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A FREE exploration of expression was exhibited by art students at Greenhead College in their latest show.

Layer upon layer of material, technique and creativity was displayed by students in a sophisticated language of art.

The students - asked What Is Possible? - rose to the challenge by considering issues such as war, conflict and multiculturism.

Style, texture and method were interwoven with a clever use of fabric and paint, text and image, wire and wood, print and photography, video and stills, the natural and manmade and the everyday and surreal. Imaginative textiles were created with natural dyeing and there was three dimensional awareness and a sense of space. The use of maquette, wood, wire, moss, fabric, print and handmade paper revealed the possibilities of materials. Large abstract paintings full of shade and colour contrasted with intense personal explorations in photography and video. Students created refined paintings and drawings, sculptures and collages.

They utilised anything from skill and bones to re-textured carrier bags and stretched tights.

The college's Prof Paul Wood said: "While there was some playfulness, there was a consistent and mature attention to detail and intention.

"The keynote was an honest and humble integrity; there was no showboating but a celebration of creative diversity. The art was demanding, challenging and invigorating - full of crackling energy."

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Sep 27, 2016
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