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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2011)

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A methodology for the comprehensive evaluation of the Indoor Climate based on human body response--part 2.1: hygrothermal microclimate evaluation based on human physiology. Jokl, M.V.; Kabele, K.; Jordan F. Report 5097
A methodology for the comprehensive evaluation of the Indoor Climate based on the human body response--part 1: environment and man--theoretical principles. Jokl, Miloslav V. Report 2527
A new study of hot-water use in Canada. Thomas, M.; Hayden, A.C.S.; Ghiricociu, O.; Cane, R.L.D.; Gagnon, R. Report 4815
A parametric study for integrated design optimization of low-energy buildings. Kilkis, Siir; Kilkis, Birol Report 3883
Absorption refrigeration cycle based on capillary force. Tsujimori, Atsushi; Ohnuki, Masakazu Report 2387
Actual savings and performance of natural gas instantaneous water heaters. Schoenbauer, Ben; Hewett, Martha; Bohac, Dave Report 8195
Adaptive optimization method for energy conservation in HVAC systems. Nishiguchi, Junya; Konda, Tomohiro; Dazai, Ryota Report 2366
Advanced analysis techniques in the design of longitudinal tunnel ventilation system using jet fans. Shahcheraghi, Nader Report 4239
Advancing development of hybrid rooftop packaged air conditioners: test protocol and performance criteria for the Western Cooling Challenge. Woolley, Jonathan; Modera, Mark Report 2885
Air cleaning by photo catalytic oxidation: an experimental performance test. Kadribegovic, Ragib; Ekberg, Lars; Gilligan, Antonia; Shi, Bingbing Report 3556
Algorithm for smoke modeling in large, multi-compartmented buildings--implementation of the hybrid model. Hadjisophocleous, G.; Kashef, A.; Zhu, X.; Amundsen, D.E. Report 3405
Algorithm for smoke modeling in large, multicompartmented buildings--development of a hybrid model. Kashef, A.; Hadjisophocleous, G.; Zhu, X.; Amundsen, D.E. Report 5616
An experimental investigation of the accuracy of thermal response tests used to measure ground thermal properties. Javed, Saqib; Spitler, Jeffrey D.; Fahlen, Per Report 5434
Analysis tools and guidance documents for evaluating and reducing vulnerability of buildings to airborne threats--part 1: literature review. Reddy, T. Agami; Snyder, Steven; Bem, Justin; Bahnfleth, William Report 6253
Analysis tools and guidance documents for evaluating and reducing vulnerability of buildings to airborne threats--part 2: comparison of tools. Reddy, T. Agami; Snyder, Steven; Bem, Justin; Bahnfleth, William Report 5894
Application issues for chilled beam technologies. Setty, Boggarm S. Report 3778
Application of a linear input/output model to tankless water heaters. Butcher, Thomas A.; Schoenbauer, Ben Report 3602
Application of ASHRAE Standards and procedures in LEED-EB certification. Abramson, Barry; Wong, Lung-Sing Report 2449
Applications of a simplified model calibration procedure for commonly used HVAC systems. Liu, Guopeng; Liu, Mingsheng Report 6396
Applying a fuel and [CO.sub.2] emissions savings calculation protocol to a combined heat and power (CHP) project design. Sweetser, Richard S. Report 4837
Assessing the impact fire heat release rate has on infrastructure design and constructability of rail and road tunnels ventilation systems. Sanchez, J. Greg Report 1771
British Columbia's Energy Efficient Buildings Strategy. Pape-Salmon, Andrew; Muncaster, Katherine; Kaye, Erik Technical report 4289
Building development: high performance teamwork for high performance buildings. Allen, David S.; Pennisi, Bob; Norman, Rick Technical report 5008
Building professional accreditation, construction quality control and better buildings. Guiles, Ellis G., Jr. Report 3228
