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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (July 1, 2013)

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A compact server model for transient data center simulations. VanGilder, James W.; Healey, Christopher M.; Pardey, Zachary M.; Zhang, Xuanhang Report 8154
A new smart micro grid process control strategy: the human leading the thermal comfort control. Zeiler, Wim; Vissers, Derek; Boxem, Gert Report 4152
A novel building component hybrid vacuum glazing--a modelling and experimental validation. Fang, Yueping; Hyde, Trevor J.; Arya, Farid; Hewitt, Neil Report 8227
A preliminary assessment on the use of phase change materials around geothermal boreholes. Eslami-nejad, Parham; Bernier, Michel Report 6945
Accounting for exposure duration in overheating risk assessment--a Chicago retrofit case study. Lee, W. Victoria; Steemers, Koen Report 5253
Air flow distribution effects on thermal comfort in an air-conditioned enclosure. Khalil, Essam E.; Alhariry, Gamal; Mahfouz, Alaa O. Report 2333
Air flow in places of worship. Khalil, Essam E.; Elhariry, Gamal; Huzayyin, Omar A.; Ragab, Ramy H. Report 2964
An analysis of NASA's MERRA meteorological data to supplement observational data for calculation of climatic design conditions. Westberg, David J.; Stackhouse, Paul W., Jr.; Crawley, Drury B.; Hoell, James M.; Chandler, William Report 5441
An analytical investigation of Class 2L Refrigerants. Dorman, Dennis; Branch, Scott Report 3305
An assessment of some predictive methods for in-tube condensation heat transfer of refrigerant mixtures. Shah, Mirza Mohammad; Mahmoud, Ahmad M.; Lee, Jaeseon Report 9877
An enhanced simulation model for building envelopes with phase change materials. Chandrasekharan, Ramprasad; Lee, Edwin S.; Fisher, Daniel E.; Deoka, Pratik S. Report 4535
An integrated fire safety plan to manage smoke movement during a high-rise fire. Black, W.Z. Report 8241
Analysis and comparison of absorbed solar radiation distribution models in perimeter building zones. Chan, Ying-Chieh; Tzempelikos, Athanasios Report 8071
Analysis and improvement on the estimation of building energy savings uncertainty. Sun, Yifu; Baltazar, Juan-Carlos Report 3683
Application of the Standard 62.1-2007 indoor air quality procedure to retail stores. Bridges, Barry; Carlson, Neil; Grimsrud, David; Springman, Tony; Williams, Scott Report 6840
Architecture, cartography and energy: mapping the way we share information to build better buildings. Grinberg, Matt; Rendek, Adam Report 3570
ASHRAE 1478 RP: measuring air-tightness of mid- and high-rise non-residential buildings. Anis, Wagdy; Brennan, Terry; Nelson, Gary; Olson, Collin; Bohac, David Report 3370
Assessing the causes of combustion-driven oscillations in boilers using a feedback-loop stability model. Zhou, L.; Herrin, D.W.; Li, T. Report 6135
Assessment of burning velocity test methods for mildly flammable refrigerants, Part 1: closed-vessel method. Takizawa, Kenji; Takagi, Shizue; Kondo, Shigeo; Tokuhashi, Kazuaki; Mamiya, Mikito; Nagai, Hideaki Report 8044
Assessment of burning velocity test methods for mildly flammable refrigerants, Part 2: vertical-tube method. Takizawa, Kenji; Igarashi, Naoharu; Tokuhashi, Kazuaki; Kondo, Shigeo; Mamiya, Mikito; Nagai, Hideak Report 7024
Categorization and comparison of air-conditioning systems from a technology and performance perspective--case study of an industrial installation. Charisis, Vrellas G.; Theoklitos, Karakatsanis S. Report 5596
CFD analysis of pressure losses in flat-oval duct fittings. Gutovic, Milovan; Lulic, Haris; Sirbubalo, Emir Report 5162
