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Articles from ASHRAE Transactions (July 1, 2007)

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100 ton absorption chiller/heat pump demonstrates the real cost of saving energy. Erickson, Donald C. Technical report 2524
2006-2007 ASHRAE chapter officers. Table 2173
2006-2007 ASHRAE officers, directors, staff, and committee members. List 2264
2006-2007 ASHRAE standard project committees and guideline project committees. 5528
2006-2007 ASHRAE technical committees and task groups. List 9337
A rational exergy management model for curbing building [CO.sub.2] emissions. Kilkis, Siir Case study 7590
Acoustical ventilation rate sensor concept for naturally ventilated buildings. Buggenhout, S. Van; Ozcan, S. Eren; Vranken, E.; Malcot, W. Van; Berckmans, D. Report 4063
Airflow distribution through perforated tiles in close proximity to computer room air-Conditioning units. Rambo, Jeffrey; Nelson, Graham; Joshi, Yogendra Technical report 4912
An experimental study of falling film evaporation on inclined plates using R-141b and R-134a. Chien, Liang-Han; Lin, Hung-Ta Technical report 5869
Application of neural networks trained with multizone models for fast detection of contaminant source position in buildings. Vukovic, Vladimir; Srebric, Jelena Technical report 5795
ASHRAE Associate Societies. Directory 1651
ASHRAE honors and awards. 9935
ASHRAE intersociety representatives 2006-2007 appointments. Brief article 222
ASHRAE past meetings. Table 705
Automated proactive fault isolation: a key to automated commissioning. Katipamula, Srinivas; Brambley, Michael Report 6511
Binary enthalpy wheel humidification control in dedicated outdoor air systems. Jeong, Jae-Weon; Mumma, Stanley A. Report 3178
Calibrated simulation for retrofit evaluation of demand-controlled ventilation in small commercial buildings. Lawrence, Thomas M.; Braun, James E. Technical report 8913
Computer simulation of heat loss characteristics of commercial door assemblies. McGowan, Alex Technical report 6052
Controlling cooling tower water quality by hydrodynamic cavitation. Gaines, W.A.; Kim, B.R.; Drews, A.R.; Bailey, C.; Loch, T.; Frenette, S. Technical report 7372
Definition of standard office environments for evaluating the impact of office furniture emissions on indoor VOC concentrations. Carter, Randal D; Zhang, Jianshun S Technical report 8343
Development and evaluation of a simple model-based automated fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) method suitable for process faults of large chillers. Reddy, T. Agami Technical report 8364
Development of a high-performance water-to-water heat pump for ground-source application. Shiba, Y.; Ooka, R.; Sekine, K. Technical report 5324
Development of simplified estimation method of chiller energy use for office buildings in Taiwan. Huang, Kuo-Tsang; Lin, Hsien-Te Technical report 7227
Economic evaluation of benefits associated with automated fault detection and diagnosis in rooftop air conditioners. Li, Haorong; Braun, James E. Technical report 7043
Effect of mastic on duct tightness in energy-efficient manufactured homes. Hales, David; Davis, Bob; Peeks, R. Brady Technical report 2478
Efficient coupling of multizone and CFD indoor flow models through proper orthogonal decomposition. Khalifa, H. Ezzat; Elhadidi, Basman; Dannenhoffer, John F. Report 5174
Energy monitoring and building simulation of a university laboratory research facility. Edwards, Katherine R.; Klein, Sanford A.; Reindl, Douglas T. Technical report 5858
Enhancement and use of combined simulation tools in the assessment of hybrid natural/mechanical ventilation systems. Bradley, David E.; Utzinger, D. Michael Report 5491
Evaluations and comparisons of the achieved energy and environmental performance of two library buildings in England and Sweden. Cohen, R.; Bordass, W.; Leaman, A. Case study 9342
Examination of thermal adaptive effect of postural and positional adjustment of a seated human body exposed to spot airflow. Zhu, Shengwei; Kato, Shinsuke; Yang, Ling Report 6315
Exergetic performance analysis of Various cogeneration systems for buildings. Kanoglu, Mehmet; Dincer, Ibrahim; Rosen, Marc A. Report 5439
Exergy analysis of psychrometric processes for HVAC&R applications. Kanoglu, Mehmet; Dincer, Ibrahim; Rosen, Marc A. Report 4109