Capacity control of air coils for heating and cooling: transfer functions, drive power and system design. Fahlen, Per; Markusson, Caroline Report 3492
Capture and containment ventilation rates for double-island canopy hoods. Swierczyna, Richard T.; Sobiski, Paul A.; Fisher, Donald R. Report 6984
Capture and containment ventilation rates for single-island canopy hoods. Sobiski, Paul A.; Swierczyna, Richard T.; Fisher, Don R. Report 7457
CFD simulation of cross-ventilation using fluctuating pressure boundary conditions. Lo, L. James; Novoselac, Atila Report 3876
CFD simulation of single-phase flow in plate heat exchangers. O'Halloran, Steven; Jokar, Amir Report 3763
Comparison of vertical display cases: energy and productivity impacts of glass doors versus open vertical display cases. Fricke, B.A.; Becker, B.R. Report 7429
Computer modeling of stairwell pressurization to control smoke movement during a high-rise fire. Black, W.Z. Report 11395
Demand control ventilation: lessons from the field- how to avoid common problems. Acker, Brad; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin Report 2578
Designing HVAC systems using particle swarm optimization. Bravo, Ramiro H.; Flocker, Forrest W. Report 5837
Determining the average R-value of tapered insulation. Ochshorn, Jonathan Report 4951
Development of an experimental methodology to determine monolayer and multilayer particle resuspension from indoor surfaces. Boor, Brandon E.; Siegel, Jeffrey A.; Novoselac, Atila Report 4005
Dew point evaporative cooling: technology review and fundamentals. Glanville, Paul; Kozlov, Aleksandr; Maisotsenko, Valeriy Report 4252
Effects of HVAC operations on sorptive interactions. Guerrero, Priscilla A.; Corsi, Richard L. Report 3054
Energy efficiency design options for residential water heaters: economic impacts on consumers. Lekov, Alex; Franco, Victor; Meyers, Steve; Thompson, Lisa; Letschert, Virginie Report 4730
Energy Farming. Warwicker, Professor Brian; Cash, Dan Report 4923
Energy simulation results for Indirect Evaporative-Assisted DX cooling systems. Dirkes, James V.; Hoffman, Ryan J. Report 3117
Energy use intensity and its influence on the integrated daylighting design of a large net zero energy office building. Guglielmetti, Rob; Scheib, Jennifer; Pless, Shanti D.; Torcellini, Paul A.; Petro, Rachel Report 5279
Environmentally Opportunistic Computing: computation as catalyst for sustainable design. Buccellato, Aimee P.C.; Brenner, Paul; Go, David B.; Jansen Ryan; Ward Eric M., Jr. Report 4415
Essential methods, models and metrics for net zero energy buildings. Marseille, Tom Report 4988
Estimating industrial building energy savings using inverse simulation. Sever, Franc; Kissock, Kelly; Brown, Dan; Mulqueen, Steve Report 4116
European efforts towards NZEBs and energy conservation in Hellenic buildings. Balaras, Constantinos A.; Dascalaki, Elena G. Technical report 5093
Exergy metrication of radiant heating and cooling. Kilkis, Birol Report 2780
Experimental apparatus for measuring the performance of a precooled Mixed Gas Joule Thomson cryoprobe. Skye, Harrison M.; Klein, Sanford A.; Nellis, Gregory F. Report 3216
Experimental investigation of a machine tool cooler using hot-gas by-pass valves for temperature control. Wang, Fu-Jen; Tasi, Kuei-I; Kao, Jian-Wei; Lee, Hao-Chung Report 3653
Extreme events: examining the "tails" of a distribution. Adams, Eric W.; Ghosh, Professor Samarin Technical report 6118
Finding the "switching point:" cost optimization for new NZE commercial buildings. Bonnett, Erik; Bendewald, Michael; Olgyay, Victor Technical report 4090
Fuel and [CO.sub.2] emissions savings calculation methodology for combined heat and power (CHP) systems. Hedman, Bruce A.; Hampson, Anne C. Report 7554
Gas use roadmap to zero energy homes. Kerr, Ryan; Kosar, Doug Report 3882
High performance buildings using whole building integrated design approach. Abaza, Mohamed Technical report 3457
