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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2010)

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3.5 MW Seawater Heat Pump Assisted Multipurpose Solar System's 25 years of operation. Todorovic, Marija S.; Pejkovic, Slobodan; Zenovic, Vido Report 7686
A collection climate control system for an ethnographic storage of a museum in north of Brazil. Maekawa, Shin; Toledo, Franciza Report 3742
A new reverse cycle defrost design concept for refrigerators. Yang, C.T.; Chang, W.R.; Mei, V.C.; Lin, J.Y. Report 1834
An experimental evaluation of HVAC-grade carbon-dioxide sensors--Part 2: performance test results. Shrestha, Som S.; Maxwell, Gregory M. Report 6808
An experimental evaluation of HVAC-grade carbon-dioxide sensors--Part 3: humidity, temperature, and pressure sensitivity test results. Shrestha, Som S.; Maxwell, Gregory M. Report 4784
An innovative ventilation system for cleanrooms with high cooling loads. Lin, Ti; Hu, Shih-Cheng; Chang, Andy; Lin, Cheng-Yan Report 1560
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 metal building U-factors--Part 1: mathematical modeling and validation by calibrated hot box measurements. Choudhary, M.K.; Larson, R.H.; Kasprzak, C.; Venuturumilli, R. Report 8205
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 metal building U-factors--part 2: a systems based approach for predicting the thermal performance of single layer fiberglass batt insulation assemblies. Choudhary, M.K.; Kasprzak, C.P. Report 5573
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 metal building u-factors--Part 4: development of U-factors for walls and roofs based on experimental measurements. Christianson, Les Report 5296
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 metal building U-factors-Part 3: equations for double layers of fiberglass batt insulation in roof and wall assemblies. McBride, Merle F.; Gavin, Patrick M. Report 10963
CFD study of human respiratory dose to indoor particular contaminants. Tian, Lin; Ahmadi, Goodarz; Hopke, Philip K.; Cheng, Yung-Sung Report 2634
Clean room exhaust energy recovery optimization design. Tsao, James J.M.; Kao, Wen-Chen; Hu, Shih-Cheng; Chien, Liang-Han Report 3580
Compensation of manual reset to offset thermal loads change for PID controller. Yamakawa, Yuji; Kamimura, Kazuyuki; Yamazaki, Takanori; Kurosu, Shigeru Report 6091
Consumption analysis of telco and data center cooling and humidification options. Hellmer, Bruce A. Report 12312
Contamination in the Data Center--the impact of CRAC belt dust. Stack, J. Fred; Fannin, Dan Report 2340
Data centers' energy auditing and benchmarking-progress update. Salim, Munther; Tozer, Robert Report 4430
Demonstration of the use of multimedia electronic information enhancements for a chapter handbook CD-ROM: 3D modeling and animation. Haberl, Jeff; Akleman, Ergun Report 3304
Development and validation of a dynamic air handling unit model, Part 2. Li, Shun; Zhou, Xiaohui; Wen, Jin; Klaassen, Curtis J. Report 9605
Development and validation of a dynamic air handling unit model, Part I. Li, Shun; Wen, Jin Report 8147
Development and validation of a fan performance model for typical packaged HVAC systems. Zheng, Keke; Li, Haorong Report 3505
Development of a high-efficiency air cooled packaged air-conditioner for data centers. Sekiguchi, Keisuke; Waragai, Shisei; Uekusa, Tsuneo; Yamasaki, Kenji Report 2797
Development of cleanroom required airflow rate model based on establishment of theoretical basis and lab validation. Sun, Wei; Mitchell, John; Flyzik, Keith; Hu, Shih-Cheng; Liu, Junjie; Vijayakumar, R.; Fukuda, Hiro Report 4707
Effect of dents in condenser fins on air-conditioner performance. Sitzmann, Matthew J.; Lu, Frank K.; Smith, Steve R. Report 3206
Energy efficient TES designs for commercial DX systems. Willis, Robert; Parsonnet, Brian Report 6292
Energy implications of filtration in residential and light-commercial buildings. Stephens, Brent; Siegel, Jeffrey A.; Novoselac, Atila Report 9689
Energy systems management and greenhouse gas reduction. Treado, Stephen J.; Holmberg, David Report 3917
Evaluating the Ability of Unitary Equipment to Maintain Adequate Space Humidity Levels. Witte, Michael J.; Henninger, Robert H. Report 10913
Experimental and numerical investigation of a mechanically ventilated, multiple skin fagade with between-the-panes Venetian Blinds. Nemati, Omid; Candanedo, Luis; Collins, Michael R.; Athienitis, Andreas Report 6571
Feasibility study of hybrid wheel desiccant dehumidification cooling systems in Malaysia. Khosravi, Salman; Mahlia, T.M.I.; Yau, Yat H. Report 2799
