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ARE WE THERE YET? a Q&a With garrod Pimental.

Were you surprised when Remy Stratton called you up and asked you to drive the Wanderlodge?

I was super surprised. It wasn't a sure thing at first but I already felt like I won the lottery, regardless.

Had you met any of the guys on the team before or did you just get thrown into this blind?

Totally blind. But every single person on the team is rad.

What was the craziest thing that you saw go down on the trip?

The Grant demo in Atlanta. That was the highlight of my life.

Who was your favorite dude to deal with?

Daan Van Der Linden was regularly entertaining. He's very enjoyable to hang out with.

Were you blown away by the skating on the trip? Had you ever seen anything like that in person?

I've seen stuff like it but not to that extent. I was thoroughly surprised at some of the things I saw attempted and then made.

What will you miss the most about being out there on the road with these guys?

Omar's freestyles, Daan ordering dinner, early morning coffee with Pfanner, group texts and total carnage all over the country.

Will you be driving the Wanderlodge on future trips?

I am already packed and ready to go.

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Title Annotation:Not All Who Wander Need Lodging
Date:Dec 16, 2017
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