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 MIAMI, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Less than one year ago, Arby's restaurant opening in London marked the chain's foray into Europe.
 Now another new unit -- this one in the Netherlands -- has brought Arby's to the Continent as well.
 Opening Sept. 18, Arby's new restaurant is located at 72 Spuistraat in The Hague in an historic building across from the Binnenhof, or "seat of the government." It is in the heart of the city between a busy pedestrian market and the Centrum, which is where the local bus and tram lines meet. Edwin Klinkenberg, owner of Arby's master franchisee in the Netherlands, E. Klinkenberg Food B.V., considers it an ideal location.
 "Not only is the new Arby's in a very busy part of the city, but it is also in an area where more than 90 percent of the people speak English," he said. "When you consider that the Dutch love all things American, you realize the huge potential Arby's has here."
 The Netherlands' next Arby's should be open in Amsterdam by the first of the year, and another will follow in Rotterdam. After that, Arby's will begin fanning out to the "smaller" cities.
 "There are around 20 Dutch cities with populations between 300,000 and 400,000," Klinkenberg said. "I hope to have Arby's restaurants in each of them."
 Klinkenberg is no newcomer to the European food market. His company is the largest nut and dried fruit brokerage house in Europe, and occasionally his travels for the company bring him to the United States. It was on one of those visits that Klinkenberg was introduced to Arby's sandwiches, and he wondered why no one had brought the Arby's experience to Europe.
 Management at Arby's, Inc. had been thinking along the same lines and an agreement was made to begin expansion in the Netherlands. According to Robert Briggs, president of Arby's International, plans call for restaurants to open in Portugal (early October), Spain (1994) and the rest of the United Kingdom, starting with Scotland (1994).
 "Europe is an ideal expansion ground for Arby's," said Briggs. "Our London restaurant is doing extremely well, and all estimates indicate that restaurants in the Netherlands and elsewhere on the Continent will perform just as strongly.
 "Roast beef sandwiches are a regular part of the Dutch diet, but they're not prepared in such a delicious fashion," he added. "Customers will really enjoy the Arby's combination of food that is both healthy and served fast. Thus our slogan 'Snel en Gezond,' or quick and healthy."
 Dutch customers should find the actual restaurant as interesting as the new food. Soon after Klinkenberg Food selected a site for its first Arby's, the building at 72 Spuistraat was named a national monument. Working within the framework that such a designation requires, Arby's created a restaurant that is functional and yet retains the original beauty of the landmark.
 The century-old building is three-sided and has five stories and a basement. Arby's utilizes the basement as a storage facility, and there are 52 seats and a serving area on the ground floor. On the second floor is seating for an additional 128 customers, and the third floor contains Arby's offices and an employee training area. The restaurant is also unusual in that it has plush seating and carpeted floors. And the computer system that runs the eight registers and the inventory control system is the most advanced in Europe.
 "We furnished the restaurant a step above the rest to get across the message that different IS good," Klinkenberg said. "No other restaurant in Europe is like ours."
 Miami-based Arby's is the world's largest roast beef sandwich chain, with approximately 2,650 restaurants in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. In 1992, the company reached a record $1.52 billion in sales.
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