Field testing of optimal controls of passive and active thermal storage. Morgan, Stephen; Krarti, Moncef Report 4982
For designing a compact absorber with membrane contactor at liquid-vapor interface--influence of membrane properties on water vapor transfer. Ali, Ahmed Hamza H.; Schwerdt, Peter Report 6088
High density cooling solutions--taking IT to the next level: the Cold Aisle Containment alternative. Villa, Herb Report 3010
High solar combi systems in Europe. Balaras, Constantinos A.; Tsekouras, Panagiotis; Dascalaki, Elena G.; Aidonis, Aristotelis Report 6562
Impact of typical weather year selection approaches on energy analysis of buildings. Seo, Donghyun; Huang, Yu Joe; Krarti, Moncef Report 7929
Impacts of static pressure reset on VAV system air leakage, fan power, and thermal energy. Liu, Mingsheng; Feng, Jingjuan; Wang, Zhan; Wu, Lixia; Zheng, Keke; Pang, Xiufeng Report 4873
Infiltration investigation of a radiantly heated and cooled office. Gong, Xiangyang; Claridge, David E.; Archer, David H. Report 6630
Influence of long-term trends and period of record selection on the calculation of climatic design conditions and degree days. Thevenard, Didier Report 8619
Integrated design of perimeter zones with glass facades. Tzempelikos, Athanassios; Athienitis, Andreas K.; Nazos, Antonis Report 12173
Investigation of anticipatory control strategies in a net-zero energy solar house. Candanedo, Jose A.; Athienitis, Andreas K. Report 7977
Metastable flow inside capillary tubes: a critical review. Khan, Mohd. Kaleem Report 6959
Method to specify and empirically develop Air-conditioning components and system leak tightness for in-line leak testing. Ghosh, Ranajit; Sagi, Hemi Report 4855
Methodology to evaluate end use options to reduce [CO.sub.2] emissions from buildings. Leslie, Neil P.; Yang, Yanjie; Czachorski, Marek; Edelstein, Ron Report 7362
Moving ducts into conditioned space: getting to code in the Pacific Northwest. Hales, David; Baylon, David Report 3616
Natural ventilation in London Underground Sub-Surface lines--modelling for normal operations. Alexander, John; Tabarra, Mohammad Report 5482
Optimization of the ground thermal response in hybrid geothermal heat pump systems. Chiasson, A.D.; Johnson, D.W.; Yavuzturk, C.C.; Filburn, T.P. Report 8827
Organic Rankine cycle working fluid considerations for waste heat to power applications. Schroeder, David J.; Leslie, Neil Report 5093
Performance investigation for the cleanroom contamination control strategy in an operating room. Wang, Fu-Jen; Cheng, Tsung-Jung; Lai, Chi-Ming; Liu, Zhuan-Yu Report 3965
Performance of a transcritical [CO.sub.2] heat pump for simultaneous water cooling and heating. Sarkar, J.; Bhattacharyya, Souvik; Gopal, M. Ram Report 4414
Refinements and improvements to the Radiant Time Series Method. Spitler, Jeffrey D.; Nigusse, Bereket A. Report 4391
Relationship between HVAC airflow rates and noise levels, and noise control in a mechanically-ventilated university building. Hodgson, Murray Report 4000
SAA integrates with ASHRAE. Conrad, Ernest A. 2033
System architectures and fluids for high heat density cooling solutions. Stahl, Lennart Report 3909
The design of natural ventilation systems to control smoke movement in tunnels. O'Dwyer, Thomas P. Report 4017
The influence of HVAC systems on indoor secondary organic aerosol formation. Waring, Michael S.; Siegel, Jeffrey A. Report 12937
The nature, significance and control of solar-driven water vapor diffusion in wall systems--synthesis of Research Project RP-1235. Derome, Dominique; Karagiozis, Achilles; Carmeliet, Jan Report 4053
The novel use of piezoelectric transducers in the implementation of reliable self-contained range hoods. Liu, Tang-Jen; Shen, I-Cheng Report 5515
The Virtual Cybernetic Building Testbed--a building emulator. Bushby, Steven T.; Galler, Michael A.; Ferretti, Natascha MilesiA; Park, Cheol Report 5992
Thermal environment and productivity in the factory. Ye, Xiaojiang; Chen, Huanxin; Lian, Zhiwei Report 5516
Thermal environment around strong heat source with single-sided natural ventilation. Liu, Dong; Li, Siwei; Miao, Qing Report 4554
Top-level energy and environmental dashboard for data center monitoring. Herrlin, Magnus K.; Compiano, Craig M. Report 3256
Transient and steady state models for open-loop air-based BIPV/T systems. Candanedo, Luis M.; Athienitis, Andreas K.; Candanedo, Jose A.; O'Brien, William; Chen, YuXiang Report 7208
Waterside and airside economizers design considerations for data center facilities. Lui, Yury Y. Report 6900
What's creeping around in your data center? Muller, Chris Report 11280

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