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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (July 1, 2012)

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2011-2012 ASHRAE chapter officers. List 2290
2011-2012 ASHRAE intersociety representatives. List 251
2011-2012 ASHRAE officers, directors, staff, and council and committee members. List 2453
2011-2012 ASHRAE standard and guideline project committees. List 7196
2011-2012 ASHRAE technical committees, task groups, technical resource groups, and multidisciplinary task groups. List 12885
A comparison of thermal comfort between the Archetype Sustainable Homes at the Kortright Centre for conservation. Pyrka, Agatha; Fung, Alan S. 3965
A high-efficiency, reduced-emissions, combustion control system for commercial and industrial boilers. Poncia, Guido; Haugstetter, Christoph; Liscinsky, David; Fan, Junqiang; Mantese, Joseph; Colket, Mer Report 3905
A simulation and experimental study of the impact of passive and active facade systems on the energy performance of building perimeter zones. Chan, Ying-Chieh; Tzempelikos, Athanasios Report 3276
Achieving deep energy savings in existing buildings through integrated design. Moser, Dave; Liu, Guopeng; Wang, Weimin; Zhang, Jian Report 4170
Achieving net-zero energy conditions in retrofit--a case study for a performing arts building using an hourly simulation approach. O'Connor, D.J.; Yavuzturk, C.C.; Fuller, J.E. Report 5731
An experimental and simulation study of lighting performance in offices with automated roller shades. Shen, Hui; Tzempelikos, Athanasios Report 3307
ASHRAE associate societies. List 1814
ASHRAE honors and awards. 11175
ASHRAE past meetings. List 786
ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 metal building U-factors--part 5: mathematical modeling of wall assemblies and validation by calibrated hot box measurements. Choudhary, Manoj K.; Kasprzak, Chris P.; Musick, David E.; Henry, Mark J.; Fast, N. Douglass Report 4457
Bayesian analysis of savings from retrofit projects. Shonder, John A.; Im, Piljae Report 7844
Beyond the shoebox: thermal zoning approaches for complex building shapes. Smith, Lillian Report 2430
Calculation of evaporation from indoor swimming pools: further development of formulas. Shah, Mirza Mohammed 4089
Calibration of a building energy model considering parametric uncertainty. O'Neill, Zheng; Eisenhower, Bryan; Fonoberov, Vladimir; Bailey, Trevor Report 3742
Conference papers. Antonio, San 260
Contaminant removal effectiveness of displacement ventilation systems during heating season; summary results from three field studies. Ouazia, Boualem; Macdonald, Iain; Tardif, Michel; Thompson, Alexandra; Booth, Daniel 3954
Contaminants in hotel room exhaust air. Stanley, W. Brad M.; Ligman, Bryan K. Report 2000
Current performance of ground source heat pumps for space conditioning and for water heating under simulated occupancy conditions. Ally, Moonis R.; Munk, Jeffrey D.; Van D. Baxter; Gehl, Anthony C. Report 3832
Decision making for HVAC&R system selection for a typical office building in the UK. Shahrestani, Mehdi; Yao, Runming; Cook, Geoffrey K. Report 4742
Design and analysis of an integrated heat and energy recovery ventilation system with economizer control for net-zero energy solar houses. Chen, Carl Yu; Mistry, Jiten; Fung, Alan S.; Leong, Wey H.; Jhingan, Sumeet Report 2419
Design of roofs for increased solar potential BIPV/T systems and their applications to housing units. Hachem, Caroline; Athienitis, Andreas; Fazio, Paul 9399
Determining the cost-effectiveness of various sub-metering strategies. Maurer, Christine C.; Rojeski, Peter Jr.; Davey, Matt 4260
Development of a tool to improve the energy efficiency of existing commercial and institutional buildings. Lewis, Angela Report 5007
Development of high efficiency home heating and humidification technology. Wang, Dexin; Bao, Ainan; Liss, William Report 3524
DOE commercial building energy asset rating: an application of centralized modeling tool. Wang, Na; Gorrissen, Will; Srivastava, Viraj; Taylor, Cody Report 5900
