Environmental Building Design Using Natural Energy and the Thermal Storage Capacity of a Building Mass. Kuboki, Masatoshi; Ishino, Hisaya; Kohri, Kimiko; Muramatsu, Hiroshi 2607
Analysis of Wind Speed Influence on Heat Recovery Efficiency of Local Decentralized Alternating Ventilation Units. Zemitis, Jurgis; Borodinecs, Anatolijs 3643
Analytical Model for a 10 Cylinder Swash Plate Electric Compressor. Arqam, M.; Dao, D. V.; Jahangiri, A.; Yan, H.; Mitchell, M.; P.Woodfield, L. 3191
Applying Machine Learning Based Data-Driven Approach in Commercial Building Energy Prediction. Cheng, Xi 4219
Arrange Your Air-Handling Unit Components Wisely. Duda, Stephen W. 4598
ASHRAE History of a System: History of Trane's TRACE[TM] Software. Sustar, John 2080
Assessing the Performance of District Heating Networks Utilising Waste Heat: A Review. Lagoeiro, Henrique; Curry, Daniel; Maidment, Graeme; Revesz, Akos; Faulks, Gareth; Davies, Gareth; M 5619
Carrier HAP and the Evolution of Energy Modeling Tools. Pegues, James 4881
CFD Application to Improve Infection Control in Office Rooms. ElDegwy, Ahmed; Sobhi, Mohammed; Khalil, Essam E. 3401
Codes for Loads: Bringing Energy Codes into the 21st Century with Time-of-Use Efficiency. Edelson, Jim; Miller, Alexi; Carbonnier, Kevin 4225
Cost-Optimal Sizing and Operation of a Hybrid Heat Pump System Using Numerical Simulation. Rauschkolb, Noah; Modi, Vijay; Culligan, Patricia 4641
Demand Control of Baseboard Heaters Using Connected Thermostats: Lessons Learned from a 567-Home Pilot Study. Pardasani, Ajit; Veitch, Jennifer A.; Hu, Yitian (Vera); Newsham, Guy R. 4335
Design Optimization for Dairy Barns Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Thibault, Thomas M.; Majano, Bernardo J.; Lee, Natasha M.; Amirault, Murray P.; Anderson, Donnie 3458
Development of Multi-Stage Two-Evaporator Transcritical Carbon Dioxide Cycle for Experimental Comparisons of Expansion Work Recovery Technologies. Barta, Riley B.; Ziviani, Davide; Groll, Eckhard A. 5189
Development of New Accelerated Corrosion Test(s) for All-Aluminum Microchannel and Tube and Fin Heat Exchangers--Part I: Comprehensive Literature Review. Nasrazadani, S. 8711
Dynamic Modelling and Performance Evaluation of a Chemisorption Heat Pump for Cold Climate. Yang, Zhiyao; Qu, Ming; Gluesenkamp, Kyle R. 3333
Effect of Water Cost on Optimal Control of a Chiller Plant with Variable-Speed Cooling Tower Fans. Qureshi, O.A.; Armstrong, P.R. 10529
Energy Master Planning for Resilient Public Communities--Best Practices from U.S. Military Installations. Urban, Angela; Srivastava, Avinash; Zhivov, Alexander; Keysar, Elizabeth; Thompson, Calum; Judd, Kat 12047
Energy Master Planning: Identifying Framing Constraints that Scope Your Technology Options. Sharp, Terry; Haase, Matthias; Zhivov, Alexander; Rismanchi, Behzad; Lohse, Rudiger; Rose, Jorgen; N 9685
Energy, Environmental, Economic Evaluation of Residential Building with Micro-CHP in South Korea. Jung, Yujun; Lee, Hoseong 4186
Enhanced Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Sustainable Office Buildings. Zhivov, Michael 9850
Ensemble Method for Short-Term Load Forecasting Using LSTM, SVR, and FFNN Taking into Account Seasonal Dependency. Prakash, Vishnu; Dong, Bing; Fontenot, Hannah; Alamaniotis, Miltiadis; Khan, Asad Ali 4120
Evaluation of Fixed and Variable Speed Compressor Energy Consumption in a Residential Environment Before and After Building Renovations. Ore, Jonathan P.; Salts, Nicholas P.; Groll, Eckhard A. 3313
Existing Building Commissioning at a Community College. Madden, Luke A.; Baltazar, Juan-Carlos; Williams, Walter H.; Yagua, Carlos; Hoelke, David; Schroeder 9481
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on a Polymer Heat Exchanger for Pouch-Type Battery Thermal Management System. Han, Ukmin; Lee, Hoseong 2713
Experimental Study on Particle Depositions for Different Ventilations During Vacuuming. Chakroun, Walid; Ghaddar, Nesreen; Alotaibi, Sorour; Ghali, Kamel 2563
