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Ideal for site construction or repair work, the new Murex Transmatic Lynx AVC (Arc Voltage Controlled) MIG Wire Feed Unit incorporates a welding contactor and gas solenoid valve as standard. It requires no auxiliary power and will operate from the open circuit/arc voltage of a manual metal arc (MMA) rectifier or DC welding generator, making it a highly versatile product.

The Transmatic Lynx AVC enables simple process conversion from stick welding electrodes used in MMA welding to higher efficiency semi-automatic flux cored wire or MIG/MAGwelding. It is a fully enclosed portable feeder which carries a 5kg wire reel internally but then can also accept a 15kg reel to be used on an optional skid/base assembly.

The Transmatic Lynx Arc has an arc voltage range of 17 to 35Vdc and can be used on open circuits of 30 to 1 100V dc. Current rating is 400A at 60 per cent duty and wire feed speed is variable between 2-18m/min.

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Title Annotation:from Murex Welding Products
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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