Characterization and prediction of swirl-induced enhanced heat transfer in sinusoidal-corrugated plates. Rajendran, S.; Kalaikadal, D.S.; Manglik, R.M. Report 2412
Characterizing supermarket's thermal demands for integrating combined heat and power systems. Doebber, Ian R.; Lilya, Dustin; Henderson, Hugh I. Report 4833
Coarse grid methods for improving convective heat loss predictions from numerical manikins. Horstman, Raymond H.; Tonks, Michael J.; Lin, Chao-Hsin Report 2362
Coefficient of performance improvement in small thermoelectric refrigerators. Taherian, Hessam; Adams, William L., Jr. Report 2692
Comfort cooling for a 200,000 square feet yoga hall! Appalla, ShyamsundarRao Report 990
Compare energy use in variable refrigerant flow heat pumps field demonstration and computer model. Sharma, Chandan; Raustad, Richard Report 2231
Comparison of calculated and measured loads for the ASHRAE headquarters building. Singh, Ramandeep; Xiong, Zeyu; Schroeder, Harry; Fisher, Dan Report 3809
Comparison of simulation programs for airflow and smoke movement during high-rise fires. Wang, Liangzhu "Leon"; Black, William Z.; Zhao, Guanchao Report 6554
Computer modeling VRF heat pumps in commercial buildings using EnergyPlus. Raustad, Richard Report 3685
Cooling characteristics of new refrigeration system without heat transfer fluid. Tanaka, Yoshiki; Makino, Hiroto; Okamura, Tetsuji; Tasaki, Yutaka; Hidekazu, Takahashi; Ito, Kouji Report 2625
Cooling efficiency comparison between residential variable capacity and single speed heat pump. Hunt, Walter; Domitrovic, Ron; Amarnath, Ammi Report 2613
Corrosion of embedded metals in wood: an overview of recent research with implications for building moisture design. Zelinka, Samuel L. Report 3829
Cost-effective measurement and verification method for determining energy savings under uncertainty. Heo, Yeonsook; Graziano, Diane J.; Zavala, Victor M.; Dickinson, Peter; Kamrath, Mark; Kirshenbaum, Report 4427
Coupled CFD and thermal comfort modeling in cross-ventilated classrooms. Cook, Malcolm; Yousaf, Rehan; Cropper, Paul; Bolineni, Sandeep; Fiala, Dusan; van Treeck, Christoph Report 3743
Determining the thermal resistance of buried and/or encapsulated ducts. Shapiro, Carl R. Report 4702
Developing an innovative pay for performance program. Torbert, Roy; Tupper, Kendra Report 3407
Development of a horizontal slinky ground heat exchanger model. Xiong, Zeyu; Lee, Edwin S.; Fisher, Daniel E. Report 2921
Development of control-oriented models for model predictive control in buildings. Li, Pengfei; ONeill, Zheng D.; Braun, James E. Report 3837
Distribution map of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in a refrigerant and oil mixture within a 2.5 ton (8.8 Kw) unitary air-conditioner. Long, Warren; Nutter, Darin W. Report 8985
Effective height changes with heat flux variation due to a single-stage infrared tube heater system. Hassan, Samer A. Report 6744
Effects of slat-type blinds on cooling load in a commercial office setting: parallel measurements and simulations. Arcangeli, Gregory; Novoselac, Atila Report 4309
Energy analysis of a district cooling plant with a proposed energy saving using lake as a heat sink substitution. Safwat, Hesham M.; Khalil, Essam E.; Fouad, Mahmoud A. Report 3318
Energy and cost efficient ventilation systems with heat recovery--state of the art and enhancement. Pfluger, Rainer; Feist, Wolfgang; Hasper, Wolfgang; Rojas-Kopeinig, Gabriel Report 6740
Energy and exergy analyses of a new waste heat driven cogeneration cycle for simultaneous cooling and heating applications. Kumar, Rajesh; Khaliq, Abdul; Sharma, P.B. Report 6507
Energy efficiency and environmental impact analyses of supermarket refrigeration systems. Fricke, Brian A.; Bansal, Pradeep K.; Zha, Shitong Report 3759
