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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (July 1, 2015)

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2014 update to climatic data for energy standards criteria development: Part 1--CDD and HDD baseline values. Hogan, John Report 11744
2014 update to climatic data for energy standards criteria development: Part 2--representative weather files. Hogan, John Report 9647
A history of the changing concepts on health-care ventilation. English, Travis R.; Koenigshofer, Daniel Report 13609
A new clustering method to identify outliers and diurnal schedules from building energy interval data. Jalori, Saurabh; Reddy, T. Agami Report 5974
A simplified model of the fan/motor performance of fan-powered terminal units that use electronically commutated motors. O'Neal, Dennis L.; Reid, Carl L.; Ingram, Douglas D. Report 10347
A unified inverse modeling framework for whole-building energy interval data: daily and hourly baseline modeling and short-term load forecasting. Jalori, Saurabh; Reddy, T. Agami Report 5230
An economic analysis of conventional and heat pump heating and cooling systems in the DOE prototypical elementary school building in various climatic zones. Ryan, William; Czachorski, Marek Report 11152
An ensemble model for predicting energy performance in residential buildings using data mining techniques. Manimaran, Subramanian; AlBastaki, Ibrahim; Mangai, J. Alamelu Report 5641
Business and technical concepts for deep energy retrofit of public buildings. Zhivov, Alexander; Lohse, Ruediger; Shonder, John; Nasseri, Cyrus; Staller, Heimo; Moerck, Ove; Nokk Report 11993
Design criteria and thermal performance of a building-integrated ventilated concrete slab. Ekrami, Navid; Kamel, Raghad S.; Fung, Alan S. Report 5885
Develop a radiant system module for the simulation and analysis of spaces and systems. Barnaby, Charles S.; Pedersen, Curtis O. Report 6494
Development of a fault detection and diagnostic tool for use in walk-through energy audits. Parikh, Priyam; Rasmussen, Bryan P. Report 7675
Development of models to simulate the part-load performance of oversized ECM fan-powered terminal units. O'Neal, Dennis L. Report 7979
Distributed predictive optimization of a building HVAC system. Elliott, Matthew; Rasmussen, Bryan Report 5432
Energy analysis of cleanrooms in an academic research building. Levy, Jared M.; Ohadi, Michael M.; Kyosung, Choo Report 6944
Energy audit and base case simulation of Ryerson University buildings. Fung, Alan S.; Rahman, Md. Ziaur; Taherian, Hessam; Selim, Mohamed M.; Hossain, Mirza Report 8505
Energy consumption and performance comparisons of supermarket refrigeration systems. Kurtulus, Orkan; Horton, W. Travis; Groll, Eckhard A.; Poland, Joseph R. Report 2923
Environmental degradation effect on airtightness of pressure-sensitive adhesive exterior housing tapes on plywood. Kreiger, Megan; Pagan-Vazquez, Axy; Alvey, Jedediah; Chu, Dahtzen Report 5715
Estimating daily domestic hot-water use in North American Homes. Parker, Danny S.; Fairey, Philip; Lutz, James D. Report 8058
Evaluating chronic carbon monoxide exposures: an engineering fundamentals approach. Ramirez, Juan C.; Yardimci, Atif; Prisco, Michael R. Report 6944
Evaluation of airflow measurement methods for residential HVAC returns. Walker, Iain; Stratton, J. Chris Report 5866
Feasibility study of deep-lake water-cooling system at Ryerson University. Fung, Alan S.; Rahman, Md. Ziaur; Taherian, Hessam; Selim, Mohamed M. Report 4864
Gray-box modeling of multistage direct-expansion units to enable control system optimization. Cai, Jie; Braun, James E. Report 6544
HVAC nonlinearity compensation using cascaded control architectures. Price, Christopher; Liang, Shuangshuang; Rasmussen, Bryan Report 8003
Identification and elimination of hunting behavior in HVAC systems. Chintala, Rohit; Liang, Shuangshuang; Price, Christopher; Rasmussen, Bryan Report 5721
In-situ fan differential pressure rise for a series VAV-fan-powered terminal unit with SCR control. Bryant, John A.; Bryant, Stephen J. Report 5255
Investigation of attic space airflow and temperature distribution using a computational fluid dynamics program. Megri, Ahmed Cherif; Almate A. Ali, Abd Alnasser Report 3588
Modeling fan-powered terminal unit fan/motor combinations controlled by silicon controlled rectifiers. O'Neal, Dennis L.; Ingram, Douglas D.; Reid, Carl L. Report 5013
Modeling smoke movement in shafts during high-rise fires by a multizone airflow and energy network program. Qi, Dahai "Darren"; Wang, Liangzhu "Leon"; Zmeureanu, Radu Report 6267
Plug and process loads in medical office buildings. Ruecker, Ross; Guity, Arash; Timbang, Jun Report 2880
Seasonal part-load value (SePLV)--a new index for evaluating water chiller seasonal performance. Wu, Chengbin; Wang, Baolong; Shi, Wenxing; Li, Xianting; Yang, Minghong Report 3189
Survey of sky effective temperature models applicable to building envelope radiant heat transfer. Algarni, Salem; Nutter, Darin Report 7980
Use of vertical shafts as routes of smoke extraction and safe egress during high-rise fires. Zhao, Guanchao; Black, W.Z.; Wang, Liangzhu (Leon) Report 7332

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