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Articles from ASHRAE Conference Papers (June 22, 2014)

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A Comparison Of Approaches To Stepwise Regression For The Indication of Variables Sensitivities Used With A Multi-Objective Optimization Problem. Wang, Mengchao; Wright, Jonathan; Brownlee, Alexander; Buswell, Richard 5718
A Hand Calculation Method of Smoke Movement through A High-Rise Airtight Single Shaft. Qi, Dahai "Darren"; Wang, Liangzhu "Leon"; Zmeureanu, Radu 4268
A New Hybrid Model For Borefield Heat Exchangers Performance Evaluation. Picard, Damien; Helsen, Lieve 4286
A New Method of Near Real-Time Monitoring of Residential Hot Water Distribution System Performance. Lutz, J.D. 2317
A New Model to Simulate Energy Performance of VRF Systems. Hong, Tianzhen; Pang, Xiufeng; Schetrit, Oren; Wang, Liping; Kasahara, Shinichi; Yura, Yoshinori; Hi 3910
A Simultaneous Consideration of Energy and Ventilation in Health care. English, Travis R. 4443
A Tool for Evaluating Fault Detection and Diagnostic Methods for Fan Coil Units. Pourarian, Shokouh; Wen, Jin; Veronica, Daniel; Zhou, Xiaohui; Liu, Ran 3834
Advanced Lighting Controls: A New Frontier in Building Management Systems. Poland, Edwin 3430
Advanced Non-Intrusive Duct Lining Technology for Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Ducts in Residential Buildings. Roy, Ashis Kumar; Bartlette, Chris; Alam, Shaurav; Allouche, Erez; Gorthala, Ravi 3472
Airflow Perception and Draught Rating for Varying Thermal Conditions. Ugursal, Ahmet; Tassinary, Louis G.; Culp, Charles H. 3369
Ambient Airborne Particle Concentrations in Hospital Inpatient Rooms. Dlugosz, Larry 1351
An alternative to ASHRAE's Design Length Equation for Sizing Borehole Heat Exchangers. Ahmadfard, Mohammadamin; Bernier, Michel 4828
An Evaluation of ASHRAE's Climatic Design Conditions Against Actual Long-Term Recorded Weather Data. Huang, Yu Joe 3694
An Investigation into Retro-Commissioning Effectiveness in Tropical Climates. Kumar, Challa Venu; Marjanovic-Halburd, Ljiljana 3110
Analysis of Air Change Rates and System Configuration on the Performance of a Mini-Environment Cleanroom. Khankari, Kishor; Sun, Wei 2621
Analysis of Flow and Sound Propagation in HVAC Ducts Using Two-Port Network Theory. Wagih, Mina; Elnady, Tamer; Abom, Mats 2831
Annual Daylight Glare Evaluation for Typical Perimeter Offices: Simulation Models versus Full-Scale Experiments Including Shading Controls. Chan, Ying-Chieh; Konstantzos, Iason; Tzempelikos, Athanasios Report 2878
Assessment of the Indoor Environmental Quality in a Dutch Daycare Center. de Waard, Mark; Zeiler, Wim 3901
Automatic Generation of 3D Thermal Maps of Building Interiors. Oreifej, Omar; Cramer, Jason; Zakhor, Avideh 3864
Building Enclosure Airtightness Testing in Washington State--Lessons Learned about Air Barrier Systems and Large Building Testing Procedures. Jones, Denali; Brown, Bailey; Thompson, Tony; Finch, Graham 3821
Case Study of a Heating Only Central GSHP System Using a Shallow Aquifer for a Warehouse. Liu, Xiaobing; Malhotra, Mini; Walburger, Adam; Habibzadeh, Bahman 4022
Case Study: Optimization of an Industrial Steam Boiler System Operation. Zhang, Bei; Li, Yunhua; Liu, Mingsheng 3995
CFD Modeling of Moisture Transfer in Porous Material Subject to Dynamic Change of Boundary Temperature. Chen, Lei; Lin, Chao-Hsin; Yin, Jiusheng; Wang, Shugang; Zhang, Tengfei 3571
Commissioning, Monitoring & Operator Training to Optimize Ground Heat Exchanger Performance. Lohrenz, Ed 3178
Concentration Measurement Technique of Binary Liquids Containing Colloidal Suspension of Nanoparticles. Maryam, Fahar; Todd, Otanicar 3587
Corridor Pressurization System Performance in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings. Ricketts, Lorne; Straube, John 3048
