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ASAE awards: a force for good.

Your association is helping to make a better world. Now here's your chance to tell your story.

ASAE's Associations Make a Better World Awards ( recognize outstanding association initiatives that make a significant contribution to societies and economies worldwide. American associations working internationally as well as organizations based outside of the United States are eligible. The entry deadline for the 2004 awards program is July 21. Does your association's program have what it takes to be a winner? Check out this roundup of the 2003 winners.


Standing for quality

The National Association of Meat and Dairy Processors (NAMDP) in Macedonia, Skopje, developed, promoted, and then expanded a Seal of Quality Program to encourage the local production and sale of higher quality food products. Producers of meat or dairy products seeking the SOQ must implement quality-control procedures in their facilities and meet certain quality standards for production. NAMDP won in the Economic Achievement category.

As a result of the program, SOQ firms have increased sales by 28 percent and have penetrated 132 new markets. Further, 75 percent of consumers recognize the seal.

"The Seal of Quality Program as well as other association activities have contributed to the rapid development of the Macedonian meat and dairy industries," says Zoran Ralev, NAMDP executive director.

Bridging gaps

Moved by the events of September 11, 2001, American Field Service Intercultural Programs, Inc., New York City, engaged its network of organizations around the globe to increase and promote understanding and communication among Muslim and non-Muslim countries. AFS, the winner in the Social Achievement category, provided seed grants to affiliates, which matched the funds with thousands of volunteer hours worldwide.

A few examples of how the program worked: AFS lceland used its grant to help two local students spend the school year in Indonesia. It also organized a daylong educational forum, "Islam in lceland," led by a local Lutheran minister and an AFS volunteer from Indonesia. The AFS affiliate in Turkey developed a chapter among the Kurdish population in the southeast section of the country and sent a Kurdish student to Finland.

Working toward decentralization

The National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, Spfoa, winner in the Advocacy Achievement category, has played a valuable role in that country's move toward decentralized government. Through a unique cooperative agreement, NAMRB worked with the central government to implement a financial decentralization process. The association organized discussion forums to build consensus among 263 member municipalities on the management and funding of such basic activities as education, social policy, and health care. NAMRB developed municipality standards and responsibilities and raised the profile of municipalities throughout the country.

"The award is motivation for the continuation of NAMRB's efforts to achieve our major goal: the improvement of the everyday lives of our citizens through the strengthening of local democracy," says NAMRB Deputy Executive Director Monika Romenska.
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