Energy modeling basics: a brave new world for young building modeling professionals. Higgins, Jared A. Report 2562
Energy savings potential of variable condenser water flow systems. Zhang, Zhiqin; Liu, Jingjing 5322
Environmental noise case studies: air-cooled refrigeration chiller installations near residential structures. Evans, Jack B.; Himmel, Chad N.; Leasure, Joshua D. Report 2893
Evaluation of thermal comfort in low load homes supplied by high sidewall air jets. Ridouane, El Hassan Report 3772
Experimental study on ceiling radiant cooling panel system with personal floor diffuser. Ito, Sei; Kawashima, Minoru; Arai, Yoshito; Suzuki, Michiya; Murakami, Koji; Nobe, Tatsuo Report 4148
Field measurements of thermal conditions during surgical procedures for the development of CFD boundary conditions. McNeill, James S.; Zhai, Zhiqiang "John"; Hertzberg, Jean 8623
Field trials of a waterless home heating and humidification technology. Wang, Dexin; Scott, Shawn; Bao, Ainan; Liss, William Report 2752
Field-test of the new ASHRAE/CIBSE/USGBC Performance Measurement Protocols: Intermediate and advanced Level Indoor Environmental Quality protocols. Kim, Hyojin; Haberl, Jeff S. Report 4767
HVAC systems commissioning in a manufacturing plant. Li, Yunhua; Zhang, Bei; Liu, Mingsheng; Wu, Lixia; Wang, Jinrong; Lewis, Tom 3850
Hybrid solar thermal and ground source heat pump system. Report 3270
Impacts of air filters on energy consumption in typical HVAC systems. Nassif, Nabil Report 3789
In memoriam, July 2011 to June 2012. List 1606
Inaugural address: Broadening ASHRAE's Horizons. Watson, Thomas E. 3515
Index of conference and technical papers volume 118, part 2. List 7123
Investigating the performance of two types of solar domestic water heating (SDWH) systems with drain water heat recovery through computer simulation and experimental analysis. Tanha, Kamyar; Fung, Alan S.; Leong, Wey H. Report 3994
Investigation of [CO.sub.2] tracer gas-based calibration of multi-zone airflow models. Snyder, Steven C.; Reddy, T. Agami; Bahnfleth, William P. Report 7537
Laboratory evaluation of aftermarket boiler control system. Rowley, Patricia; Glanville, Paul Report 2405
Laboratory measurements of HVAC installation and maintenance faults. Mowris, Robert; Jones, Ean; Eshom, Robert Report 5081
Laboratory testing of a fabric air dispersion system. Kulkarni, D.; Nalla, A.N.; Idem, S.; Gebke, K. Report 3771
Long-term evaluation of internal thermal comfort with different kinds of glazing systems and window sizes: from energetic considerations to users' comfort. Gasparella, A.; Cappelletti, F.; Pernigotto, G.; Romagnoni, P. Report 3694
Measured impact on space conditioning energy use in a residence due to operating a heat pump water heater inside the conditioned space. Munk, Jeffrey D.; Ally, Moonis R.; Van D. Baxter Report 2272
Method for estimating energy savings potential of chilled-water plant retro-commissioning. Zhang, Zhiqin; Turner, William D. Report 7093
Modeling and analysis for mixed-mode cooling of buildings. Hu, Jianjun; Karava, Panagiota Report 3964
Modeling and optimization of HVAC systems using artificial intelligence approaches. Nassif, Nabil Report 3417
Modeling phase change materials with a building simulation code developed in MATLAB. Sadasivam, Sridhar; Zhang, Dahai; Fung, Alan S.; Almeida, Fabio 5776
Occupancy simulation in three residential research houses. Boudreaux, Philip R.; Gehl, Anthony C.; Christian, Jeffrey E. Report 8285
Occupant perceptions of an indoor thermal environment in a naturally ventilated building. Ilyas, Salman; Emery, Ashley; Heerwagen, Judith; Heerwagen, Dean Report 3597
Parametric investigation of PCM thermal properties on temperature of buildings in Toronto. Poulad, M. Ebrahim; Fung, Alan S. Report 6050
Reliability modeling for data center cooling systems. Schuerger, Bob; Githu, Gardson; Arno, Bob; Kurkjian, Christopher Report 3730