Design Fires for Smoke Control Systems. Klot, John H. 3842
Determining Annoyance Thresholds of Tones in Noise. Francis, Jennifer M.; Lee, Joonhee; Wang, Lily M. 3601
Development of a Probabilistic Graphical Energy Performance Model for an Office Building. O'Neill, Zheng 3066
Development of a Renewable Ground-Loop (ReGL) System. Hino, Toshiyuki; Ooka, Ryozo 2839
Development of Empirical Office Occupancy Profiles Based on Information Technology Sensor Systems. Hu, Huafen; Miller, Chad 3605
Economic Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pumps in North Carolina. Honari, Hamed; Makhyoun, Miriam; Sridhar, Vikram; Hoover, Kacey 3313
Economic Applicability Evaluation of Heat Pump Systems in Buildings with different Insulation Levels. Junghans, Lars 4391
Effect of Residential Ground Source Heat Pump System Design on C[O.sub.2] Emissions in Sweden. Spitler, Jeffrey D.; Wong, Mei Yung; Gehlin, Signhild E.A. 3925
Effect of the Set-Point Temperature on Indoor Thermal Comfort and Energy Demand in Office Building. Park, Taeju; Song, Doosam; Kang, Kinam; Kang, Gyumin; Kim, Brain S.; Cho, Hyejung; Song, Sunggeun 2287
Effect of Wall Exhaust and Spill Locations on Indoor Air Quality in a Chemical Laboratory. Shaaban, Ayman A.; Morcos, Samy M.; Khalil, Essam E.; Fouad, Mahmoud A. 2984
Eight Years of Operation of 615 Ton Geothermal Nursing Home in Northern Tier. Orio, Carl D.; Patnaude, Zach J. 2978
Energetic, Environmental and Economic Modeling of a Solar-Assisted Residential Micro-Trigeneration System in a Mediterranean Climate. Borg, Simon P.; Kelly, Nicolas J.; Buhagiar, Vincent 3520
Error Propagation in Commercial Building Load Calculation. Escobar-Vargas, Sergio; Shah, Amip; Bash, Cullen; Kumari, Niru 2919
Ethical Practice for Consulting Engineers. Duda, Stephen W. 3456
Experimental Study of the Cross-infection Risk due to the Cross-flow of Exhaled Airflows and a Plane Jet with the Protected Occupied Zone Ventilation. Cao, Guangyu; Nielsen, Peter V.; Xu, Chunwen; Jensen, Rasmus Lund Report 2755
Experimental Validation of a Numerical Model for the Thermal Response of a Borehole Field. Monzo, Patricia; Ruiz-Calvo, Felix; Acuna, Palne Mogensen Jose; Montagud, Carla 4308
Feasibility Study of a Compact Residential HRV/ERV/Economizer Based Ventilation System. Olt, Agustin; Zhang, Jun; Fung, Alan S. Report 2608
Field Comparison Study of Indoor Environment Quality in Office Buildings with Underfloor and Overhead Ventilation Systems. Ouazia, Boualem; Tardif, Michel; Thompson, Alexandra; Booth, Daniel 4258
Field Study of Performance, Comfort, and Sizing of Two Variable-Speed Heat Pumps Installed in a Single 2-Story Residence. Munk, Jeffrey D.; Odukomaiya, Adewale O.; Gehl, Anthony C.; Jackson, Roderick K. 3704
Field Study on effectiveness of Periodic Reversible supply Exhaust Ventilation Strateav. Osama, A.; Khalil, E.E.; Medhat, A.; El Bialy, E. 2166
Ground Source Heat Pump Efficiency in Cold Climates. Garber-Slaght, Robbin; Daanen, Ronald; Roe, Andy 3777
Impacts of Climate Variability on Energy at a NASA Space Center. DeBaillie, Lee; Schuetter, Scott; Ahl, Doug 3426
Improving EER with Off-Peak Radiant Cooling. Springer, David A.; German, Alea 4087
Integral Design: A New Necessary Professional Skill for Architects and HVAC Engineers to Cope with their New Roles for Sustainable Development. Zeiler, Wim 3444
Interpreting and Applying Cooling Tower Water Efficiency Design Recommendations in Sustainable Building Codes. Cline, Daryn S. 3598
Investigating the Potential of Residential District Energy. Fumo, Nelson; Bortone, Vicente; Zambrano, Juan; Zambrano, Aleyani 3637
Life Cycle Climate Performance Model for Transport Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Systems. Nasuta, Dennis; Martin, Cara; Srichai, Robert; Muehlbauer, Jan; Zhang, Ming 3182
