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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2017)

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A case study on how energy use and efficiency in religious facilities compares to other types of commercial buildings. Terrill, Trevor J.; Rasmussen, Bryan P. 3821
A heat pipe indirect/direct evaporative cooling/humidification design for natatorium IAQ, and energy savings too. Scofield, C. Mike; Stein, Jeff; Yost, Douglas; Martin, William 2679
A newborn incubator with a laminar flow unit. Yilmazoglu, M. Zeki; Biyikoglu, Atilla 2445
Accounting for non-quadratic behavior of AHU systems in determination of airflow rate. Nudelman, Mikhail; Kernerman, Ed; Muscolino, Nicholas 2559
An application of energy conservation measures to a middle-sized factory using energy management system. Konda, Tomohiro; Minami, Nobuyuki; Maeda, Koji; Oto, Kyoshiro; Kaseda, Chosei 2349
Analysis of airflow distribution and contaminant flow path in the hospital operating room. Khankari, Kishor 3271
Analysis of heat source water supply network between two buildings utilizing ground heat and exhaust heat. Ono, Eikichi; Teranishi, Tomohiro; Miura, Katsuhiro; Ohno, Taro; Ichikawa, Naoyoshi; Wada, Takeshi 3160
Analysis of refrigeration and HVAC impacts on supermarket energy performance. Brandemuehl, Michael J.; Cole, Penelope 6077
BIM-enabled operations and maintenance work processes. Hitchcock, Robert J.; Butterfield, John; Wilkins, Elizabeth Ford; Forns-Samso, Francisco 2942
Can using active air UV-C technology reduce the amount of bacteria and/or fungus in the air and improve indoor air quality? Lee, Linda D. 2058
Case study: using simulation techniques to optimize a migration in an existing mission critical data center. Pastrana, Christian; Wu, Tom 3099
Centrifugal compressors in air cooled packaged chillers: coincidence of market forces and technology. Good, Raymond 3838
Comfort guaranteed energy saving algorithm in hospitality buildings. Kim, Kyung Jae; Min, HyunSuk; Seo, Jungil; Cho, Hye-Jung; Song, Kwanwoo; Park, Gunhyuk; Park, Cheol- 2526
Comparison of approaches to deep energy retrofit of buildings with low and high internal loads and ventilation requirements. Case, Michael; Zhivov, Alexander; Fisher, Don; Liesen, Richard 7647
Deep energy retrofit of presidio army barracks. Tulley, Jay; Zhivov, Alexander; Clark, Brian 8882
Deep energy retrofits in federal buildings: the value, funding models, and best practices. Jungclaus, Matt; Carmichael, Cara; McClurg, Chris; Simmons, Margaret; Smidt, Randall; Hydras, Kinga 10941
Determination of heat transfer coefficient between heated floor and space using the principles of ansi/ashrae standard 138 test chamber. Evren, M. Fatih; Ozsunar, Abuzer; Biyikoglu, Atilla; Kilkis, Birol 6397
Determination of solar heat gain coefficients for semitransparent photovoltaic windows: an experimental study. Kapsis, Konstantinos; Athienitis, Andreas; Harrison, Stephen 8035
Development of a hardware-in-the-loop framework with modelica for energy efficient buildings. O'Neill, Zheng; Henry, Aaron; ONeill, Charles 3727
Development of a heat transfer model for ceiling radiant cooling panels through a combined experimental and simulation study. Mathur, Jyotirmay; Bhandari, Mahabir; Kumar, Vivek; Khan, Yasin; Srivastava, Prateek 6302
Development of a portable, small-scale multi-nozzle flowmeter with exit pressure control. Oh, Sang Taek; Kim, Young Il; Chung, Kwang-Seop 4609
Diurnal and seasonal experimental performance of a solar collector-cum-regenerator. Tafesse, Gezahegn H.; Mullick, S.C.; Jain, Sanjeev 8335
