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Campaign Enterprise 9, the latest version of the field-proven email marketing software from Arial Software, introduces an elegant solution that eliminates the problem of database overload during large outbound email campaign sending.

Campaign Enterprise 9's Data Collision Prevention technology takes writeback events like email opens and hyperlink clicktroughs and batches them into a holding area long enough for the source database to catch its breath. Once the database is able to handle more record updates, the software initiates the next batch of updates, all while monitoring database performance to make sure it never overloads the SQL server or any other database machine.

This significant engine enhancement results in near-real-time updating of your database while avoiding the dreaded "database lockup" that can happen if enough queries hits the source database server in the same minute.

Campaign Enterprise 9 works with all the most popular enterprise databases: Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and any other ODBC-compliant database.

"For high-volume mailers, Data Collision Prevention is a true lifesaver," said Mike Adams, president/CEO of Arial Software and email technology pioneer. "One of the things we learned while working with our high-volume clients is that very large outbound email campaigns can clobber a database server just from handling bounces, clickthroughs and unsubscribe requests. This is the solution for that problem."

Other new features of Campaign Enterprise 9, including a free 22MB download, can be reviewed at

About Arial Software

Founded in 1993, Arial Software, Cody, Wyo., is widely considered the leading industry pioneer in permission email marketing software. The company's products are used by thousands of businesses, non-profits, associations and other groups to compose and send email newsletters and personalized messages directly to subscribers, customers, prospects and members.

For more information, call 520/615-1954, ext. 15, or visit
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