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ASABE Foundation work in focus: creating a long-term view for settling near-term actions.

The ASABE Foundation has prepared a plan with the long-term, aspirational aim of adding cumulative new contributions of at least $1.25 million in the next five years. This will enable ASABE to implement actions that publicize the importance of our profession, provide support for educating engineers, and create new technological solutions that help the world double the availability of clean, safe food by 2050.

For nearly three decades, the Foundation has successfully supported worthy projects proposed by the Society. However, the increasing demands on our profession to meet future needs will require additional resources. The nine-month process to formulate this long-term development plan identified that many members, supporters, and potential contributors remain unaware of or disassociated from the work of the Foundation. As a result, the Foundation has adopted four strategic goals to guide the selection and execution of future actions:

Visibility. Increase the visibility of the Foundation by publicizing its purpose.

The Foundation has launched work on (1) developing portable and electronic displays and brochures for distribution at Section meetings, sister society conferences, and industry shows; (2) creating content and design for increasing our presence on social media and on the ASABE website; and (3) delivering tailored messages to individuals and entities who demonstrate high potential for supporting the Foundation.

Service. Communicate stakeholder suggestions useful for setting development priorities.

To set development priorities, protocols are being developed for providing feedback from potential donors to the ASABE Foundation Liaison Committee (E-06) and for developing and reviewing activities related to the interactions of the Foundation and the Society.

Partner. Build partnerships with sister organizations to develop joint goals and solicitations.

Mark Crossley, ASABE's recently appointed Director of Advancement, is continuing to collect information on the best development practices and success stories of sister organizations and charitable foundations. Work on creating partnerships will begin in the coming year.

Promote. Create solicitations for promoting long-term, sustainable development campaigns.

To formulate sustainable campaigns, the ASABE Board of Trustees will be encouraged to propose long-term projects (e.g., to double the availability of food by 2050) that require the unique expertise of ASABE members. These projects will appeal to non-traditional and untapped donors and promote our profession.

Monitoring our progress toward these strategic goals is important. The plan includes six-month reviews for timely modifications and updates. We are a generous and caring professional community that is devoted to providing fundamental human needs. While agricultural and biological engineers have a strong legacy, more will be expected of us for meeting the increasing future needs.

So here is what we ask of you. In additional to financial donations, offer your expertise and time to support or even propose a project. Your effort will greatly benefit the Foundation. When you see references to the Foundation, and when we call on you to be more engaged in the work, please say yes!

For more information on the ASABE Foundation, visit:

ASABE Fellow and Foundation Trustee Brahm P. Verma, Professor and Associate Director Emeritus of the College (Faculty) of Engineering, The University of Georgia, Athens,

ASABE Member, Foundation Trustee, and Development Committee Chair Sylvia Schonauer, P.E., Principal Engineer (retired), W. K. Kellogg Institute, Bellaire, Michigan, USA,
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Date:Mar 1, 2017
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