Effect of supply air temperature on air distribution in a room with radiant heating and mechanical ventilation. Wu, Xiaozhou; Fang, Lei; Olesen, Bjarne W.; Zhao, Jianing; Wang, Fenghao 4501
Effects of air flow rates on VOC removal performances of oxidation-based air cleaning technologies. Lee, Chang-Seo; Haghighat, Fariborz; Bahloul, Ali 4647
Energy analysis of leed silver certified dining hall on an academic campus--a revisit three years after its initial certification. Bangerth, Stefan; Ohadi, Michael M.; Jenkins, Chauncey A. 7047
Energy and water environmental trade-offs of data center cooling technologies. Whitehead, Beth; Tozer, Robert; Andrews, Deborah; Flucker, Sophia 4772
Energy cost of architectural walls around a cooling tower and mitigation measures. Qureshi, O.A.; Armstrong, P.R. 4218
Energy demands for commercial buildings with climate variability based on emission scenarios. Bianchi, Carlo; Tran, Thomas T.D.; Mendoza, Daniel L.; Smith, Amanda D.; Didier, Richard C. 3459
Energy efficiency in buildings located inside oil refineries. Darwich, Abdel K. 4399
Energy solution for laboratory facilities. Meisenzahl, Lawrence R. 4849
Environmental parameters for decontamination rooms in sterile processing departments in us hospitals. Salabasheva, Maya; English, Travis; Stewart, Erica 1391
Evaluation of alternative refrigerants for mini-split air conditioners. Abdelaziz, Omar; Shrestha, Som S. 6748
Experimental comparison of energy-optimal coordinated control strategies for heat pump systems. Wang, Chao; Rasmussen, Bryan P.; Wynn, Kyaw 4893
Experimental investigation of potential energy savings and payback periods in renewing old split-type air conditioners. Alabdulkarem, Abdullah; Alqahtani, Turki; Almutairi, Zeyad; Alshahrani, Majed; Alawaad, Khaled 3909
Experimental measurement of frosting limits in cross-flow air-to-air energy exchangers. Nasr, Mohammad Rafati; Simonson, Carey J. 4566
Exposure of airline staff to TCP'S from engine oil. de Ree, Hans; Agterberg, Huub; Houtzager, Marc; Havermans, John; Bos, Jan 3059
Features and capabilities of an integrated building energy simulation tool, BEST, developed in Japan. Ishino, Hisaya; Makimura, Isao; Murakami, Shuzo; Nohara, Fumio; Kohri, Kimiko 3118
General-purpose building energy simulation program 'BEST' for the energy-saving standards in Japan. Hasegawa, Iwao; Nohara, Fumio; Murakami, Shuzo; Ninomiya, Hiroshi; Ishino, Hisaya; Iida, Reika 2584
Implementation of advanced DER EPC business models in dormitories in Mannheim/Germany. Lohse, Rudiger; Riel, Martina 11392
In-situ fan curve calibration for virtual airflow sensor implementation in VAV systems. Prieto, Alejandro Rivas; Wang, Gang; Thomas, Wesley M.; Song, Li 5952
Infiltration and heating load analysis of an apartment with respect to window type, window location, and lock operation. Park, Jong Jun; Kim, Young Il; Chung, Kwang-Seop 5588
Integrating energy efficiency performance in processes for the dairy industry. Konigseder, Oliver 1822
Measured thermal comfort and sensation in highly transient environments. Eckels, Erin; Young, Michael; Schlabach, Meredith; Eckels, Steven 3243
Measurement and verification of efficiency upgrades in chilled-water systems. Mohammed, Abdul Qayyum; Tatari, Mohamed; Seryak, John; Brown, Shawn 8007
Metering measurement challenges & monitoring of a large scale Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system. Yebiyo, Metkel; Maidment, Graeme; Paurine, Alex; Day, Tony 3555
Metropolitan integrated cooling and heating. Davies, Gareth; Dennis, William; Boot-Handford, Nicholas; Rami, Rose; Grice, Joseph; Nicholls, Ashle 3900
Optimization under economic uncertainty: a methodology to determine the effects of solar variability on energy and economics. Bucking, Scott 6085