Multi-zone Air Change and Airflow in Two Houses Under Operation of Different Whole-Building Ventilation Systems. Rudd, Armin 3855
Multi-zone Particulate, Formaldehyde and VOC Measurements in Two Lab Houses Under Operation of Different Whole-Building Ventilation Systems. Rudd, Armin 4522
Net-zero Energy Impact Building Clusters Emulator for Operation Strategy Development. Li, Xiwang; Wen, Jin; Wu, Teresa 3761
Optimal Model-based Control of Chiller Tower Fan and Cooling Water Pump. Qureshi, O.A.; Javed, H.; Afshari, A.; Armstrong, P.R. 3951
Optimum Geothermal Performance via Predictive Modeling and Adaptive Control. Hamstra, Stephen 3163
Performance Study of an Under-floor Air Distribution System in an Education Building to Identify Building Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunities. Zhao, Juan; Khmelenko, Vasiliy; Claridge, David Report 3435
Performance-Based Building System Evaluation for DOE Energy Asset Score. Goel, Supriya; Mendon, Vrushali; Wang, Na; Rosenberg, Michael 4209
Polymeric Hollow Fiber Heat Exchangers: Liquid-to-Gas Application. Astrouski, IIya; Raudensky, Miroslav 3282
Principal component analysis for building combined cooling heating and power application potential. Lin, Bo; Freihaut, James; Chen, Zhao 2610
Refrigeration Systems Failures due to Sudden Evaporation and Condensation Phenomena. Jokar, Amir; Christiansen, Erik W.; Reza, A.M. 3866
Residential HVAC commissioning through energy consumption data analysis. Cetin, Kristen; Novoselac, Atila 4079
Residential Split-System Performance in Utility Voltage Reduction Operation. Gaikwad, Anish; Bush, John; Short, Tom; Domitrovic, Ron 2143
Results of Fire Experiments to Quantify Residential Design Fires. Bwalya, Alex C.; Kashef, Ahmed; Lougheed, Gary 3572
Revisit of Energy Use and Technologies of High Performance Buildings. Li, Cheng; Hong, Tianzhen 4692
Self-Configuration of Building Control System Using Knowledgebase. Chen, Yan; Treado, Stephen 3074
Smoke Management Systems Upgrades for I-90 Tunnels in Seattle. Maevski, Igor; Josephson, Robert; Klein, Raymond; Li, Yuan; Alston, Jarrod; Haight, Doug; Griffith, 3160
Stability of Candidate Lubricants for C[O.sub.2] Refrigeration. Rohatgi, Ngoc Dung "Rosine" 1921
Targeted Calibration of Energy Models for Existing Building. Djunaedy, Ery; Wymelenberg, Kevin Van Den 3818
The Effect of Natural Convection on Thermal Response Test. Ooka, Wonjun Choi, Ryozo 4075
The Effects of Ventilation Systems on Fixed Fire Suppression Systems in Tunnels. Hahm, David; Li, Yuan; Maevski, Igor 2629
The Impact of an ECM Blower on the System Performance of a 5-ton Air Conditioner. Yin, Peng; Sweeney, James F.; Pate, Michael B. 3712
The Influence of Climate Conditions on Life Cycle Climate Performance of Low GWP Refrigerant Based Heat Pumps. Makhnatch, Pavel; Khodabandeh, Rahmatollah 3606
The Potential Energy Efficiency of a Hybrid Designed House: A Post-occupancy Case Study on the Heating and Cooling System. He, Shan; Passe, Ulrike Case study 2706
Transport of Respiratory Aerosols in Patient Corridors Subject to a Directional and Non-Directional Airflow--A Case Study. Mousavi, Ehsan S.; Grosskopf, Kevin R. Case study 4455
Use Calibrated Whole Building Energy Model to Disaggregate Retrofit Savings for Two Medium Sized Office Buildings. Xu, Ke; Wagner, Scott; Freihaut, James; Stutman, Mark; Delgoshaei, Payam 3726
Using Thermal Mass and PCM to Shift Demand Off-Peak: A Paradigm Shift in Cold Storage Design. Black, R. Gary; Cole, Raymond D. 4035
Verification of Energy Savings from the Implementation of the Residential Building Codes in Texas. Baltazar, Juan-Carlos; Mao, Chunliu; Haberl, Jeff 3224
Wind-driven Airflow through Building Openings: Preliminary Experimental Results using Particle Image Velocimetry. Lo, L. James 2513

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