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ASAE's Technology Vendor Directory.

Each year that we publish our Technology Vendor Directory, it seems larger, more detailed, and more useful than the year before. Indeed, technology itself is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Year after year, computers and software offer more features for less money. This doesn't mean ASAE members are spending less on technology each year; it means they're getting more for their money.

As a group, ASAE members invest $265 million a year in hardware and software. The average association budget includes $18,300 for hardware and $10,200 for software.

The two-section format of this directory carries information supplied by ASAE associate members whose firms provide technological services to associations. The "Applications" section lists participating vendors alphabetically, indicating the applications each provides. The "Vendor Profiles" listing gives the address, telephone and fax numbers, contact person, and brief description for each company. To learn more about a specific product, please contact the company directly.

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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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