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ARC-220 radios.

PM-AME has completed installation of the ARC-220 HF radios in all the Chinooks and is near completion on the Black Hawks. AH-64A fielding has start ed and the AH 64D remanufacturing line fielding has also begun. The fielded Longbows (lots I-6) will begin fielding the ARC-220 and the VRC 100 High Frequency radios by approximately Aug 2005. To head off problems, PM-AME has established an email help line at:

for questions regarding set-up, radio presets, operation, and AVUM and AVIM maintenance.

For the ARC-220 and VRC-100 new equipment training team, contact: Rock Mclaughlin, DSN 992-0936 or 732-532-0936; Charlie Rinebold, DSN 9923623, or 732-532-3623; Don Hill, DSN 992-0774 or 732-532-0774: or Steve Punter. DSN 992-0888 or 732-532-0888.

For the ARC-220 and VRC 100 Logistics. contact: James Mueller, DSN 992-2320 or 732-532-2320, or Herb lgo, DSN 746-3228 or 256-876-3228.
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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