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ASAE Technical Library.

Check out the latest addition to the ASAE Technical Library:

* Transactions of the ASAE, Volume 46, Issues 1 and 2.

* Applied Engineering in Agricultural, Volume 19, Issues 1 and 2.

* Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, Volume 9, Issue 1.

* Fifth International Dairy Housing Conference Proceedings from January 2003 conference.

* Traction and Tractor Performance: ASAE Distinguished Lecture #27.

* New Book: Looking Beneath the Surface of Agricultural Safety and Health, by Dennis J. Murphy.

Using Author Templates Speeds Process

The process for posting the full-text of journals, annual meeting papers, conference proceedings, and other documents to the Technical Library involves using MSWord templates. Authors are encouraged to use these templates when preparing their papers for submission. Templates for each publication type are located in the publications section of the ASAE Web site.

Use of the templates is optional for authors but can save time after a short learning curve. Templates help authors get started in a document with ready-made fonts, layout, and style tags for the typical parts of a paper: title, abstract, keywords, headings, references, etc. Standard material such as the name, location, and date of the annual meeting is already prepared. This helps to ensure a consistent appearance for annual meeting and conference papers and speeds processing by headquarters staff.

Authors can type directly into the template, cut and paste into it, or insert material. For new template users, the "How to Use Templates" section provides details on getting started. Authors will find information on handling tables, figures, equations, and other elements of their papers in the instructions and text included with the templates. Becoming familiar with the template process can help streamline other word processing tasks, as the ASAE template process is not a unique application. It uses standard MSWord template features.

If you have questions regarding the templating process, contact Peg McCann at
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