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ARABS-ISRAEL - Feb. 28 - Bomb In Taxi Van Kills 1 Israeli.

A Palestinian passenger from Jenin travelling in a taxi van detonates a powerful bomb in northern Israel, blowing off his own legs, killing one Israeli, wounding nine others. Israeli officials say the same man was involved with planting a bomb on Feb. 28 in central Tel Aviv that was detected by the police and detonated by sappers using a robot. (The bomb attacks come amid a sharp escalation in violence by Palestinian militants and gunmen in the last month that has alarmed Israelis. The attacks have prompted new discussion among Israeli officials about the possibility of invading, and possibly even reoccupying, some areas now under full PA control. The explosion is the latest in a rash of attacks inside Israel in recent weeks, and deepens the sense of a security crisis among Israelis that Sharon has said will be his top priority). The taxi van's passengers - and the list of wounded - include both Arabs and Jews. The Israeli man killed, and seven of the nine wounded, were in the van. The van was stopped at a roadblock near the northern Israeli town of Mei Ami, where the police were checking the ID papers of the passengers, when "the terrorist apparently set off the bomb", said Police Commissioner Shlomo Aharonishki. A truck driver at the scene said: "I saw body parts everywhere, a lot of crying, a lot of blood. Everyone was in shock. I cried myself for half an hour".
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Mar 3, 2001
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