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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2013)

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A comparative analysis of displacement ventilation with the overhead mixing systems. Khankari, Kishor Report 1598
A distributed, multiagent decision process for the control of building systems. Windham, Andrew; Treado, Stephen Report 4108
A field study of occupant thermal comfort with radiant ceiling panel systems. Heise, Zachary; Hu, Huafen Report 3975
A ground-coupled dynamic wall system for new and existing structures. Lingo, Lowell E., Jr.; Roy, Utpal Report 6007
A new easy-to-parameterize boiler model for dynamic simulations. Glembin, Jens; Rockendorf, Gunter; Betram, Erik; Steinweg, Jan Report 12335
A solar PV-thermal energy design optimization Study of a building footprint limited net-zero energy facility. Cuthbert, R.; Pan, F.; Nieminen, K.; Friedrich, K.; Wilkinson, D.; Cotton, J.S. Report 10619
A statistical approach to detect abnormal building energy consumption with ABCAT. Lin, Guanjing; Claridge, David E. Report 5035
A variable refrigerant flow heat pump computer model in EnergyPlus. Raustad, Richard Report 5733
Air flow regimes and thermal comfort in a living room. Khalil, Essam E.; El-Bialy, Esmail M. Report 1694
Alternative formats to achieve more efficient energy codes for commercial buildings. Conover, David; Rosenberg, Michael; Halverson, Mark; Taylor, Zachary; Makela, Eric Report 4956
An experimental study of the performance of new Low Global Warming Potential (LGWP) refrigerants at extreme high temperature ambient conditions in residential AC Ducted Split Systems. Biswas, Auvi; Barve, Atharva; Cremaschi, Lorenzo Report 4265
An infrared sphere method to measure mean radiant temperature. Leung, Christopher; Ge, Hua Report 6046
Application of a linear fit rating method for mixed single-speed unitary air conditioners. Payne, W. Vance; Domanski, Piotr A. Report 4115
Archi Bond Graphs: the connection between spatial representation and technical representation. Zeiler, Wim; Maaijen, Rik; Boxem, Gert Report 3269
Automated design of buildings: need, conceptual approach, and illustrative example. Snyder, Steven C.; Reddy, T. Agami; Addison, Marlin S. Report 3648
Avoiding system problems when using expansion tanks. Polchinski, Robert Report 2049
Building energy simulation and optimization of industrial halls. Lee, Bruno; Trcka, Marija; Hensen, Jan L.M. Report 4840
Cleanroom pressurization strategy update--quantification and validation of minimum pressure differentials for basic configurations and applications (Part 1). Sun, Wei; Flyzik, Keith; Mitchell, John Report 6756
Cleanroom pressurization strategy update--quantification and validation of minimum pressure differentials when using auxiliary devices (Part 2). Sun, Wei; Flyzik, Keith; Mitchell, John Report 2336
Collaborative building control to optimize energy saving and improve occupants' experience. Song, Zhen; Zhen, Sam; Ji, Kun; Lu, Yan Report 2563
Comparison of CFD simulations of hospital operating room air distribution with experimental PIV results. Stevenson, Tyler C.; Jeter, Sheldon M. Report 5597
Comparison of data center classes on energy use. Peterson, John; McLellan, Douglas Report 2059
Control strategy for minimizing energy usage with economizer and energy recovery systems. Treado, Stephen; Liu, Xing Report 2221
Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) - design vs. actual operation (are aggressive energy targets achievable?). Burbank, Jason J.; Marmaras, Justin M.; Kosanovic, Dragoljub B. Report 3631
Design of a vertical, closed-loop, geothermal condenser for domestic air conditioning. Khalid, R.; Khan, T.S.; Khan, M.S. Report 3501
Developing and validation of HVAC system fan model based on numerical analysis. Nassif, Nabil; Tesiero, Raymond C.; Singh, Harmohindar Report 4033
Development and validation of a mechanistic model for variable-speed multi-split heat pumps. Cheung, Howard; Nyika, Simbarashe; Braun, James E. Report 3843
Development of a residential ground-source integrated heat pump. Rice, Keith; McDowell, Tim; Baxter, Van; Munk, Jeffrey; Hern, Shawn; Shen, Bo Report 4153
Development of an outdoor air cooling-type air-cooled package air conditioner for data centers. Udagawa, Yosuke; Sekiguchi, Keisuke; Yanagi, Masahide; Uekusa, Tsuneo; Naito, Yasuhiro Report 3576
Development of fuel fired multi-function heat pump. Mahderekal, Isaac; Shen, Bo; Vineyard, Edward A. Report 3619
Energy analysis of Habitat for Humanity home designs. Field, Brandon S.; McConnell, Matthew Report 2835
Energy efficiency improvements for a large tire manufacturing plant. Moyer, Jeremy; Mathias, James Report 7449
Evaluation of calculation models for predicting thermal performance of various window systems. Takemasa, Yuichi; Togari, Satoshi; Miura, Katsuhiro; Katoh, Masahiro; Hiraoka, Masaya; Owada, Jun Report 11943
