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Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:SY), a leading enterprise infrastructure and mobile software company, continued its momentum in high-performance Linux computing by introducing its highly scalable analytical engine, Sybase IQ 12.5, on Linux. With the Sybase IQ business intelligence infrastructure, Linux users can build and manage even the largest enterprise data warehouses efficiently and economically, without sacrificing data security, availability, system reliability and scalability. Sybase also announced that Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.5.1, the company's enterprise-class relational database management system (RDBMS), has been certified for Silicon Graphics, Inc. (NYSE:SGI) SGI Advanced Linux Environment software.

Sybase IQ Helps Fulfill the Promise of Linux

With its enhanced analytical capabilities, Sybase IQ on Linux allows users to search for data ten to one thousand times faster than competitive products. In addition, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Sybase IQ on Linux is significantly less than most competitive products, and requires up to 70 percent less storage space. Sybase IQ is easy to deploy and allows users to load, index and query more data, more quickly, than other business intelligence applications. Because of Sybase IQ's proprietary compression algorithms, organizations can save up to 95 percent on associated hardware costs.

Sybase IQ on Linux:

-- Enables faster business decisions for less money, lower price per query, and requires fewer database administrators to support

-- Can support thousands of users and concurrent queries, dozens of nodes, and hundreds of CPUs without performance degradation

-- Provides complex and ad-hoc ("what-if") analysis not supported by other database management system vendors

-- Provides high availability and fast data recovery

"Sybase offering IQ on Linux will help us further develop our existing datawarehousing infrastructure in a more open environment," said Frank Lundy, director of database architecture, S&H greenpoints, a provider of branded digital rewards currency. "The data compression capabilities of IQ allow for the use of smaller, more cost-effective hardware. By using IQ on Linux as a base platform, we could potentially save up to 50 percent on hardware and/or licensing costs, which will allow us to analyze and turn data around faster, and provide our retailers with the customer information they demand in a speedier fashion."

"Our goal is to provide Sybase customers with more knowledge and greater performance, at the lowest possible cost. Sybase IQ on Linux analyzes data faster, requires less storage, and is more scalable than other offerings, all of which mean significant time and money savings for our customers," said Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and general manager of Sybase's Infrastructure Platform Group. "Unlike other business intelligence solutions, Sybase IQ on Linux delivers these benefits without compromise, providing Unix-like scalability and performance on lower-cost platforms. By offering Sybase IQ on Linux, we are making business intelligence capabilities available to a greater and greater number of businesses."

Sybase ASE -- An Ideal Database for SGI Target Markets

In addition, Sybase and Silicon Graphics, the world's leader in high-performance computing, visualization and storage, today also announced that Sybase ASE is the only major, full-featured RDBMS to be certified on SGI(R) Altix(TM) family servers running the SGI Advanced Linux Environment with SGI ProPack(TM) software. This announcement is proof positive of the companies' commitment to providing customers with open, multi-platform, highly scalable solutions that address the unique data management requirements of SGI's target markets, including government, life sciences, research, oil and gas exploration, and media.

"Scalability, optimized performance, and the lowest cost of ownership: all are critical for technical and scientific users," said Jeffrey Greenwald, senior director, server product management and marketing, SGI. "We are delighted to welcome the high-performance Sybase ASE data management solution to the nearly 100 certified and optimized applications for the SGI Altix family, including the new SGI Altix 350 mid-range server. Together, our solutions create a 64-bit environment that delivers all the advantages of SGI and Sybase innovation with the low cost and high performance of open-sourced, industry-standard components."

Additional Sybase on Linux products include: EAServer, an open, enterprise application server; Financial Fusion(R) TradeForce(TM) Solution, a trade connectivity and integration solution, Replication Server(R), an enterprise-class data replication technology; and SQL Anywhere(R) Studio, the market leading data management and enterprise synchronization solution for mobile, embedded and small-to-medium sized business environments.

About Sybase, Inc.

Sybase enables the Unwired Enterprise by delivering enterprise and mobile infrastructure, integration and application development software solutions. Organizations can attain maximum value from their data assets by getting the right information to the right people at the right time and place. The world's most critical data in commerce, finance, government, healthcare and defense runs on Sybase.

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