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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (January 1, 2009)

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A comparative study between a constant-speed air-conditioner and a variable-speed air-conditioner. Chen, Ing Youn; Chen, Y.M.; Chang, Y.J.; Wei, C.S.; Wang, C.C. Report 4124
A detailed model to determine the effective solar optical properties of draperies. Kotey, Nathan A.; Wright, John L.; Collins, Michael R. Report 8168
A reference environment for the calculation of the exergy value of air in buildings. Sakulpipatsin, P.; Itard, L.C.M; Kooi, H.J. Van Der; Luscuere, P.G.; Boelman, E.C. Report 4227
Advancing automated demand-response technology. Bushby, Steven T.; Holmberg, David G. Report 3223
Air management metrics in data centers. Tozer, Robert; Kurkjian, Chris; Salim, Munther Report 4530
BACnet object modeling by UML on high-level functionality of VRF air-conditioning systems. Ninagawa, Chuzo; Sato, Tomotaka Report 5683
Calibration of a building energy model using measured data. Monfet, Danielle; Charneux, Roland; Zmeureanu, Radu; Lemire, Nicolas Report 7753
Characterization of cooking effluent from seven commercial kitchen appliances and representative food products. Kuehn, Thomas H.; Ramsey, James W.; Olson, Bernard A.; Rocklage, Joshua M. Report 7357
Chillin' at the symposium with Plato: refrigeration in the ancient world. Love, Richard Report 2939
Combined heating and power using microturbines in a major Urban hotel. Wagner, Timothy C.; Leslie, Neil P.; Sweetser, Richard S.; Stovall, Therese K. Report 6759
Comparisons of HVAC simulations between EnergyPlus and DOE-2.2 for data centers. Hong, Tianzhen; Mathew, Paul; Sartor, Dale; Yazdanian, Mehry Report 4467
Cost penalties of near-optimal scheduling control of BCHP systems: Part I--selection of case study scenarios and data generation. Maor, Itzhak; Reddy, T. Agami Report 8131
Cost penalties of near-optimal scheduling control of BCHP systems: part II-modeling, optimization, and analysis results. Reddy, T. Agami; Maor, Itzhak Report 13682
Data processing and data mining on energy consumption database of commercial buildings in Shanghai. Pan, Yiqun; Huang, Zhizhong; Zheng, Xiaowei Report 4013
Dehumidification of outdoor air in datacom environments for air-side economizer operation. Davidson, Thomas A Report 7352
Determining off-normal solar optical properties of insect screens. Kotey, Nathan A.; Wright, John L.; Collins, Michael R. Report 4601
Determining off-normal solar optical properties of roller blinds. Kotey, Nathan A.; Wright, John L.; Collins, Michael R. Report 5654
Effectiveness and performance of a counterflow liquid desiccant regeneration tower in a hot-humid climate. Elsarrag, Esam; Abdalla, Kamal Report 5344
Electrochemical cooling water treatment: a new strategy for control of hardness, scale, sludge and reducing water usage. Becker, Henry A.; Cohen, Jon J.; Zdunek, Alan D. Report 4206
Energy analysis of a 1-ton generator-absorber-exchange absorption-compression (GAXAC) cooler. Rameshkumar, A.; Udayakumar, M.; Saravanan, R. Report 5091
Energy conservation at the Oak Park Public Works Center. Mesik, Jonathan; Howery, Doug Report 2239
Energy efficient, cost effective, passive solar house. Mathias, James A.; Mathias, Duane M. Report 3761
Evacuation Design Strategies and considerations for Tall Buildings: Suggested best practices. Tubbs, Jeffrey S.; Meacham, Brian; Kimball, Amanda Report 5712
Experimental investigation of the flow of R-134a through adiabatic and diabatic capillary tubes. Khan, Mohd. Kaleem; Kumar, Ravi; Sahoo, Pradeep K Report 6081
Experimental verification of a three zone VAV system model operating with fan powered terminal units. Bryant, John A.; O'Neal, Dennis L.; Davis, Michael A.; Cramlet, Andrew Report 4473
Field testing residential fan-assisted gas-fired furnaces--Part I: effects of altitude on safe operation limits and current de-rating standards. Fleck, B.A.; Arnold, S.C.; Ackerman, M.Y.; Dale, J.D.; Klaczek, W.E.; Wilson, D.J. Report 7698
Field testing residential fan-assisted gas-fired furnaces--Part II: effects of altitude on steady state efficiency and nitric oxide emissions. Fleck, B.A.; Arnold, S.C.; Ackerman, M.Y.; Dale, J.D.; Klaczek, W.E.; Wilson, D.J. Report 9291
Heat tolerance limits for subjects exercising in heavy clothing. Jang, T.; Cline, H.; Pietarila, K.; Iyoho, A.; Gall, J.; Nair, S.S. Report 5258
How to simplify computer simulated persons (CSPs) for modeling personal microenvironments: comparison and case studies. Yan, Wei; Yang, Xudong; Shan, Ming Report 4267
Human thermal model with extremities for asymmetric environments. Iyoho, Anthony E.; Jang, Tai; Nair, Satish S. Report 7628
