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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (July 1, 2010)

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A comparative analysis and validation of two DX cooling coil modeling methods. Yang, Huojun; Li, Haorong Report 7649
A dynamic operative temperature sensor for low-exergy high performance buildings. Kilkis, Birol Report 1990
Achieving radically energy efficient retrofits: the Empire State Building example. Fluhrer, Caroline; Maurer, Eric; Deshmukh, Aalok Report 3389
An agent-based methodology for optimizing building HVAC system performance. Treado, Stephen J. Report 3039
An experimental evaluation of HVAC-grade carbon dioxide sensors--part 4: effects of ageing on sensor performance. Shrestha, Som S.; Maxwell, Gregory M. Report 3321
An optimum decision-making algorithm for energy efficient cooling in green cities - from split systems to district cooling. Kilkis, Siir Report 4554
Assessments of the natural ventilation function in a University building using [CO.sub.2] measurement. Ilyas, S.; Emery, A.F.; Heerwagen, D. Report 2940
Carbon neutrality based on native-site carbon storage. Bendewald, Michael; Olgyay, Victor Report 3673
Cleaning initiation criteria for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in non-industrial buildings. Lavoie, Jacques; Bahloul, Ali; Clouttier, Yves Report 3543
Combined effects of noise and temperature on human comfort and performance. Tiller, Dale K.; Musser, Amy; Wang, Lily M.; Radik, M.J. Report 10861
Cooling efficiency in contained applications using intelligent controls. Kelley, David F. Report 2917
Crystallization limits of LiCl-Water and [MgCl.sub.2]-Water salt solutions as operating liquid desiccant in the RAMEE system. Afshin, Mohammad; Simonson, Carey J.; Besant, Robert W. Report 6398
Decomposition of formaldehyde by [TiO.sub.2] nanocatalyst filters in a heating ventilation air-conditioning system. Jwo, Ching-Song; Chen, Sih-Li; Chen, Chien-Chih; Ho, Shin-Jr; Chang, Ho Report 6966
Dedicated Outdoor air systems and building pressurization. Mumma, S.A. Report 4661
Delivering sustainability promise to HVAC Air Filtration: part II: life cycle sustainability of air filters. Sun, Christine Report 2898
Development of an energy meter using a pump flow station. Wang, Gang; Liu, Mingsheng; Claridge, David E. Report 4151
Development of energy efficiency assessment methods for commercial office building in Shanghai. Li, Zhengrong; Li, Haozhu; Yu, Sheng Report 4651
Economizers in datacom - risk mission vs. reward environment? Quirk, David; Sorell, Vali Report 5186
Effects of noise from building mechanical systems on elementary school student achievement. Ronsse, Lauren M.; Wang, Lily M. Report 2548
Effects of oil and saturation temperature on developing two-phase flow of R134a in an air-conditioning system. Bowers, Chad; Hrnjak, Predrag Report 3733
Energy recovery in air handling systems in non-residential buildings - design considerations. Markusson, Caroline; Jagemar, Lennart; Fahlen, Per Report 3192
Energy use comparison for series vs. parallel fan powered terminal units in a Single Duct Variable Air Volume system. Bryant, John; Davis, Michael; O'Neal, Dennis Report 3685
Evaluation of CFD for simulating air pollutant dispersion around buildings. Blocken, Bert; Stathopoulos, Ted Report 5790
Evolutionary computation approach to heat exchanger design. Yashar, David A.; Wojtusiak, Janusz; Kaufman, Kenneth; Domanski, Piotr A. Report 3239
Exergy aspects of operative temperature and its implications on sustainable building performance. Kilkis, Birol Report 3558
Experimental study on the flow and particle transport induced by the interaction between downwash air flow and moving object in mini-environments. Tsao, Jhy-Ming; Chien, Reiyu; Hu, Shih-Cheng; Wu, Jen-Wei; Khoo, Chun-Yong Report 1921
Flat oval duct leakage class measurement. Gibbs, D.C.; Idem, S. Report 3439
Heat gain from Adjustable Speed (Variable Frequency) Drives. Piesciorovsky, Emilio C.; White, Warren N. Report 4802
Heat gain from Electrical and Control Equipment in industrial plants--part 2. White, Warren N.; Piesciorovsky, Emilio C. Report 10986
Human performance and perception-based evaluations of indoor noise criteria for rating mechanical system noise with time-varying fluctuations. Wang, Lily M.; Novak, Cathleen C. Report 8511
