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1 A ROYAL NIGHT OUT Tonight, Channel 5, 10.30pm IN 1945, the future Queen of England, and her sister briefly escaped from Buckingham Palace to celebrate VE Day with the teeming crowds outside the royal residence. Screenwriters Trevor De Silva and Kevin Hood use this true event as the starting point for a heart-warming comedy of manners. It sees Princesses Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Margaret (Bel Powley) giving their chaperones the slip to head out into London on their own where Elizabeth finds an unlikely protector: a deserter called Jack (Jack Reynor), who isn't a fan of people of privilege. Gadon is luminous in a restrictive role, while Powley has considerably more fun as the rebel.

2 SAVING MR BANKS Tomorrow, BBC1, 3.40pm NOVELIST PL Travers, who penned the series of Mary Poppins books on which the film was based, famously rebuffed Walt Disney's efforts to purchase the rights for more than 20 years. That infamous tug-of-war between the writer and Hollywood film-maker is recreated in this witty comedy emboldened by tour-de-force performances from Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks (pictured).

3 NOTTING HILL Monday, ITV, 10.20pm HUGH GRANT plays London bookshop owner Will, who has a chance encounter with the biggest movie star in the world, Anna Scott (a perfectly cast Julia Roberts, pictured). A spark develops, but can love overcome their very different lifestyles and the pressures of media intrusion? The leads make a great couple, and there's also a scenestealing support from Rhys Ifans as Will's flatmate.

4 FLASH GORDON Tuesday, Film4, 1pm SAM JONES, pictured, gives a wooden performance as the space adventurer in this visually spectacular screen version of the B-movie serial. Flash, girlfriend Dale Arden and scientist Dr Hans Zarkov take on the evil Emperor Ming who has plans for cosmic dominance. Look out for the barnstorming performance of Brian Blessed as winged warrior, Prince Vultan.

5 THE BOOK THIEF Wednesday, Film4, 6.25pm AS TENSIONS escalate across Germany prior to the Second World War, Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nelisse, pictured) bids a tearful farewell to her Communist mother (Heike Makatsch) and is delivered into the care of foster parents, Hans and Rosa (Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson). One night, a Jewish refugee called Max (Ben Schnetzer) arrives and Liesel becomes complicit in his concealment.

6 CARLITO'S WAY Thursday, ITV4, 10.35pm NEWLY released jailbird Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino, pictured) pledges to stay away from a life of crime. He invests in a nightclub, determined to become a successful businessman. However, the Puerto Rican's shady lawyer soon has him twitching at the temples, and a string of former 'associates' don't help. Carlito moves to Florida, but can he outrun the thugs who (wrongly) believe he's a murderer? EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!

7 Friday, Film4, 11.20pm IN 1980, Jake (Blake Jenner) arrives at college as one of the new pitchers of the Southeast Texas Cherokees baseball team and moves into a house set aside for the squad. Older members of the team, including Finnegan (Glen Powell), take Jake under their wing and tour local hot spots, where he catches the eye of pretty student Beverly (Zoey Deutch, pictured with Jenner).


Bel Powley (left) and Sarah Gadon as Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth

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