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ASFI Signs Contract to Fabricate the World's Largest Frame Fabric Structure.

Structure is made to withstand environmental challenges, meet visionary requirements

OCALA, Fla. -- American Spaceframe Fabricators International(ASFI) recently signed an agreement with La Carpa, an international religious and peace organization, to design and fabricate a new worship and meeting center in Cayey, Puerto Rico. When complete, the 400,000-square-foot structure will be the largest of its kind in the world.

Working with La Carpa on aesthetics for the new facility, ASFI designed the structure to meet both capacity and visionary needs of the non-profit organization. Requiring more than 2.5 million lbs. of steel and ten acres of fabric to complete, the new tensioned fabric-framed worship center will seat nearly 55,000 people and be large enough to host the company's yearly international meeting.

"Our requirements for the new worship center were very specific and built on our founder's original vision of a tent-like enclosure for the La Carpa organization," said Jose Rodriquez, pastor at La Carpa. "In addition to meeting structural requirements, ASFI was able to be a conduit for our vision and truly partner with us on this project."

Similar to all ASFI structures, construction materials used allow for a custom design to fit the unique requirements of the project, as well as quick deployment and affordable pricing. Once construction begins, a project of this magnitude is expected to take six months to fabricate.

With a number of unique factors, weather also played a vital role in the planning process. Cayey, Puerto Rico, is often subject to severe storms and occasional hurricanes. As a result, ASFI engineered and designed the structure to withstand the 145 mph winds characteristic of a Category 5 hurricane. Three groups of engineers also were brought in to conduct independent audits of the structure to verify integrity.

"As we discussed this project with La Carpa, it was apparent that it was going to present a number of challenges and opportunities," said Tim Nee, vice president of architectural sales for ASFI, and the designer on the La Carpa project. "As the result of a collaborative partnership, we have been able to ensure we can meet the needs associated with this project. Whether it's using materials to withstand high winds or accommodating fabrication with a larger staff, ASFI employees are always committed to a successful completion."

Fabrication will take place at ASFI's new facility in Ocala, Fla. The project is expected to contribute significantly to economic growth in both Ocala and Cayey.

About La Carpa

Located in the hilltop city of Cayey, Puerto Rico, La Carpa is a 1,000-member mission-focused church. The mission-focused church is dedicated to sending a message of peace and will use its new gathering space in Puerto Rico to become a worldwide spiritual center, where people from all around the world and including all religions can find spiritual refuge. Dr. William Soto Santiago founded La Carpa church in 1963 when he was just 23 years old. He developed the core messages of the church in the 1970s and continues to preach today. For more information about the Cayey, Puerto Rico, campus of La Carpa, visit

About ASFI

Based in Ocala, Fla., American Spaceframe Fabricators International, LLC is a design, build and engineering firm with more than 30 years experience in the tensioned fabric structures industry. ASFI's award-winning structures are located around the globe and provide protection from a myriad of weather conditions from severe hurricane winds to sub zero temperatures. ASFI's structures include aerospans, sports facilities, canopies and entertainment facilities. For more information, visit

Editors Note: For project renderings, a more detailed description of the La Carpa project or of ASFI, please contact Melissa Neill at or 651.286.6736.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 9, 2007
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