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Pete Glenboski frequently writes a column in the "Stratroost News." He writes that the chapter must like their current officers (when you're hot, you're hot). Re-elected in September were President LtCol Paul Jeanes and four directors, Terri Reeves (Roost Secretary), Bill Ernst (Local Area Liaison), Bill MacMillan (Scholarship Chairman) and Maj Kevin Todd (Awards Chairman.... An unusual Old Crow retired down in Texas recently. CMSAF Cliff Moody enlisted in the US Air Force in 1973 and retired on October 1, 1999. His last assignment was Special Assistant to the Commander and Project Officer, US Air Force Information Warfare Battlelab (Kelly AFB, TX). A graduate of Troy State University, he is the first noncom elected to the AOC National Board of Directors. He serves on the executive committee as vice president of our association. His military awards and decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal with four oak-leaf clusters, AF Commendation Medal with oak leaf, AF Achievement Medal, National Defense Ser vice Medal with service star, AF Recognition Ribbon with device, Organizational Excellence with two devices, AF Good Conduct Medal with eight oak-leaf clusters and an Overseas-Short Tour with oak leaf. Every time I read his bio, it restores my humility. As long as he lives, he will recall his formal retirement ceremony at Lackland AFB on that first day in October 1999. You remember the order of ceremony: narrator welcomes guests, official party enters, National Anthem, invocation. Remarks this night by Col Charles T. Allan, Commander, 53rd EW Group, Eglin AFB, FL. Special presentations and remarks by Chief "Smooth" Moody. There is a page in these programs titled "The Last Parade" (author unknown). The last verse goes like this, "so let the bugle blow, fire the evening gun, slowly lower the colors, my retirement has begun." Chief Moody is married to Alicia, a Chemistry teacher at O'Connor High School (Helotes, TX). They have one son, John, who resides in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Cliff's gang, the Billy Mitchell C rows, held a roast and golf tournament honoring "Chief Smooth two days before his retirement." Also, election results are in for the Billy Mitchell Chapter. The new president is Tom White, a former board member who has been vice president for the past two years. Andy Lease was re-elected and there are two new board members: Mike Tackett and Maj Pat Gallogly....It is a tradition at the K-Hawk chapter to hold a golf tournament during the Christopher Columbus holiday. This year, Chuck Plant (K-Hawk past president), was the organizer. Some 40 Old Crows drove to Myrtle Beach, SC. Thirty-nine Crows had a great time, and one Old Crow, LtCol Dick Trapp, AFRL, had an unforgettable time. Colonel Trapp hooked a tee shot that was very long, and the ball was last seen trickling down a small ravine. He started looking, saw it right away and went down to see if it was a playable shot. There was his ball, just a few feet from an old log, but it was very muddy, so he leaned over to pick up the muddy ball. Then, out of the cor ner of his eye, he saw the log move, and he thought the log had an eye fixed on him. Paul Westcott reported that they had never seen an AF LtCol move so fast. Oh yes, this year there were two Crows present who were there from the Dixie Crows: Dave Berwick and Ray Mitchell (both work for Merc).

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Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Date:Dec 1, 1999
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