Performance assessment of Fanger's PMV in a UK residential building in heating season. Durrani, Faisal; Uno, Yoshitaka; Samsuddin, Safwan; Eftekhari, Mahroo 2660
Performance based outcomes--a bookend approach project: Stone 34. Frank, Michael; Hedrick, Michael; Nielsen, Matt 3849
Potential of U-shaped heat pipe heat exchanger in tropical climates for low sensible heat ratio applications. Sharma, Amit; Kaushik, S.C.; Jain, Sanjeev; Kakkar, Amit 9019
Predicting envelope and micro cogeneration design conditions for future climates. Milcarek, Ryan J.; Ahn, Jeongmin; Turner, Shaun; Zhang, Jianshun; Zhang, Rui 3873
Proposed outdoor air ventilation rates for health care facilities. English, Travis R.; Platt, Heather; Darwich, Abdel; Stewart, Erica; Salabasheva, Maya 4632
Real time data monitoring to get building operation on track. Cizik, Celeste; Cooper, Matt 3598
Reducing the need for electrical storage by coupling solar PVs and precooling in three residential building types in the phoenix climate. Arababadi, Reza; Parrish, Kristen 6705
Restoring acceptable HVAC performance with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) coil treatment. Leach, Timothy; Taylor, Graham 3661
Results from 20 field monitoring projects on rack and flight conveyor dishwashers in commercial kitchens. Delagah, Amin; Davis, Rodney; Slater, Michael; Karas, Angelo 5410
Reuse of ablution water for mosque air-conditioning using Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) technology in Saudi Arabia. Youssef, Ayman; Hamid, Adel; Vatopoulos, Konstantinos 4047
Sensitivity of energy and exergy performances of heating and cooling systems to auxiliary components. Kazanci, Ongun B.; Shukuya, Masanori; Olesen, Bjarne W. 4328
Sequencing control of parallel pumps in variable-flow systems using wire-to-water efficiency. Wang, Gang; Zheng, Xuejing; Kiamehr, Koosha 6264
Simulation method of HVAC systems using self-adjusting templates for the building energy simulation tool. Ninomiya, Hiroshi; Nagai, Tatsuo; Murakami, Shuzo; Nohara, Fumio; Ishino, Hisaya; Hasegawa, Iwao 3235
Simulation of a flue gas driven open absorption system for waste heat recovery from fossil fuel boilers. Wang, Zhenying; Zhang, Xiaoyue; Li, Zhen 3549
State of the society address: adapt today to shape tomorrow. Wentz, Timothy G. 1903
Sustainability in energy and water: air-cooled versus water-cooled heat rejection. Hawit, Omar; Jaffe, Trevor; Pais, Coral 3481
Technical Program: 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference Las Vegas, Nevada. Calendar 12415
The development of the database of the equipment characteristics for the building energy simulation tool. Shinagawa, Kohichi; Murakami, Shuzo; Ishino, Hisaya; Yanai, Takashi; Kawazu, Yukihiro 2621
The effects of exterior vegetation systems on building energy use. Yuan, Shaojie; Rim, Donghyun 2944
The potential for integration of ground energy from underground railway tunnels. Revesz, Akos; Chaer, Issa; Thompson, Jolyon; Mavroulidou, Maria; Gunn, Mike; Maidment, Graeme 3538
Thermal insulation system for energy efficient green buildings in tropical countries. Mitra, Krishna Kumar 3231
Thermosyphon cooler hybrid system for water savings in an energy-efficient HPC data center: modeling and installation. Carter, Thomas; Regimbal, Kevin; Liu, Zan; Martinez, David; Sickinger, David 3755
Wireless heating management system and tenant usage behavior in bulk-metered apartment buildings: a case study. Shi, Zixiao; Dicaire, Daniel; O'Brien, William; Hu, Yitian Survey 7330
Women in the refrigeration industry. Colombo, Ina; Kauffeld, Micheal; Marques, Catarina; Coulomb, Didier; Evans, Judith; Tarlea, Gratiela 3839

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