Influence of test section entrance conditions on straight flat oval duct apparent relative roughness. Khaire, S.; Idem, S. Report 3957
Interim results of monitoring and simulating two existing, high performance buildings to achieve and maintain sustainable operation. Means, Janice K.; Grabow, Ryan; Turner, Jessica; Cebelak, Jonathan Report 3975
Low Reynolds number air-flow heat transfer in trapezoidally corrugated perforated plate-fin ducts. Huzayyin, O.A.; Jog, M.A.; Manglik, R.M. Report 3974
Measured and predicted pressure loss in corrugated spiral duct. Gibbs, D.C.; Idem, S. Report 3645
Modeling the hygrothermal behavior of field-tested walls exposed to South Carolina conditions. Karagiozis, Achilles; Derome, Dominique; Carmeliet, Jan; Desjarlais, Andre Report 4305
Moving toward better GHG calculations for buildings. Deru, Michael Report 5609
New requirements of ASHRAE standard 62.1-2010. Bohanon, Hoy Report 2557
Numerical simulation and experimental study on the performance of screw expander. Wang, Zhigang; Zhang, Yufeng; Sun, Yuexia; Wei, Lili Report 2571
Optimizing supply air temperature with ASHRAE 62.1. Darwiche, Abdel-Kader; Shaik, Samivullah Report 2671
Performance analysis of a ventilation air heat pump. O'Neal, Dennis; Bryant, John Report 3717
Performance assessment of an air-to-water R-407C heat pump with vapour injection scroll compressor. Joppolo, Cesare Maria; Bianchi, Carlambrogio; Molinaroli, Luca; Magni, Filippo; Vecchi, Gianluca; Wi Report 2846
Performance of VAV fan powered terminal units: an evaluation of operational control strategies for series vs. parallel units. Bryant, John; O'Neal, Dennis; Davis, Michael Report 3599
Predicting condensate collection from HVAC air handling units. Lawrence, T.M.; Perry, Jason; Dempsey, Peter 4181
Profiling and forecasting daily energy use with monthly utility-data regression models. Carpenter, Kevin; Seryak, John; Kissock, Kelly; Moray, Satyen Report 4155
Pulling the levers on existing buildings: a simple method for calibrating hourly energy models. Hubler, Darrell; Tupper, Kendra; Greensfelder, Erik Report 3337
Reduction of errors in ventilation rate determinations. Damiano, Leonard A. Report 5424
Screening of energy efficient technologies for industrial buildings' retrofits. Zhivov, Alexander M.; Hand, Jon; Liesen, Richard; Wilson, Barry; Fisher, Dan Report 5730
Solar cooling with concentrators. Ishaya, Sargon Report 3086
System analysis of MPCM slurry enhanced with carbon nanotubes as heat transfer fluid. Taherian, Hessam; Alvarado, Jorge L. Report 4096
The "right" temperature in Datacom environments. Quirk, David; Patterson, Michael Report 6043
The economics of energy savings performance contracts. Shonder, John Report 5176
The effects of noise from building mechanical systems with tonal components on human performance and perception. Ryherd, Erica E.; Wang, Lily M. Report 7443
The optimal match of streams for maximum heat transfer from a gas fired absorption refrigeration unit. Pereira, M.V.A.; Vargas, J.V.C.; Amico, S.C.; Parise, J.A.R.; Matos, R.S.; Ordonez, J.C. Report 6874
Thermal mass availability for cooling data centers during power shutdown. Khankari, Kishor Report 3943
Tight humidity control for flexible applications. Simmonds, Peter; Gautrey, John; Wilkinson, Patrick; Pastre, Jacques de Report 3526
To assess the validity of the Transfer Function Method: a neural model for the optimal choice of Conduction Transfer Functions. Cellura, Maurizio; Mistretta, Marina; Brano, Valerio Lo; Orioli, Aldo Report 7835
Total cost of ownership comparison of air economizers to other energy saving techniques in data center applications. Spangler, Ron; Jeffers, Gregory Report 3299
Understanding of flow and scalar fields by combining measured data and CFD. Kondo, Akira; Nakagawa, Hiroshi; Kaga, Akikazn; Inone, Yoshio Report 2649
Updating the ASHRAE climatic data for design and standards. Thevenard, Didier; Gueymard, Christian A. Report 8195
Waste heat powered adsorption system to provide air conditioning for heavy-duty vehicles. Zhong, Yongfang; Wert, Kevin L.; Fang, Tiegang Report 3682
What's my baseline? Reilly, Susan; Pappas, Aleka Report 3372
Whole-building retrofits: a gateway to climate stabilization. Olgyay, Victor; Seruto, Cherlyn Report 2782
Wireless control of residential HVAC systems for energy efficient and comfortable homes. Li, Hui; Zhao, Lingying; Ling, Peter Report 4653

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