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ARABS-ISRAEL - Aug. 3 - Egypt Refuses To Pressure Arafat.

In talks with Israeli PM Barak, Egyptian Pres. Mubarak offers to help Israel reach a peace deal with the Palestinians but says Egypt will not put pressure on Palestinian Pres. Arafat to make concessions on Jerusalem. (Barak had talks with Mubarak at his summer palace in the Mediterranean port of Alexandria. Barak's visit comes a day after Arafat had talks in Egypt as part of a campaign to gather international support for his negotiating team at Camp David.) A senior Israeli official says Barak had hoped Mubarak would lead an Arab initiative on softening the stand on Jerusalem, but Egyptian FM Mussa says Egypt remained firm in its support of Arafat. Mussa says: "Our assistance is assured... but we remain firm that any settlement, in order to last, has to be balanced, it has to be fair", adding: "Are we supposed to put pressure on Pres. Arafat to make concessions on Jerusalem? This is not our job". (The Camp David peace summit broke down mainly because of the issue of Jerusalem. Arab leaders have supported Arafat's refusal to accept nothing less than full sovereignty of East Jerusalem. Israel wants all of Jerusalem as its eternal capital.) After talks on Aug. 3, Barak and Mubarak agree "not to let the peace process fail". Barak says on his return to Israel: "It seems to me that we found an attentive ear in the Egyptian president to the problems on the one hand and the need to try to resolve them".
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Aug 5, 2000
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