Experimentally Validated CFD Analysis on the Optimal Sensor Location for the C[O.sub.2]-based Demand-controlled Ventilation. Pei, Gen; Rim, Donghyun 5042
Gradient Descent for Multi-Objective Optimization to Find a Cohesive Solution for Fenestration Sizes. Motamedi, Sara Report 2470
History of Air Filtration and Air Cleaning: A 100 Year Review of Significant Advances and Related Influences in the Advancement of the Art and Science of Filtration and Air Cleaning. Burroughs, H.E. Barney; Krafthefer, Brian; Listvan, Marilyn 9981
Home Envelope Performance Evaluation Using a Data Driven Method. Wang, Junke; Tang, Choon Yik; Song, Li 7510
Indoor Environmental Quality Evaluation of an Institutional Building. Zhong, Lexuan 3668
Indoor Heat Stress Index Based on the Predicted Heat Strain Model and its Application. Zou, Yue; Li, Yang 4819
Initial Assessment of a 5th Generation District Energy Network in Central London. Revesz, Akos; Marques, Catarina; Davies, Gareth; Matabuena, Rodrigo; Jones, Phil; Dunham, Chris; Mai 3715
Integrated Gas-fired Heat Pump Water Heaters for Homes: Results of Field Demonstrations and System Modeling. Glanville, Paul; Sweeney, Merry; Fridlyand, Alex; Keinath, Chris; Mensinger, Michael, Jr. 3925
Integration of Resilience Goals into Energy Master Planning Framework for Communities. Jeffers, Robert; Thompson, Calum B.; Wachtel, Amanda M.; Srivastava, Avinash; Zhivov, Alexander M.; 12790
Investigating How Occupancy and Ventilation Mode Influence the Dynamics of Indoor Air Pollutants in an Office Environment. Jiang, Jinglin; Stevens, Philip S.; Boor, Brandon E.; Wu, Tianren; Huber, Heinz J.; Wagner, Danielle 3194
Investigating the Impact of Plant Phytoremediation on Indoor Air Quality in Work Environments: A Meta-Analysis. Parhizkar, Hooman; Elzeyadi, Ihab 2729
Investigating the Impacts of Solar Screens on Occupant's Thermal Comfort: An Observational Field Study. Naik, Niyati; Elzeyadi, Ihab Report 3762
Investigation of Quantitative Relationships between Occupant Satisfaction and Household IAQ-Related Characteristics in California Homes. Kim, Yang-Seon; Walker, Iain S.; Singer, Brett C.; Chan, W. Rengie Survey 3233
Laboratory Performance Measurement of Blowers with Electronically Commutated Motors in Horizontal Low-Profile Fan Coil Units. Yin, Peng; Derouen, Beau; McBride, Albert; O'Neal, Dennis 6948
Legionella Intervention: Water Security and Resilience in Building Systems. Benkowski, Richard; Steenhoek, Kurt; Waites, Gerald; Ballay, Gregory; Hamilton, Scott; Carter, Chris 4176
Loss Coefficients for Internal Reinforcements Installed in a Phenolic Duct System. Paruchuri, Avinash; Idem, Stephen 3393
Mass Balance Analysis of Air Change Rate (ACR) and Space Volume on Contaminant Dilution. Khankari, Kishor Report 4480
Measurements of Spray Water Evaporation Rates for an Inflatable Fabric Duct Cooling Tower. Duong, S.; Garner, S.; Craven, R.; Idem, S. 6947
Method for Tuning a Chiller Power Estimation Model with a Very Limited Part Load Performance Data Set. Acosta, Marcelo; Suslov, Vladimir 2083
Modelling of Thermally Active Walls for Building Energy Reduction. Field, Brandon S.; Sandefur, Michael 3431
Nationwide Energy Saving Potential Evaluation for Office Buildings with Occupant-Based Building Controls. Pang, Zhihong; O'Neill, Zheng; Chen, Yan; Cheng, Hwakong; Zhang, Jian; Dong, Bing 3849
Net Zero Energy Strategies and Planning Support Tools for Campuses and Residential Neighborhoods in Germany. Roser, Annette; Eicker, Ursula; Schakib-Ekbatan, Karin; Lohse, Rudiger; Weiler, Verena 3981
New Buildings Should Never Operate Cooling Towers and Boilers Simultaneously. Franseen, Richard E. 4117
Numerical Enhancement Analyses of Refrigerator Vortex Tubes Cooling Performance. Abdelghfar, Mahmoud; Beshay, Karam R.; Elhariry, Gamal; Khalil, Essam E. 2337
Numerical Study on the Effect of Low Frequency Vibration and Gravity on the Bubble Detachment. Han, Kai Report 2826
Occupancy Sensing in Buildings through Social Media from Semantic Analysis. Lu, Xing; Feng, Fan; O'Neill, Zheng 4193
