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ASC releases enhanced VoIPRecording solution for Windows.

ASC, a provider of communications recording and quality monitoring solutions for contact centers, financial institutions and public safety and government organizations, recently announced the release of an enhanced version of EVOip for Windows, a VoIP recording solution. The product captures telephone calls from the network and enables storage, playback and archiving of the entire interaction. It is entirely software-based and designed for maximum flexibility, scalability and ease of integration and installation. The new features now provide the same functionality as the company's Linux product including recording of encrypted calls, keyword spotting (searching for spoken words), multilingual applications and adjustable modes for individual, bulk or selective recording on each IP phone. The solution works with SIP--a standard VoIP protocol common to all major IP vendors--to preserve call-index data, such as incoming phone numbers, without the need for CTI. EVOip for Windows is designed with an innovative layered architecture for passive and active VoIP recording. EVOip, as a passive VoIP solution, works by "sniffing" for audio packets in the network. It is built upon the common underlying protocols of VoIP communications and thus operates in a vendor-independent manner in any environment. ASC also offers certified, integrated, vendor-specific solutions for major IP vendors including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and Siemens. EVOip active, on the other hand, works as an integral part of the call flow within an IP switch. It is ideal for companies with multiple locations as only one recording facility will capture communications throughout the network. It also works well for selective recording, often used in quality monitoring situations.
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Title Annotation:Customer Inter@ction NEWS
Author:Schelmetic, Tracey E.
Publication:Customer Interaction Solutions
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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