Experimental evaluation of a downsized residential air distribution system: comfort and ventilation effectiveness. Jalalzadeh-Azar, Ali A. Technical report 4567
Field testing of a supervisory optimal controller for an air-conditioning system. Yuji Miyajima; Sakuma, Masayoshi; Sugiura, Takumi; Takahashi, Minoru; Oshima, Noboru; Sakai, Hiroo; Technical report 6462
Formulation of a generic methodology for assessing FDD methods and its specific adoption to large chillers. Reddy, T. Agami Technical report 6592
HVAC improvements in manufactured housing crawlspace-assisted heat pumps. Lubliner, Michael; Hadley, Adam; Parker, Danny Technical report 4488
Impact of control on operating costs for cool storage systems with dynamic electric rates. Braun, James E. Report 5328
In memoriam July 2006 to June 2007. Table 629
Inaugural Address: greater efficiency today, blue skies tomorrow: innovation for a sustainable built environment. Peterson, Kent W. Essay 2053
Liquid cooling architectures for computer systems of high availability. Ellsworth, Michael J.; Schmidt, Roger R.; Singh, Prabjit; Chu, Richard C. Report 3377
Measurement and assessment of VOC and formaldehyde contamination during the construction of a new museum in China. Liu, Junjie; Zhai, John Z.; Pei, Jingjing; Li, Yanju Technical report 3900
National energy savings potential in HUD-code housing from thermal envelope and HVAC equipment improvements. Lucas, Robert; Fairey, Philip; Garcia, Robert; Lubliner, Michael Technical report 4239
Optimized pump speed control using pump water flow station for HVAC systems. Liu, Guopeng; Liu, Mingsheng; Wang, Gang Report 3557
Performance of a demand-limiting control algorithm for hybrid cooling plants. Braun, James E. Report 5870
Post-occupancy performance of five low-energy schools in the UK. Pegg, I.M.; Cripps, A.; Kolokotroni, M. Case study 7285
Reentrainment of building exhaust air by packaged HVAC economizers. Talbert, Sherwood G.; Ricci, Stephen M.; Goshe, Matthew E.; Aume, Laura L.S.; Osborne, Rodney L. Report 7214
Simulation of the impact of commercial building envelope airtightness on building energy utilization. Emmerich, Steven J.; McDowell, Timothy P.; Anis, Wagdy Report 15880
Society Presidents. Table 913
State of the Society: fulfilling the ASHRAE Promise. Townsend, Terry 2303
Static pressure losses in nonmetallic flexible duct. Weaver, Kevin; Culp, Charles Technical report 2561
Study of penetration of outdoor fine particles into nonresidential building with multizone simulation. Liu, Xiang; Zhai, Zhiqiang; Facciola, Nick A.; Miller, Shelly L. Technical report 5491
Study on the energy conservation performance of the plate enthalpy exchanger. Liu, Junjie; Wang, Bin Technical report 4321
Study on the impact of buildings on the outdoor thermal environment based on a coupled simulation of convection, radiation, and conduction. Chen, Hong; Ooka, Ryozo; Huang, Hong; Nakashima, Madoka Report 3359
Technical program: 2007 ASHRAE annual meeting Long Beach, California. Calendar 19734
Testing of air leakage and heat loss characteristics of commercial door assemblies. McGowan, Alex; Jutras, Robert Report 5918
The development of standardized whole-building simulation assumptions for energy analysis for a set of commercial buildings. Stocki, Michael; Curcija, D. Charlie; Bhandari, Mahabir S. Technical report 6845
The effect of energy recovery on perceived air quality, energy consumption, and the economics of an office building. Fauchoux, Melanie T.; Simonson, Carey J.; Torvi, David A. Technical report 8350
Thermal characterization and duct losses of belly spaces in manufactured homes. Francisco, Paul W.; Palmiter, Larry Report 6085
Thermodynamic properties for saturated air, an engineering correlation. Galindo, Jose A. Perez; Rodriguez, Luis A. Payan; Dominguez, Ignacio R. Martin Report 4908
Upgrading EU Directive with rational exergy model. Kilkis, Birol I.; Kilkis, Siir Report 7426
Whole-building commercial HVAC system simulation for use in energy consumption fault detection. Lee, Seung Uk; Painter, Frank L.; Claridge, David E. Technical report 6728
Whole-building dispersion of tracer gas after internal release in an administrative/classroom building. Underwood, David M.; Herron, Dale L.; Croisant, William J. Report 3597

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