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ARMO Solutions has announced the launch of its eDiscovery beta version of Business Intelligence Document Management System. The product will combine the cutting edge of business intelligence deployed in organizations and the ease of use of having a document management system. It will address the shortcomings of BusinessObjects report's document management. This product will allow the management of an organization's unstructured BO information, wherever that information exists. The product will also have features that will address the needs of small businesses with unstructured data or simple database applications. Some of the document management features would be Check in and out from document repository and version management. Record Management features such as indexing of information, record retention and deletion schedules, use of standardized meta-data for unambiguous identification and description of stored information will be supported. It will also have Google-like document search functionality.

ARMO eDiscovery will have two components, the server and client. The client will be an easy to use web interface, accessible from modern versions of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The target market for this product would be mid-size companies that have implemented business intelligence and small businesses such as pharmacies, law offices, and doctors' offices, CPA offices that have a database implemented or have a lot of unstructured data that needs to be managed. The Product is in the architecture design & development phase and the full blown version for business intelligence is expected to be available shortly. Global Trading Partners, an England and Wales registered company, announced its interest in funding ARMO Solutions in development of the product. Elspeth Macarthur, Head Business Development said, "We also believe that due to the Business Intelligence expertise that ARMO and its partners have displayed during their discussions with us, and upon reviewing their development plans and phased development approaches, they are on the road to developing a successful product. Our company is interested in providing venture capital funding that should cover a large part of human and infrastructure resource funding for one year."

ARMO Solutions is based in NJ and provides Business Intelligence, Microsoft and Siebel CRM consulting. Please visit our web site at for more details. We have conceived a new Business Intelligence Document Management system.

For more information, visit or call 973/214-7798.
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Date:Nov 1, 2008

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