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Byline: By Brian McIver

ANYONE who has seen Braveheart or sung Flower of Scotland will know who Robert the Bruce and William Wallace were.

But Scottish children could be about to become much better acquainted with the warrior heroes and a host of other national icons and landmarks.

Exam bosses are to make Scottish history a compulsory part of the Higher exam in order to put more emphasis on the teaching of events such as the wars of independence and the Act of Union.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority's proposals will mean that all Higher history pupils will be taught about our past. The move has been welcomed by academics who have claimed kids are increasingly ignorant of their own country.

But with teenagers set for a new focus on our past, how much do the rest of the population really know about our nation's history?

Test yourself with our quick quiz. Answers are below...

1. What was the declaration of Arbroath?

a. The treaty which formed the basis of the Act of Union

b. The document outlining the case for Scottish independence from England

c. The document which confirmed Robert the Bruce as King of Scotland

2. What was the nickname for King John Balliol?

a. The Warrior King

b. The Cowardly King

c. The Puppet King

3. In what year was the Union of the Crowns?

a. 1603

b. 1320

c. 1707

4. How did Mary Queen of Scots, below, die?

a. Hanging

b. Suicide

c. Decapitation

5. What was the site of Robert the Bruce's most famous victory?

a. Stirling Bridge

b. Falkirk

c. Bannockburn

6. What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?

a. The telephone

b. The television

c. The typewriter

7. Which branch of the United States armed forces did Scots hero John Paul Jones found?

a. The Navy

b. The Army

c. The Marines

8. Which English King was nicknamed The Hammer of the Scots during the wars of independence?

a. Richard the Lionheart

b. Edward I

c. Henry VII

9. Who figured highest in the BBC's list of 100 Great Britons?

a. William Wallace

b. Boy George

c. Robert the Bruce

10. What was the name of the catholic priest turned protestant leader who was a central figure of the Scottish Reformation in the 1500s?

a. John Knox

b. Martin Luther

c. John Calvin

11. In what year was Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobite uprising?

a. 1314

b. 1745

c. 1692

12. What is the common historic description of the reign of King Alexander III?

a. The Golden Age

b. The Dark Age

c. The Enlightened Age

13. What was banned under the 1746 Dress Act of the Westminster Parliament?

a. Highland dancing

b. Haggis

c. Kilts and tartan

14. With which country was the Auld Alliance struck in the 1200s?

a. France

b. Ireland

c The Netherlands

15. In what year did William Wallace die?

a. 1314

b. 1272

c. 1305


1) b 2) c 3) a 4) c 5) c 6) a 7) a 8) b 9) b 10)a 11) b 12) a 13) c 14) a 15) c
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Date:Nov 21, 2007
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