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ARABS ISRAEL - Jun 21 - Summit Disappoints Palestinians.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders fail to resolve "all the basic issues" facing them at their first summit since a February ceasefire was declared in February, the Palestinian PM said. The summit with Israeli PM Ariel Sharon was "difficult" and "did not live up to our expectations", Ahmad Qorei told reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah. "In all the basic issues for which we were expecting positive responses, there were none", Qorei said. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had been scheduled to speak to reporters after the summit, but sent Qorei instead an apparent sign of Palestinian disappointment over the results. Nonetheless, Israeli officials said Sharon told Abbas that Israel would hand over two more West Bank towns and consider releasing more prisoners if the Palestinians take step to end violence. Asked about the summit, Mohammad Dahlan, the Palestinian minister in charge of coordinating Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip this summer, said: There was nothing, nothing". Israel Radio reported that Sharon gave Abbas permission to begin preparations for re-opening the Gaza Strip's airport and harbour. The opening of the ports is seen as key to reducing Gaza's isolation once Israel pulls out of the coastal strip this summer. The meeting, which lasted more than two hours, was meant to step up coordination of Israel's planned Gaza withdrawal.
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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