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Employees: 2,954

Industry Type: Health Care, Insurance/Services

Health care isn't just the field that Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield works in. The company actively works to improve employees' health and wellness.

An on-site clinic is available for just $5 and allows employees to visit during the work day and save their paid time off for other needs. ABCBS offers free company gym memberships, personal trainers, dieticians and an on-site restaurant focused on affordable, healthy nutrition.

When it comes to work/life balance, ABCBS allows employees to choose flexible workweeks and the option to work from home.

ABCBS has a variety of health care options. With the company's high-deductible health plan, in addition to the employer's share of premium, the company deposits $ 1,000 for an individual and $2,000 for a family into a Health Savings Account (HSA) to assist in covering the deductible.

The company also matches initial 401(k) contributions at 50 percent, but the match increases incrementally as tenure increases until, at year 15, the match is at 100 percent.

ABCBS leadership aims to communicate the company's direction and demonstrates the belief that employees are important to the company's success. Employees feel valued by their manager, team and broader culture regardless of gender, ethnicity or background.

Competitive compensation and annual monetary incentives validate employee appreciation. ABCBS fosters fellowship and a sense of community through annual company events.

ABCBS offers opportunities for advancement and aims to promote from within. It provides a means to get there, including college reimbursement and an internal Leadership Development Institute for aspiring employees to build leadership skills in preparation for management roles.


Arkansas Blue Cross And Blue Shield established a 401 (k) Plus plan that deposits a percentage of the company's annual profit. This occurs whether or not an employees has 0 401(k).

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