Energy efficiency of building walls: thermal modeling, experimental testing, long term evaluation and correlation of building wall systems. Enache-Pommer, Elena; Mayer, Robert; Parsons, Gary Report 4091
Energy implications of in-line filtration in California homes. Walker, Iain; Dickerhoff, Darryl; Faulkner, David; Turner, Will Report 11033
Energy implications of in-line filtration in California homes. Walker, Iain; Dickerhoff, Darryl; Faulkner, David Report 11107
Energy simulation of integrated multiple-zone variable refrigerant flow system. Shen, Bo; Rice, C. Keith; McDowell, Timothy P.; Baxter, Van D. Report 4713
Estimation of induction motor circuit parameters and efficiency under variable frequencies. Wang, Gang; Song, Li; Park, Sung-Won Report 6074
Evaluation of a climate modelling procedure against observed meteorological data. Qiu, Xin; Yang, Fuquan; Slusarczyk, Jason; Roth, Michael; Corbett-Hains, Hamish Report 3920
Evaluation of model results and measured performance of net-zero energy homes in Hawaii. Norton, Paul; Kiatreungwattana, Kosol; Kelly, Kenneth J. Report 3225
Evolutionary tuning of building models to monthly electrical consumption. Garrett, Aaron; New, Joshua; Chandler, Theodore Report 8642
Experimental and analytical study of the transient process of infiltration/exfiltration in walk-in coolers. Navaz, Homayun K.; Kamensky, Kristina; Dang, Anthony; Amin, Mazyar; Faramarzi, Ramin Report 3083
Experimental study of effects of solution subcooling and wall superheat on heat transfer of a horizontal-tube, falling-film heat exchanger. Bogan, Nick; Park, Chanwoo Report 3323
Gaussian mixture regression for building energy modeling and verification. Srivastav, Abhishek; Tewari, Ashutosh; Dong, Bing Report 3456
Gender differences of thermal comfort perception under transient environmental and metabolic conditions. Ugursal, Ahmet; Culp, Charles Report 6200
General correlation for heat transfer during condensation in plain tubes: further development and verification. Shah, Mirza Mohammed Report 4474
Humidification, filtration and sound attenuation benefits of rigid media direct evaporative cooling systems while providing energy savings. Periannan, Vijayanand Report 3984
Hybrid ventilation system for tenant office building in densely developed urban area. Ochiai, Natsuko; Glicksman, Leon R.; Hasegawa, Iwao; Ray, Stephen D.; Fukuda, Masashi Report 4106
Impact of personal air outlets on person-to-person bio-effluent exposure in aircraft cabins. Anderson, M.D.; Jones, B.W.; Hosni, M.H. Report 4620
Improvement of IEER rating and dehumidification capability in unitary DX equipment. West, Michael K.; Brooke, Thomas Report 3025
Improvement of integrated energy efficiency and latent cooling capability by refrigeration cycle variation with evaporator coil optimization in R-410A unitary equipment. West, Michael K.; Combes, Richard Report 4028
Improving simulation of outside air economizer and fan control for unitary air conditioners. Hart, Reid; Athalye, Rahul; Wang, Weimin Report 3719
Integrated control system for HVAC, lighting and blinds as an energy saving strategy in office buildings. Kang, Kinam; Song, Doosam; Kang, Gyumin; Kim, Brain S. Report 2729
Integrated project and metering design for the first Passivhaus in Qatar. Bryant, John A.; Amato, Alexander; Law, Simon; Abdulla, Ahmad Al Report 2673
Inverse determination of air supply speed for room ventilation based on reduced order models. Zhou, Hongbiao; Zhang, Tengfei "Tim"; Wang, Shugang Report 3298
Laboratory and field testing of an integrated HPWH using C[O.sub.2] refrigerant. Bush, John; Dinse, David; Domitrovic, Ron; Amarnath, Ammi Report 3323
