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 MIAMI, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Marketing veteran Terry Davenport was named Arby's new senior vice president of Marketing today by Arby's President and Chief Executive Officer Don Pierce.
 The move is another in Arby's continuing corporate realignment that began when its ownership and leadership changed hands last April.
 According to Pierce, Davenport will bring focus to and build upon Arby's brand image and concept definition. Davenport, 35, is credited with doing just that for Pepsico's Taco Bell and Pizza Hut concepts among others.
 "Terry and I have worked together in the past, so I know what he can accomplish," said Pierce. "His instincts are excellent, and we share similar philosophies on what it takes to build a successful brand. I expect Terry to have a very visible impact on Arby's."
 Davenport said he believes his impact will not be to radically change the way Arby's is now; instead, his goal is to provide a better understanding of the core strengths that the brand already has and to clarify the consumer's perception of Arby's.
 "Fast food, like many categories today, suffers from brand proliferation," Davenport said. "To the consumer, the market is becoming too cluttered. Tomorrow's market leaders will be those with a crystal-clear brand image, one that is unique and relevant. Because of its high-quality food, Arby's has a built-in point of difference that will help us shape the brand and break through the clutter."
 Davenport said the key to building the brand will be listening not just to customers, but also to the franchisees and Arby's people who run the business. His first 100 days will be spent gathering information and perspectives from each of these groups, particularly at Arby's Regional Meetings Oct. 2-22 in Atlanta; Atlantic City, N.J.; Chicago; and Las Vegas and at the Arby's Franchise Association (AFA) Board Meeting. The AFA marketing staff will aid Davenport in achieving Arby's brand focus and strategy.
 Davenport describes himself as a brand builder with a vision. "Arby's is a brand that has all the potential in the world," he said. "It's a success story in waiting, much the way Taco Bell was three years ago. I strongly believe Arby's will be the fast-food success story for the second half of the '90s.
 "The key will be positioning the brand correctly so that it is true to its roots and existing consumer perceptions, yet broad enough to grow into something much bigger than it is today. Our goal is nothing short of becoming the fastest-growing brand in the fast-food category, as quickly as we can."
 Davenport has a history of marketing successes. Before helping continue the industry-leading pace of Taco Bell, Davenport worked with Pepsico's newest brand, Hot 'n Now Double Drive Through Burger. His advertising for Pizza Hut earned several industry awards and helped the chain catch Domino's in its delivery business.
 Davenport started his career in advertising, most recently with BBD&O in New York as senior vice president, senior management representative. His agency experience brings extensive strategic brand management skills and creative talents to Arby's.
 Arby's is the world's leading roast beef chain, with over 2,650 restaurants in the United States, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. In 1992, the company reached a record $1.52 billion in sales.
 Founded in 1964 with 20 employees, Arby's today has 75,000 employees worldwide. Arby's is ranked as an industry leader in areas such as technology, product development, nutritional and consumer information, and community service.
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 /CONTACT: Lynn Sokler or Caroline Duffy of Manning, Selvage & Lee, 404-875-1444, for Arby's, or Mark Stine of Arby's, 305-866-1904/

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