High-efficiency compressor design for HC-600a refrigerant using energy-saving household refrigerators. Kita, Ichiro; Katayama, Makoto; Nakano, Akira Technical report 3046
Hospital noise and occupant response. Ryherd, Erica; Okcu, Selen; Hsu, Timothy; Mahapatra, Arun Technical report 3950
Hot-water distribution system piping heat loss factors--phase III: test results. Hiller, Carl C. Report 11700
Hot-water distribution system piping time, water, and energy waste--phase III: test results. Hiller, Carl C. Report 7040
Impact of tunnel ventilation on tunnel fixed fire suppression system. Maevski, Igor; Klein, Raymond C. Report 3564
Improvements to a methodology for estimating potential energy savings from existing building-commissioning/retrofit measures. Liu, Jingjing; Baltazar, Juan-Carlos; Claridge, David E. Report 6030
In-tube boiling heat transfer of [CO.sub.2] lubricant mixture at low temperatures: preliminary results. Bansal, Pradeep Report 2999
Integrated design - a paradigm for the design of low-energy office buildings. Jorgensen, M.; Nielsen, M.W.; Stormann-Andersen, J.B. Technical report 4050
Life cycle cost analysis: is it worth the effort? Buys, Aaron; Bendewald, Michael; Tupper, Kendra Report 4660
Measured levels of hospital noise before, during, and after renovation of a hospital wing, and a survey of resulting patient perception. Wiese, Cassandra H.; Wang, Lily M. Technical report 4279
Measures for maintaining low energy use in commercial buildings over their life-cycle. Taneja, Om Report 4525
Methods for estimating heating and cooling degree-days to any base temperature. Thevenard, Didier Report 4637
Modeling a net-zero energy residence: combining passive and active design strategies in six climates. Stephens, Brent Report 4659
Myths and realities of indirect evaporative cooling thermodynamic performance. Champs, Nicholas H. Des Report 4889
Net zero energy air conditioning using smart thermosiphon arrays. Udell, Kent S.; Kekelia, Bidzina; Jankovich, Phil Report 3668
New analytical and numerical solutions for the short-term analysis of vertical ground heat exchangers. Javed, Saqib; Claesson, Johan Report 4941
Numerical modeling of thermally enhanced pipe performances in vertical ground heat exchangers. Raymond, Jasmin; Frenette, Marc; Leger, Alexandre; Magni, Eric; Therrien, Rene Report 4931
Ongoing commissioning approach for a central cooling and heating plant. Monfet, Danielle; Zmeureanu, Radu Report 11305
Optimal operation of a chilled-water storage system with a real-time pricing rate structure. Zhang, Zhiqin; Li, Hui; Turner, William D.; Deng, Song Report 5226
Optimization of the cooling tower condenser water leaving temperature using a component-based model. Zhang, Zhiqin; Li, Hui; Turner, William D.; Deng, Song Report 5369
Over thirty years of experience with solar thermal water heating. Mumma, Stanley A. Report 2784
Parametric analysis and thermodynamic limits of solar assisted geothermal co-and tri-generation systems. Todorovic, Marija S.; Licina, Dusan Z. Report 5188
Parametric analysis to support the integrated design and performance modeling of net zero energy houses. O'Brien, William T.; Athienitis, Andreas K.; Kesik, Ted Report 10144
Performance evaluation of handheld airflow instruments applied to commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Kuehn, Thomas H.; Olson, Bernard A.; Campbell, Kevin; Hawkinson, Andrew J. Report 7471
Performance evaluation of indoor environment parameters for an unoccupied operating room. Wang, Fu-Jen; Lai, Chi-Ming; Cheng, Tsung-Jung; Liu, Zhuan-Yu Report 4073
Pilot phase of a field study to determine waste of water and energy in residential hot-water distribution systems. Lutz, James D.; Biermayer, Peter; King, Derek A. Report 6514