Hybrid ventilation control design and management. Mankibi, M. El; Michel, P. Report 3143
Impact of pressurization on energy consumption for laboratories and cleanrooms. Wen, Jin; Sun, Wei; Dost, Stephanie Report 4897
Impact of various parameters on the CFD predictions of atrium smoke management systems. Hadjisophocleous, George; Ko, Yoon J. Report 3927
Implications of filter bypass. VerShaw, John; Chojnowski, David B; Siegel, Jeffrey A; Nigro, Paul J Report 4843
Improving efficiency in a campus chilled water system using exergy analysis. Harrell, Justin M.; Mathias, James A. Report 9260
Influence of aspect ratio and hydraulic diameter on flat oval elbow loss coefficients. Kulkarni, D.; Khaire, S.; Idem, S. Report 3858
Investigation of thermal and airflow conditions near glazed facades using particle image velocimetry and cfd simulation--eliminating the need for secondary perimeter heating systems. Tzempelikos, Athanassios; Karava, Panagiota; Candanedo, Luis Miguel; Bessoudo, Mark; Athienitis, And Report 8258
Laboratory measurements to quantify the effect of bypass on filtration efficiency. Chojnowski, David B.; Siegel, Jeffrey A.; Nigro, Paul J.; Kosar, Douglas R. Report 4958
Lessons learned from the cold storage fire at the Chicago world's fair of 1893. Pearson, Andy Report 8093
Liquid cooling in data centers. Cader, Tahir; Westra, Levi; Sorel, Vali; Marquez, Andres Report 6876
Measurements of flat oval elbow loss coefficients. Kulkarni, D.; Khaire, S.; Idem, S. Report 4479
Modeling for predicting frost behavior of a fin-tube heat exchanger with thermal contact resistance. Shokouhmand, H; Esmaili, E; Veshkini, A; Sarabi, Y Report 6930
Modeling individual variations in thermal stress response for humans in transient environments. Jang, Tai S; Berglund, Larry G; Iyoho, Anthony E; Nair, Satish S Report 7734
Modeling the performance of single-duct VAV systems that use Fan Powered terminal units. Davis, Michael A.; O'Neal, Dennis L.; Bryant, John A.; Cramlet, Andrew Report 3690
Occupant behavior in naturally ventilated and hybrid buildings. Tuohy, Paul G; Rijal, Hom B.; Humphreys, Michael A.; Clarke, Joe A.; Nicol, J.Fergus Report 6099
Optimization of cooling-dominated hybrid ground-coupled heat pump systems. Hackel, Scott; Nellis, Gregory; Klein, Sanford Report 10600
Particulate and gaseous contamination: effect on computer reliability and monitoring. Singh, Prabjit; Prisco, Joseph F.; Schmidt, Roger R. Report 2664
Performance augmentation of a water chiller system using nanofluids. Liu, M.S.; Hu, R.; Lin, M.C.C.; Wang, C.C.; Liaw, J.S. Report 3457
Performance comparison of conventional and chilled ceiling/displacement ventilation systems in Kuwait. Bahman, Ammar; Chakroun, Walid; Ghaddar, Nesreen; Saade, Ralph; Ghali, Kamel Report 5348
Performance prediction of adiabatic capillary tubes by conventional and ANN approaches: a comparison. Khan, Mohd. Kaleem; Kumar, Ravi; Sahoo, Pradeep K. Report 5857
Performance study of an HVAC counterflow cooling tower in a humid climate. Abdalla, Kamal; Mansour, Fadi; Elsarrag, Esam Report 3006
Pressure loss of corrugated spiral duct. Kulkarni, D.; Khaire, S.; Idem, S. Report 3475
Pressure losses in 12", 14", and 16" non-metallic flexible ducts with compression and sag. Culp, Charles; Cantrill, David Report 4510
Pressure relief device capacity determination. Reindl, Douglas T.; Jekel, Todd B. Report 5669
Real-time data center energy efficiency at pacific northwest national laboratory. Sisk, Daniel R; Khaleel, Mohammad A; Marquez, Andres; Hatley, Darrel; Cader, Tahir; Schmidt, Roger Report 5926
Recovered energy generation using an organic Rankine cycle system. Leslie, Neil P.; Zimron, Ohad; Sweetser, Richard S.; Stovall, Therese K. Report 6016
Reflections on ARI/ASHRAE research project RP-1292, comparison of the total energy consumption of series versus parallel fan powered VAV terminal units. Faris, Eugene W. 2603
Stability of temperature control in VAV systems. Yamakawa, Yuji; Yamazaki, Takanori; Kamimura, Kazuyuki; Kurosu, Shigeru Report 5092
State of the society: state of the society address. Harrison, William A. 2866
Study on energy conservation and economical condition of "PEFC Apartment House". Koyanagi, Hidemitsu; Hukao, Hitoshi Report 2649
Technical program: 2009 ASHRAE Winter conference Chicago, Illinois. List 22625
The integration of radiant components to maintain occupant comfort in a multifunctional space. Simmonds, Peter; Wilkinson, Patrick; Gautrey, John Report 3984
Use of air-handling equipment to manage smoke movement during a high-rise fire. Black, W.Z. Report 12033
Verification of CFD modeling for smoke control using two compartment fire experiments. Kang, Kai Report 5175
Was Ice making John Gorrie's greatest legacy? Nagengast, Bernard A. Report 3953

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