Experimental study and simulation of a thermosiphon defrosting technique for air-source heat pumps. Byrne, Paul; Serres, Laurent; Ghoubali, Redouane; Miriel, Jacques Report 3372
Experimental study of surgical wound temperatures. Goldman, Milton S.; Jeter, Sheldon M.; Goldman, Nelson C. Report 2480
Field study of the energy savings potential of high-SEER air conditioning in the hot-dry climate. Bush, John; Miller, Jan; Kirkeide, Loren; Xing, Bo; Domitrovic, Ron; Amarnath, Ammi Report 3941
Generalized performance maps for variable-speed residential heat pumps. Nyika, Simbarashe; Holloway, Seth O.; Horton, W. Travis; Braun, James E. Report 2608
Ground source heat pump operation and optimal entering liquid temperature. Marmaras, Justin; Burbank, Jason; Kosanovic, Dragoljub Report 4521
High-efficiency retrofit lessons for retail from a SuperTarget. Langner, Rois; Deru, Michael; Williams, Scott; Hirsch, Adam Report 3331
Humidification requirements in economizer-type HVAC systems. Toth, Viktor T. Report 3184
Impact of ice thermal storage on cooling energy cost for commercial HVAC systems. Nassif, Nabil; Tesiero, Raymond C.; Singh, Harmohindar Report 3363
Intelligent model based fault detection and diagnosis for HVAC system using statistical machine learning methods. Guo, Ying; Wall, Josh; Li, Jiaming; West, Sam Report 3765
Investigation of electric and reverse-cycle hot-gas defrosting for evaporators in refrigeration systems. Zahid, S.; Rizvi, H. Report 9638
Least-cost upgrade solutions to achieve improved energy efficiency standards for residential new housing in Canada. Dembo, Aya; Khaddad, Farhan; Fung, Alan S. Report 8555
Life cycle performance costing based building design decision support. Zeiler, Wim; Maaijen, Rik; Maassen, Wim Report 3370
Manitoba hydro place: energy efficiency 2.0. Akerstream, Tom; Knirsch, Alexander; Pauls, Mark Report 4319
Modeling of proposed changes to the SIUC central heating, air conditioning, and power plant incorporating variable-frequency drives and high-efficiency turbine. Su, Heyin; Mathias, James; Harrell, Justin Report 6457
Monitored performance of Advanced Gas Water Heaters in California Homes. Hoeschele, Marc A.; Weitzel, Elizabeth Report 7514
New correlation equations for ammonia-water Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) thermodynamic properties. El-Shaarawi, M.A.I.; Said, S.A.M.; Siddiqui, M.U. Report 3367
Numerical vibration simulation applied to the design of HVAC refrigeration piping systems. Wang, J. Jack Report 3119
Parametric investigation of effects of PCM thermal properties on energy demand of SUI building in Toronto. Poulad, M. Ebrahim; Fung, Alan S. Report 4244
Performance improvement of a roof top air-conditioning unit by refrigerant circuitry optimization. Lee, Sunil; Yashar, David A.; Domanski, Piotr A. Report 3690
Performance of a residential building energy grey-box model using localized weather networks. Siemann, Michael; Kim, Jungho; Oberholzer, David; Sloop, Christopher Report 4121
Prediction of insertion loss of plenums above the plane wave cutoff frequency. Herrin, D.W.; Ramalingam, S.; Cui, Z. Report 2738
Pumping system bypass orifice testing and analysis. Towsley, Greg; Benavente, Arturo; Dougherty, Ronald L. Report 10535
Short-term performance of gas-fired tankless water heater: laboratory characterization. Glanville, Paul; Kosar, Douglas; Stair, Jason Report 10138
Study of the degradation of typical HVAC materials, filters, and components irradiated by UVC energy--Part III: manufactured components. Kauffman, Robert E.; Wolf, J. Douglas Report 7129
The impact of barometric pressure, temperature, and operating temperature difference on air-cooled data centers. Dunnavant, Keith Report 7865
The role of optimization in the design and operation of building control systems. Treado, Stephen Report 3062
Uncertainty propagation in device characteristic based virtual sensors. Song, Li; Wang, Gang Report 3470
Understanding a potential for application of phase-change materials (PCMs) in building envelopes. Kosny, Jan; Kossecka, Elizabeth Report 6406
Using Locational Marginal Pricing to implement peak load shifting with a grid connected water heater. Upadhye, Harshal; Domitrovic, Ron; Amarnath, Ammi Report 2292
Using statistical energy analysis to analyze sound and vibrational energy propagation in HVAC ducts. Ramalingam, S.; Herrin, D.W. Report 2559
Volume optimization of polymer tube-bundle heat exchangers in air-heating applications. Meng, Lingjun; Jacobi, Anthony M. Report 3551
Water cooled chiller plant design and control. Franseen, Richard E. Report 4762
Whole building efficiency for whole foods. Deru, Michael; Doebber, Ian; Hirsch, Adam Report 3901

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