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ASCO Numatics.

* Company Overview/Mission:

ASCO Numatics, an Emerson company, offers comprehensive fluid automation solutions, including flow control and pneumatics products, for a wide range of industry-focused applications. The ASCO Numatics product line in North America consists of more than 50,000 valves, an extensive selection of air preparation equipment, and a full line of actuation products. ASCO products include solenoid pilot valves, angle body piston valves, linear indicators, redundant control systems, and pressure sensors. The Numatics line covers valve manifolds, cylinders, grippers, filters, regulators, and lubricators. For more information about ASCO Numatics products, visit


* Products and Services

Numatics G3 Fieldbus Electronics Platform

This next-generation electronic platform allows easy access to I/O connections. It's easy to assemble, install, commission, and maintain. The G3 Fieldbus is the only pneumatic valve manifold on the market today to contain a graphical display used for configuration/commissioning and diagnostics. The same electronic modules can be used for centralized or distributed architecture. The innovative clip design allows for easy assembly, configuration, and flexibility. The optional Auto Recovery Module (ARM) saves the configuration information and electrically disconnects from the circuit to insure that if a failure occurs the ARM will upload the configuration settings automatically once the node is restarted. A tremendous time saver, the G3 Fieldbus is the robust leading-edge technology that meets your application needs and facilitates your processes.

* ASCO Numatics

50-60 Hanover Rd., Florham Park, NJ 07932

Phone: 800-972-ASCO (2726)

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