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AS THE weather gets warmer [...].

Byline: John Hancock

AS THE weather gets warmer it's perfect for sitting out in the garden but insects can be a real annoyance, or alternatively you may want to bring the sunshine into your home by placing fresh flowers into a vase only to find it's cracked. Below we have come up with some tips to help combat both problems: Ant Problems Cinnamon is a great natural deterrent to fighting ant invasions. Sprinkle a line of cinnamon wherever you see ants trying to enter your home and they will turn on their heals and retreat. It won't kill the colony, but it will keep them at bay and discourage them from coming into your home again, as well as creating a lovely smell.

Natural Wasp Repellant Wasps can be a real pain when it comes to enjoying the weather outside and spraying chemicals with the ability to kill small animals doesn't always leave a nice smell in the air. Try creating the illusion of wasps' natural enemies, hornets. If a wasp flies into an area and sees a hornet's nest it will vacate the area, so make your own hornet's nest by taking any brown paper bag and blowing it up. Tie off one end with a rubber band and hang in a conspicuous area in your garden.

Cracked Flower Vase If you have a vase that has a crack in it but it is still pretty to look at, you can seal the inside of the vase by pouring some melted wax inside and swishing it around the cracked area a few times until it is sealed. You can now use it again for fresh flowers as the water will not leak out.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 28, 2012
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