Large eddy simulation of thermal comfort and energy utilization indices for indoor airflows. Qi, Dahai "Darren"; Wang, Liangzhu "Leon"; Zmeureanu, Radu Report 4092
Liquid cooling in data centers, part 2. Sorell, Vali; Tuma, Phil; Newcombe, Liam Report 3460
Measurement and simulation of acoustic load impedance for boilers. Zhou, L.; Herrin, D.W.; Li, T. Report 5890
Measurement and verification study in Korea. Song, Doosam; Kang, Ki-Nam; Kang, Kyu-Min; Park, Jun-Won Report 2516
Method to compute the enthalpy difference of a liquid stream in the absence of an EoS-based function. Schultz, K.J. Report 4118
Modeling advanced heat pump water heater systems. Nasuta, Dennis; Domitrovic, Ronald; Bush, John; Radermacher, Reinhard; Hwang, Yunho; Amarnath, Ammi Report 3871
Modeling and design analysis of a regenerative indirect evaporative heat exchanger using an effectiveness method. Liu, Zhijun; Allen, William; Modera, Mark Report 3427
Modeling and testing of an R-23/R-134a mixed refrigerant system for low temperature refrigeration. Hugh, Nicholas; Mathison, Margaret; Bowman, Anthony Report 3761
Modeling annual yields of a solar-tracking solar syphon using ASHRAE's weather data for tropical Africa. Kanyarusoke, Kant E.; Gryzagoridis, Jasson; Oliver, Graeme Report 4991
Modeling the effect of HVAC operation on transport of gaseous species to indoor surfaces. Clark, Jordan D.; Novoselac, Atila Report 3029
New correlation for prediction of evaporation from occupied swimming pools. Shah, Mirza Mohammed Report 3518
Optimal control, operation and maintenance strategies for rigid media evaporative coolers to improve IAQ and reduce building water usage. Graef, Patricia T. Report 4997
Optimized control of automatic windows for energy savings and occupant comfort. Tanner, Ryan A.; Henze, Gregor P.; Pless, Shanti Report 6833
Overview of hybrid ventilation control system and full scale monitoring. Ray, Stephen D.; Menchaca-Brandan, Maria-Alejandra; Glicksman, Leon R.; Fukuda, Masashi; Hasegawa, I Report 4031
Performance evaluation of multi-stage evaporative cooling for classrooms in a hot and dry climate. Hu, Huafen; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin; Krieske, Mathew; Acker, Brad; Djunaedy, Ery Report 3095
Post-occupancy assessment of thermal-pile and open-well Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system--case study. Garber, Denis; Soga, Kenichi; Choudhary, Ruchi Report 4416
Predicting annual energy use in buildings using short-term monitoring and utility bills: the hybrid inverse model using daily data (HIM-D). Singh, Vipul; Reddy, T. Agami; Abushakra, Bass Report 5168
Prediction and verification of energy performance in energy efficient multi-family dwellings. Bagge, Hans; Johansson, Dennis Report 5140
Preliminary investigation of the effect of horizontal piping on the performance of a vertical ground heat exchanger system. Cullin, James R.; Spitler, Jeffrey D.; Lee, Edwin Report 6897
Principles of energy efficient ammonia refrigeration systems. Mohammed, Abdul Qayyum; Sever, Franc; Wenning, Thomas; Kissock, Kelly Report 5207
Reducing energy consumption in grocery stores: calibration of a grocery store simulation model. Mukhopadhyay, Jaya; Haberl, Jeff; Baltazar, Juan-Carlos Report 3704
Renewable integration by end-use thermal devices. Upadhye, Harshal; Domitrovic, Ron; Hirahara, Nohealani; Ifuku, Earle; Goo, Mathew; Somdecerff, John Report 2957
Retrofit of R-410A in air to water heat pumps: test of two low GWP candidates. Zoughaib, Assaad; Besbes, Karim Report 2204
Revealing occupancy patterns in office buildings through the use of annual occupancy sensor data. Duarte, Carlos; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin; Rieger, Craig Report 4205