Optimization of Design Solutions for Surplus Heating and Cooling System in Combination with Ground Source Heat Pump/Chillers. Harsem, Trond Thorgeir; Lind, Merethe Cecilie; Kvalsvik, Karoline Husevag; Kocbach, Jan; Stephansen, 4084
Optimize a Chilled-Water Plant with Magnetic-Bearing Variable Speed Chillers. Wang, Lei; Sakurai, Yasuko; Claridge, David E. 4913
Optimizing Condenser Water Supply Temperature to Minimize Energy Usage. Chin, Andrew; Mosin, Andrew; Rundell, John; Faddoul, Robert; Zhang, Oliver; Lacey, Cristian; Baglion 2615
Performance Assessment of Hybrid (Gas Furnace + Heat Pump) Systems with Smart Switching Controls. Sager, Jeremy; Bouchard, Alexandre; Haj-Nabou, Sewar 3994
Potential Building Reheat Energy Saving Determination in Hot and Humid Climates. Li, Xiaoli 4684
Preliminary Study of a Solar Assisted Heating System. Davies, Gareth; Blower, John; Hall, Richard; Maidment, Graeme 4106
Pressure Loss Measurements in Typical Flexible and Sheet Metal Light-Commercial Duct Systems. Kodali, C.; Paruchuri, A.; Idem, S. 5705
Project SHOES: Secondary Heat Opportunities from Electrical Substations. Bowman, James; Revesz, Akos; Davies, Gareth; Maidment, Graeme 5479
Quantifying Risk with Selection of the Natural Gas Maximum Daily Quantity. Swanson, Matthew M. 3808
Raising the Bar: Comparing Building Energy Benchmarking Methods. Kono, Jamie; McNulty, Meghan K.; Abramson, Barry 2703
Restroom Ventilation Schemes: Energy Implications. English, Travis R. Report 2029
Right-Sizing Electric Heat Pump and Auxiliary Heating for Residential Heating Systems Based on Actual Performance Associated with Climate Zone. Guada, Alejandro Baez; Kingston, Tim; Glanville, Paul 2899
RL-HEMS: Reinforcement Learning Based Home Energy Management System for HVAC Energy Optimization. Kotevska, Olivera; Johnston, Travis; Zandi, Helia; Kurte, Kuldeep; McKee, Evan; Munk, Jeffrey; Perum 4679
Smart Control for Optimum Residential Fuel Switching between Natural-Gas and Electricity. Rad, Farzin M.; Alibabaei, Nima; Grochmal, Tom 2473
Space Heating Boiler System Performance in Post-War High-Rise Multi-Family Buildings. Stopps, Helen; Touchie, Marianne 4836
Spatial Uniformity of Thermal Comfort from Ceiling Fans Blowing Upwards. Parkinson, Thomas; Raftery, Paul; Present, Elaina 3113
Specifics of Modern Tunnel Ventilation System in Delhi Mass Rapid Transit System. Garg, Ashok Kumar; Jain, Rajesh Kumar 12717
Study on a Cooling System with Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.02* for Server Rooms. Aizawa, Naoki Report 2983
Survey of an Exhaust Ventilation System in Combination with a Drain Water Heat Recovery for Social Housing. Wieder, Elisabeth; Reiter, Thomas; Bayer, Michael; Leeb, Markus 3169
The Effect of Boundary Conditions on Transient Airflow Patterns: A Numerical Investigation of Door Operation. Bhattacharya, Arup; Mousavi, Ehsan 3224
The Evolution of ASHRAE's Electronic Communication and Publication Technology. Haberl, Jeff S.; Comstock, W. Stephen; Hallstrom, Arthur D.; Stamper, Eugene 4972
The History of Food Freezing. Cleland, Donald J. 3185
The Impact of Sweeps and Weather Stripping on Suite Door Air Tightness. Tian, Xinxiu; Fine, Jamie; Touchie, Marianne 4910
The Use of Reanalysis in ASHRAE Applications. Roth, Michael 4330
Use of Solar Thermal Collectors and a Horizontal Underground Loop in a Multi-Source Heat Pump System for Thermal Energy Storage. Miao, Rui; Selby, Doug; Yu, Yao; Catey, Laurie; Olson, Gaylord; Hu, Xiaoou 4255
Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality Perceptions in Post-War MURBs. Fine, Jamie P.; Touchie, Marianne F. 4158
Visual Environmental Parameters Associated with Visual Satisfaction in Multiple Office Buildings. Son, Young Joo; Loftness, Vivian; Li, Linhao; Aziz, Azizan 3204
Wi-Fi Based Occupancy Clustering and Motif Identification: A Case Study. Hobson, Brodie W.; Gunay, H. Burak; Ashouri, Araz; Newsham, Guy R. Case study 3962

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