Review and economic feasibility study of the currently practiced new housing constructions in Ontario. Dembo, Aya; Fung, Alan S. 9221
Right steps for retrofits: Byron G. Rogers federal office building case study. Tupper, Kendra; Hammer, Nicole; Osbaugh, Rick; Swanson, Michelle Report 4038
Secondary control strategies for cycling of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Seshadri, Swarooph Nirmal; Rasmussen, Bryan P. Report 5067
Selection of desiccant equipment at altitude. Fumo, Nelson; Mago, Pedro J.; Kozubal, Eric Report 15184
Short-term curtailment of HVAC loads in buildings. Gu, Lixing; Raustad, Richard 4678
Simulating central chiller plant loop delta-T with quadratic regression models. Zhang, Zhiqin; Liu, Jingjing 4898
Simulations of chilled water cooling coil delta-T characteristics. Zhang, Zhiqin; Li, Hui; Liu, Jingjing 5233
Society presidents. List 954
State of the society address: Sustaining ASHRAE through Leadership. Jarnagin, Ron 1784
Study of the degradation of typical HVAC materials, filters and components irradiated by UVC energy--part I: literature search. Kauffman, Robert E. 6225
Study of the degradation of typical HVAC materials, filters and components irradiated by UVC energy--part II: polymers. Kauffman, Robert E.; Douglas Wolf, J. 5166
Supply Air [CO.sub.2]-based demand-controlled ventilation for multi-zone HVAC systems. Nassif, Nabil Report 3810
Targeting a net-zero energy student center: part 1 - thermal and electrical load minimization. Caldwell, Trevor; Verschuere, Ryan; Arfaei, Kaveh; Cotton, James S.; Friedrich, Kelton; Anderson, Jo Report 2556
Targeting a net-zero energy student center: part 2--systems to meet building loads. Friedrich, Kelton; Caldwell, Trevor; Gregus, Brad; Verschuere, Ryan; Anderson, Jordan; Murenbeeld, A Report 3861
Technical papers. 251
Technical program: 2012 ASHRAE Annual Conference. Antonio, San Calendar 18284
The challenge of low energy design in low energy cost states. Duda, Stephen W. Report 4117
The development of simplified rack boundary conditions for numerical data center models. Zhai, John Z.; Hermansen, Knud A.; Al-Saadi, Salah Report 6135
Thermal performance and charge control strategy of a ventilated concrete slab (VCS) with active cooling using outdoor air. Chen, Yuxiang; Athienitis, A.K.; Galal, Khaled Report 7752
Thermal performance of building envelope details for mid- and high-rise buildings. Roppel, Patrick; Lawton, Mark; Norris, Neil Report 8343
Thermal storage properties of a hybrid ground source heat pump. Pertzborn, Amanda; Nellis, Greg; Klein, Sanford Report 3406
Uncertainties in achieving energy savings from HVAC maintenance measures in the field. Heinemeier, Kristin; Hunt, Marshall; Hoeschele, Marc; Weitzel, Elizabeth; Close, Brett Report 5487
Use of flexible research platforms (FRP) for BIM and energy modeling research. Im, Piljae; Bhandari, Mahabir Report 3178
Using energy flow analysis to assess energy savings from recirculation controls in multi-family central domestic hot water systems. Zhang, Yanda; Bonneville, Charlotte; Wilson, Stephen; Maroney, Michael; Staller, Jeff; Wei, Julianna Report 4629
Using energy models to verify utility consumption. Higgins, Jared A.; Foster, Stephen D.; Bailey, J. Ryan Report 3397
Using steady state predictions to improve the transient response of a water to air heat exchanger. Hodgson, David A.; Young, Peter M.; Anderson, Charles W.; Hittle, Douglas C.; Duff, William S.; Olse Report 3334
Validation methodology to allow simulated peak reduction and energy performance analysis of residential building envelope with phase change materials. Tabares-Velasco, Paulo Cesar; Christensen, Craig; Bianchi, Marcus V.A. Report 3736
Ventilation requirements for refrigerating machinery rooms. Waye, Scot K.; Petersen, Ronald L.; Beyer-Lout, Anke 10902
What we have learned from 20 years of HVAC system commissioning. Lillie, E. Thomas Report 6023
Zero refrigeration for data centres in the USA. Tozer, Robert; Flucker, Sophia Report 3319

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