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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2015)

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A database of static clothing thermal insulation and vapor permeability values of non-Western ensembles for use in ASHRAE standard 55, ISO 7730, and ISO 9920. Havenith, George; Kuklane, Kalev; Fan, Jintu; Hodder, Simon; Ouzzahra, Yacine; Karin, Lundgren; Au, Report 9703
A general assessment of heat pump technologies for prototypical residential buildings in the United States. Holloway, Seth O.; Nyika, Simbarashee; Horton, W. Travis; Braun, James E. Report 11733
Achieving deeper energy savings in federal energy performance contracts. Shonder, John; Nasseri, Cyrus Report 2934
Analysis and monitoring of energy consumption and indoor climate in a school before and after deep energy renovation. Rose, Jorgen; Bergsoe, Niels C.; Thomsen, Kirsten Engelund; Merck, Ove Christen Report 4366
CFD analysis of turbulence development in flat-oval ducts for various entrances. Report 1736
Characteristics of air-cooled package air conditioners with refrigeration pump for data centers. Kohata, Yuji; Udagawa, Yosuke; Sekiguchi, Keisuke; Yanagi, Masahide; Saito, Kiyoshi; Ohno, Keisuke; Report 4642
Continuous building energy data monitoring using recursive least squares filter and CUSUM change detection: application to energy balance load data. Masuda, Hiroko; Claridge, David E. Report 8894
Control accuracy and its impact on building energy efficiency. Zhou, John Q. Report 4748
Coordinated real-time management of return-air-temperature-controlled cooling units in data centers. Deodhar, Anirudh; Bhagwat, Harshad; Singh, Umesh; Sankaranarayanan, D; Singh, Amarendra K.; Sivasubr Report 9964
Data center air segregation efficiency. Tozer, Robert; Whitehead, Beth; Flucker, Sophia Report 4301
Data center energy-efficiency improvement case study. Tozer, Robert; Flucker, Sophia Case study 3117
Data center trigeneration with absorption refrigeration and economizer technologies. Tozer, Robert Report 4246
Deep energy savings in existing buildings. Miller, Alexi; Higgins, Cathy Report 9746
Dependence of ESD charge voltage on humidity in data centers: part I--test methods. Talebzadeh, Atieh; Patnaik, Abhishek; Moradian, Mahdi; Swenson, David E.; Han, Yunan; Pommerenke, Da Report 5472
Dependence of ESD charge voltage on humidity in data centers: part II--data analysis. Atieh, Talebzadeh; Patnaik, Abhishek; Gao, Xu; Moradian, Mahdi; Swenson, David E.; Pommerenke, David Report 5484
Dependence of ESD charge voltage on humidity in data centers: part III--estimation of ESD-related risk in data centers using voltage level extrapolation and Chebyshev's inequality. Gao, Xu; Talebzadeh, Atieh; Moradian, Mahdi; Han, Yunan; Swenson, David E.; Pommerenke, David Report 5022
Economizer performance and verification: the effect of human behavior on economizer efficiency and thermal comfort in Southern California. Kensek, Karen; Lanning, Tighe; Kohut, Timothy; Choi, Joon-Ho Report 6131
Effect of CFD grid resolution and turbulent quantities on the jet flow prediction. Abdelmaksoud, Waleed A. Report 5750
Energy fault detection in office building system by machine learning methods. Shioya, Masaki; Masukawa, Yoshio; Yairi, Takehisa; Yoshida, Keigo Report 6223
Energy master planning toward net zero energy installation--Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Liesen, Richard; Swanson, Matthew; Case, Michael; Zhivov, Alexander; Latino, Anthony; Dreyer, David Report 10409
Energy master planning toward net zero energy installation--U.S. military academy, west point. Zhivov, Alexander; Case, Michael; Liesen, Richard; Swanson, Matthew; Barnes, Benjamin; Woody, Alfred Report 9918
Energy modeling of a botanical air filter in energy-efficient residences. Newkirk, Daniel W.; Dana, Michael N.; Hutzel, William J.; Qu, Ming Report 4629
Energy savings and thermal comfort optimization in office cubicle environment. Abdelmaksoud, Waleed A.; Khalil, Essam E. Report 5294
Energy-efficient static pressure reset in VAV systems. Ma, Yin; Tukur, Ahmed; Kissock, Kelly Report 4292
Energy-saving potential of flash heat transfer. Topper, Robert; Kessler, Ken Report 3958
Extending the reach of campus renovation through combined financing. Wheeler, Mark "Dusty"; James, Eric; Smith, Phillip L.; Ayala, Luis Report 7549
First experience in extending the reach of an energy concept through an advanced ESPC model. Lohse, Rudiger Report 12239
Implementation of energy strategies in communities--from pilot project in Salzburg, Austria, to urban strategy. Strasser, Helmut Report 3887
Improvement of building energy simulation accuracy with occupancy schedules derived from hourly building electricity consumption. Kim, Yang-Seon; Srebric, Jelena Report 4000
Incident response monitoring technologies for aircraft cabin. Havermans, John; Houtzager, Mark; Jacobs, Piet Report 9083
Integration of master planning and energy planning: from detailed to conceptual analysis. Case, Michael; Liesen, Richard; Swanson, Matthew; Yu, Justine; Zhivov, Alexander Report 5147
Investigating effective duct length estimation methods for a centrifugal fan-duct interface system by monitoring the stabilization of velocity and pressure levels--developing pressure estimation equations by using air duct mean velocity, replacing the need for pressure sensors. Hasan, Ali M. Report 4495
Investigation of the fan energy and control performance of different damper control strategies in air-handling units. Wang, Gang; Song, Li; Phalak, Kaustubh Report 7938
Methodology for energy and economic modeling of net zero energy communities. Bucking, Scott; Cotton, James S. Report 4506
Optimizing performance and emissions of diesel/LPG fuel mixture in a combustor nozzle--using computer numerical techniques. Hasan, Ali M. Report 3305
Plenum-leakage bypass airflow in raised-floor data centers. Fink, James R. Report 4449
Predicted pressure loss in low-pressure wire-wound flexible ducts. Behls, H.; Idem, S. Report 8683
Proposal for standard compact server model for transient data center simulations. Pardey, Zachary M.; Demetriou, Dustin W.; Erden, Hamza Salih; VanGilder, James W.; Khalifa, H. Ezzat Report 6524
Reducing energy consumption in grocery stores: assessing the performance of CHP systems. Mukhopadhyay, Jaya; Haberl, Jeff Report 14905
Residential application of a natural-gas-based trigeneration system for cold climates. Ekrami, Navid; Hasib, Moiet Zannatul; Dworkin, Seth B.; Fung, Alan; Naylor, David Report 3765
Simulation assessment of free-cooling technology for a large campus. Jaramillo, Rita; Jeon, Bonggil; Braun, James E.; Horton, W. Travis; Schuster, Dan Report 7866
Speed optimization of parallel-connected variable-speed pumps. Dai, Yunchuang; Jiang, Ziyan; Chen, Peizhang; Jiang, Yi Report 4954
Stairwell pressurization and the movement of smoke during a high-rise fire. Black, W.Z. Report 8057
Use of random forest algorithm to evaluate model-based EUI benchmarks from CBECS database. Kaskhedikar, Apoorva; Reddy, T. Agami; Runger, George Report 6281

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