Revising ASHRAE climatic data for design and standards--Part 1: overview and data. Thevenard, Didier; Cornick, Steve Report 6201
Revising ASHRAE climatic data for design and standards--Part 2: clear-sky solar radiation model. Gueymard, Christian A.; Thevenard, Didier Report 8713
Role of HVAC system configuration on probable flow path of airborne pathogens in a patient room. Khankari, Kishor Report 2624
Short term notification demand response measures in office buildings in a hot and dry climate. Khanolkar, Amruta; Reddy, T. Agami; Addison, Marlin S. Report 3445
Simplified model for ground heat transfer from slab-on-grade buildings. Kissock, Kelly; Selvacanabady, Abinesh; Raghavan, Narendran Report 6322
Smart grid--building energy management system: an ontology multi-agent approach to optimize comfort demand and energy supply. Zeiler, Wim; Boxem, Gert Report 4614
Smart micro grids: wireless sensor technology to capture human occupancy. Zeiler, Wim; Maaijen, Rik; Boxem, Gert Report 4028
Study of a heat pump for simultaneous heating and cooling working with R290 or R1234yf and coupled to a building. Ghoubali, Redouane; Byrne, Paul; Miriel, Jacques; Bazantay, Frederic Report 3556
Study on the adsorptive removal of indoor C[O.sub.2] of car running in downtown area. Cho, Youngmin; Jung, Woo-Sung; Kwon, Soon-Bark; Hong, Seung-Woo; Park, Duck-Shin Report 2438
Test results of low-GWP alternative refrigerants for refrigeration applications. Wang, Xudong; Amrane, Karim Report 1918
Testing the demand response capabilities of residential refrigerators. Mitchell, Scott; Rauss, Devin; Coburn, Bruce Report 4092
The development of a test methodology for transient thermal comfort analysis. Ugursal, Ahmet; Culp, Charles H. Report 4749
The effect of humidity on static electricity induced reliability issues of ICT equipment in data centers --motivation and setup of the study. Wan, Fayu; Hillstrom, Michael; Stayer, Carlton; Swenson, David; Pommerenke, David Report 7939
The faces of IPD/ID--a case study. Saal, Don; Villeneuve, Dana; Fisher, Thomas A.; Halevi, Tasha Report 3787
The influence of occupant behavior on facade solar transmission: discrepancies between observed shade control behavior and simulation-based shade control models. Konis, Kyle Report 3683
The winner design of the Max Tech and Beyond Competition: a high-efficient residential air-conditioning system. Ling, Jiazhen; Qian, Suxin; Li, Song; Huang, Long; Hwang, Yunho; Radermacher, Reinhard Report 2619
Thermal energy storage for emergency cooling--Part 1. Bembry, Walter, IV; Basgall, Lance E.; Fenton, Donald L. Report 7879
Thermal energy storage for emergency cooling--Part 2. Basgall, Lance E.; Bembry, Walter, IV; Fenton, Donald L. Report 5409
Transformation of a baseline affordable house into a partially cooled atrium house in a hot-humid climate. Andolsun, Simge; Culp, Charles H. Report 3922
Understanding building infrastructure and building operation through doe asset score model: lessons learned from a pilot project. Wang, Na; Goel, Supriya; Gorrissen, Willy; Makhmalbaf, Atefe Report 3398
Use of numerical simulation and optimization to analyze the design and performance of a chilled water thermal storage tank. Ghias, Reza; Xu, Yue; Ellison, Richard; Eisenhower, Curt Report 4300
User related energy use in buildings--results from two years of measurement of household electricity in 1300 apartments in Sweden. Johansson, Dennis; Bagge, Hans; Lindstrii, Lotti Report 3853
Verification of a VRF heat pump computer model in EnergyPlus. Nigusse, Bereket; Raustad, Richard Report 7594

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