Prediction of air mixing from high sidewall diffusers in cooling mode. Ridouane, El Hassan; Gawlik, Keith Report 2875
Proportional-Integral-Plus (PIP) control system for individual thermal zones in a small ventilated space. Youssef, Ali; Exadaktylos, Vasileios; Ozcan, Sezin E.; Berckmans, Daniel Report 3331
Quantifying chemical/biological event severity with vulnerability-based performance metrics. DeGraw, Jason W.; Bahnfleth, William P. Technical report 4068
Rate of heating analysis of data centers during power shutdown. Khankari, Kishor Technical report 4843
Reducing plug and process loads for a Large Scale, low energy office building: NREL's Research Support Facility. Lobato, Chad; Pless, Shanti; Sheppy, Michael; Torcellini, Paul Report 5687
Reducing sidewall vent plumes and increasing equipment installation flexibility in low energy design. Brand, Larry; Glanville, Paul; Yang, Yanjie Report 2767
Rehab of DDC at corporate National Training Center- three years of therapy. Blalock, Alonzo (A B) Report 2565
Role of radiant panel heating and cooling in net zero energy buildings. Kilkis, Birol Report 3732
Simulation and experimental investigation of condensation in residential venting. Glanville, Paul; Brand, Larry; Scott, Shawn Report 3955
Smart Net Zero Energy Buildings and their integration in the electrical grid. Stylianou, Meli Technical report 3688
Smoke control for tall buildings--an integrated approach to life safety. Tubbs, Jeffrey; Johann, Matthew; Neviackas, Andrew Report 4069
Solar energy utilization of a residential radiant floor heating system. Haddad, Kamel Report 3922
Solar-assisted radiant floor heating in a net-zero energy residential building. Candanedo, Jose A.; Allard, Amelie; Athienitis, Andreas K. Report 3594
Some building design issues related to extreme winds. Banks, David Technical report 2711
Special design considerations for institutional and correctional facilities. Vehlow, Richard E. Report 3017
Stairwell smoke control by ventilation. Klote, John H. Report 3853
Study of unglazed transpired solar collector installations in the twin cities Minnesota climate. Tebbe, Patrick A.; Moaveni, Saeed; Schwartzkopf, Louis; Dobmeier, Joseph; Gehrke, Joseph; Simones, M Report 3941
Super tall buildings--special smoke control requirements? Webb, William A. Report 1445
The role of modeling when designing for absolute energy use intensity requirements in a design-build framework. Adam Hirsch; Okada, David; Pless, Shanti; Antia, Porus Report 4830
Towards net zero energy buildings in hot climate, part 2: experimental feedback. Lenoir, Aurelie; Thellier, Francoise; Garde, Francois Report 3565
Towards net zero energy buildings in hot climates: part 1, new tools and methods. Garde, Francois; David, Mathieu; Lenoir, Aurelie; Ottenwelter, Eric Report 3920
Transforming the window and glazing markets in BC through energy efficiency standards and regulations. Pape-Salmon, Andrew; Knowles, Warren Technical report 4427
Unique airflow visualization techniques for the design and validation of above-plenum data center CFD models. Lloyd, Michael; Glicksman, Leon Report 1949
Unitary HVAC premium ventilation upgrade. Hart, Reid; Callahan, Jack M.; Anderson, Kenneth; Johanning, Patrick Report 3499
Using an energy performance based design-build process to procure a large scale replicable zero energy building. Pless, Shanti; Torcellini, Paul; Shelton, Dave Report 4333
Verification of the energy efficiency advancement in district heating and cooling plant by renovation. Nagae, Shinya; Shimoda, Yoshiyuki; Takamura, Shiori; Uno, Yoshitaka; Watanabe, Kenichiro; Shoji, Yut Technical report 3944
Zero net energy buildings and Title 24 energy code. Bisel, Clark C. Report 1676
Zero-energy removal of ozone in residences. Gall, Elliott; Siegel, Jeffrey A.; Corsi, Richard Report 4574

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